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    About 'Preventive Maintenance'

    Hi, Does anyone knows if 'Preventive Maintenance: -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules' benefits the survival of secondary batteries or AA? Cheers
  2. Not sure. Maybe that's the new way to sell premium ships to the collecting mania like me : P BTW, also feel curious about the answer.
  3. General_Montana

    How about trap mode? : / Sry, I have to refuse

    It's an interesting mode, but the reward is really low. As u mentioned, it should be a good choice to give a normal reward like other modes do, after a good and hard battle.
  4. General_Montana

    How about trap mode? : / Sry, I have to refuse

    That's right, dude. And sometimes these dds have to be more like a camper, they can do less especially in the underdog.
  5. Hi, Captains! Forts have been reinforced and added in more maps. How do u like this mode? Maybe sometimes u have the same negative feeling in this mode. The three leading issues I met in this mode are presented below. Let's see if we have any idea to solve them, and if you have more problems not mentioned. 1. The XP earned in this mode is relatively low. Generally, I can earn about 1000 (failure) or 1400 basic XP (victory). When I played very well and earn the victory in one battle, the basic XP can even be about 2000 or more. However, in this increasing amount of mode, if I win, I generally have only 1000 XP (about 1500 XP even you play very well (first or first three)). My friends told me capture in this mode will not be calculated, is that true? I believe most players in this mode are expecting more incoming. 2. Forts are too strong (both in fire and armor) It is very hard for a team to destroy a fort in a short time. You can not always have the teammates who concentrate fire on the enemy fort firstly. And it often takes about 2 mins or more for anyone or any division who understands the importance of team work to destroy a fort. What's more, u will get no reward (or very little, not sure) after this hard work. It means you almost did nothing during the past several mins, seriously? (actually you did, but for free : /) More and more people who always do this work may think: Why always me? Then the situations could be worse. Give them more rewards or decrease the armor pls. Then the problem is the strong fire. How many ships u have seen destroyed by these MVP forts every day, since 0.5.16 was updated? I ever saw a half hp Yamato rushed into one trap from about 10km, then he had only about 4000 hp left when he destroyed the fort and finished this capture, with 2 fires still burning : /. For my ZAO, each hit received from the fort will cause over 3300 damage, with high fire chance as well. And it is much harder to elude them then before, even if I snake more like a snake (and don't forget you also need to notice your enemies). It becomes very very difficult for a single cruiser or battleship to finish the capture in the later phase in a battle. In other words, the result is often more likely made at the beginning of a battle, especialy when your team loses more dds or get less capture than the enemy does. Overturning becomes much more difficult when ur team has dds with bad detected range (e.g. Khabarovsk) or less experienced, and get less capture then the enemy does. 3. The importance of destroyers is more leading This issue is more like a ramification of the second one. If ur team has worse dds, you are more likely lose in this mode. The reason has been described above. To sum up, more problems are also seen, but the leading one is the advantage of forts themselves. It is an interesting mode and need to be paid more attention while playing. If WG doesn't wanna nerf the forts, fine, pls provide more rewards or incoming in this mode (e.g. considering more about the contribution of capture or destroying of forts). Any more issue or idea? Pls share with us.
  6. General_Montana

    What will happen if anyone buys Graf Spee now and finish the mission later?

    Thx, man. That's the best answer!
  7. General_Montana

    how it feels to play the ROYAL NAVY LINE

    Low Tier (below T6) in this brand are really unfriendly. However, when u played HMS ships over T6, sometimes it would be very enjoyable. U have chance to receive the thanks from the enermy who are moving in ur AP precipitation. However, never show ur broadside to cruisers and battleships, HMS cruisers' armor is really like the paper.
  8. Happy New Year! When I finished the Step 3 mission in 'The Hunt For Graf Spee', I felt curious about the situation described in title. Will players who have bought Graf Spee receive doubloons the same amount as the price of this ship? Or they will get anything special (or nothing) after finishing this series of mission? Can anyone clear about the relevant policy tell me the answer? Cheers : P GL HF
  9. General_Montana

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    To be honest, their decision is really thoughtless. For myself, if I get a T6 ship in a new branch (e.g. HMS cruisers), I probably march on it and spend time and money on higer Tier. From T1-T6, its only about 150k free xp, while if I wanna fly from T8 (full xp) to T10, I have to convert over 300k xp. But now, no beginning no motivation. I will just play the several T10 ships I have and spend less money or time. And I believe normal players (not fans) like me are generally in this situation. I have to guess the staffs designing these missions seldom play this game themselves (see weekly mission, lol). Ty, WG EU, for giving me more chance to concentrate on my study and play with my friends (or stay with my families?).
  10. General_Montana

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Ty for this news. (All words below are sent to WG EU not Ph3lan) However, If you are concerned that not enough people have time, why not do both, have the campaign and put them in shop as well? I can see totally no sincerity from all these hypocritical words. Do WG EU yourself believe this statement full of lie???!!! All information I can get from it is 'Money! Money! Money!' Is it so hard to acknowledge your mistakes and fix it? Is it so difficulit to provide EU players a fair and good treatment? Do you really think all EU players are so happy to be milk cows and be tricked again and again? Or do you think WOWS is the only choice in plenty of games for every player? I am not an EU local citizen but have been studying here for some years. Most information about EU I got before coming here is its good civilization, fair policy and friendly people. But now, I have learnt this more fully, ty, WG EU. BTW, some game companies in my country ask for more money for playing, but they just present their desire diretly instead of using hypocritical words to trick players like monkeys. Maybe, next time just tell us your real purpose would be better, if you still wanna do like this, at least we won't think we are considered as babies with no IQ.
  11. General_Montana

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    That's right, man. When I saw the 'The Hunt For Graf Spee' mission was put ahead this morning, I thought 'Wow, maybe WG EU is not so bad.' Then I found there was no change in the mission and only 'The End of Year Permanent Camouflages for Leander, Farragut, Fuso, Bayern and Budyonny are available for purchase directly through the tech tree' was added. Great, WG EU. Brilliant joke! My patience is done. gl gg hf.
  12. General_Montana

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    Dude, I can really understand ur feeling. Although I finished this mission at the beginning, I have to acknowledge its difficulty. Then the condition became worse when HMS cruisers appeared. There were less and less USSR ships. Sometimes I would even send enemies the kill from my kutuzov when the victory absolutely belongs to my team. Cos I can really understand the disappointment of these obsessive compulsive disorder men when they have only one ARP missed.
  13. General_Montana

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yes, dude, that's the point! I really can't understand why such a company sometimes use these weak reasons to fool players. Maybe it would be much more sincere to say 'sry captains, but we wanna u to pay it. look, we have so many staffs to feed and we have to do like this.'