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  1. Gazer75

    Disable battle report popups in main menu

    Doesn't matter how small or big the screen is. The popups are in the same place covering the list of captains.
  2. Is there any way to disable the popups on the right side of the screen when going back to base? Really annoying if I want to change captains and such cause they block the damn area forever. I don't need these popups, they are just in the way and cause grief...
  3. Gazer75


    The autodrop on T5 and 6 is a disaster. If CV play was boring before its even more so now. Pretty much ignoring CV grinding until they bring back the manual option. What a fail disaster this is...
  4. Gazer75

    Server down

    well I just downloaded a 71MB update...
  5. Gazer75

    Server down

    probably fixing the problems people are having
  6. Gazer75

    Manual AA bug is making me a little salty by now... (Gneisenau)

    Instead of fixing it they've made more problems with interface lol
  7. Gazer75

    Cannot select ships in the port

    The entire interface system is borked in many places after patch. I cant use "return to port" or "battle on" so have to hit esc to get out of it. Clicking interface stuff in battle also sometimes will not work. Like selecting target for my AA and secondaries.
  8. Gazer75

    Massive performance issues

    Game is broken now... lagging and stuttering. Sometimes I cant exit the battle result and have to force close the game.
  9. Gazer75

    Santa's Convoy missions locked til after the 9th

    Looks like the extended time got shortened by an hour. Says 0:59 UTC+1 so as of this writing it should be available another 20+ minutes or so. Getting nothing but 403 forbidden on http://santa.worldofwarships.eu/ But hey, if WG do not want my money then that is fine.
  10. All I get at this time is "transaction failed". Worked fine 12 hours ago... And the link to support site goes to NA site not EU Edit: Going through Paypal works instead of using Visa directly
  11. Gazer75

    Gift Containers a joke!

    16x5€ Prinz Eugen Gremyashchy Marblehead Ishizuchi 4000 doubloons (Amount below might be wrong): 5x40 Ocean Soul 1x40 camescom 2016 1x40 Restless Fire 1x40 Halloween 2016 Think I might have gotten one more camo box and a flag box, but not sure about the last two. Edit: Bought another 5€ box and got 180 days premium And from a 3€ box I got Scharnhorst Edit2: On a roll here now... Next 3€ box got me the Sims
  12. Gazer75

    Invisible smoke screens

    nope... if the smoke happen to not be visible it will not be in any view.
  13. Gazer75

    Invisible smoke screens

    Anyone else have this problem? I just watched the .16 patch and I have never seen smoke screens like that. Most of the time I have to guess if there is a smoke screen in the area. The closer I am the less visible it is, but not always. Makes it hard to avoid torps at times when I do not even see a smokescreen. Using a GTX 970. Pretty much all driver versions since the release of this card have had this problem. Before they added the smoke screen rings it was usually impossible for me to see my own screen so DD play was very hard.
  14. Gazer75

    Unable to close pw protected channel permanently

    Yep and support was not helpful at all. Basically told me they could do nothing.
  15. Gazer75

    Bad halloween mission reward setup

    I love the rewards, but not how they are rewarded. With current system people tend to ignore the mission itself and just chase after ships trying to get the two ship sunk and over 100k dmg. Guess people value the camo and cash higher than the free xp you get for completing the mission + bonus free xp for each secondary done.