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  1. TudorDragon

    Whats goin on WG Disconnection problem!!??

    Same at me 3 disc in 5 min, from RO
  2. TudorDragon

    Server lags?

    My to, since yestarday evening, lag from 50-450 fps in Romania, unplayable.
  3. TudorDragon


    1. DescriptionUpon exiting the battle, after searching in player profile - summary - ranked battle game freeze 2. Reproduction steps Selecting profile - summary - ranked battle - game not respond just the ranked summary 3. Result Game freezes. Must force shut down the game and restart again 4. Expected result Game not freezing after check the player profile summary
  4. TudorDragon

    New Ribbons

    The new ribbon system ist very good. Useful new information BUT.. the new ribbon design..... not the most inspired thing.
  5. it happened to me yestarday, an friendly ship crossed my line of fire, when in fire secundaries on a DD, have less than 2k life and has taken fire to , bad luck, I got pink, note that the secondary battery was targeted manual on the DD, in this time I was in a battle with a FUSO I was in Colorado,I noticed only too late what was happening behind me only when I received the warning of friendly fire. problem is with collisions to, especially if you're in BB whit no much reaction speed , you can get pink warning very easy
  6. TudorDragon

    Unhappy about Patch 0.5.6 Regarding TK planes!

    +1 Unfortunately My CV T8 play rate decreased allready from last pach, now with 0.5.6 who knows, I just hope not have to buy a CV T5-6 to have a good game
  7. TudorDragon

    Need help with the Lexington

    Moving from Ranger Lexington require other tactics, ships involved now is level 8-10, in this battles ships have a much,much stronger AA. Always attacking ships from the stern or the bow with bombers, AA is more powerful on the sides of ships, Attack uses only manual drop You have only a single attempt, if the planes must rotate above the objectives are lost Torpedo planes must approaching from the side then is be more exposed so try to attack at the same time with a squad of bombers to split the AA power, the torpedo have to make the more damage, even if you lose bombers but do not forget the more important skill is the MANUAL DROP, play CV is not easy is, and do not get discouraged, practice the manual drop and you will be successful. GG and HF
  8. TudorDragon

    carrier airplane bug back?

    Same story on Ranger, start yestarday, but strange, only the nr.5 dive bomber squad report attack and just when take of, every single time, thiscaught myattention.
  9. TudorDragon

    General Feedback

    Changing weather is really dramatic, I was in a T9 battle with my Lexington and sudden start raining, in that moment everyone disappeared on tactical map including sunken ships, in that moment my torpedo airplanes going to atack a Atago and the ship dispear to, it was maybe 6-7 Km away, from that moment I was as blind. It was really strange ghost battle, after a few second a teammate apear at 1-2Km, we almost collided, and was the only ship I saw to the end of the game. There appeared no message on the screen cyclone or something.
  10. TudorDragon

    Server down / problems?

    at 05.22 at fron WG staff: Uwaga!Serwer gry dostał dziś lekkiej czkawki ( długie kolejki, problemy z połączeniem ). W związku z tym za chwilę nastąpi jego awaryjny restart. Oczekujemy, że w ciągu 30 minut sytuacja wróci do normy. Pozdrawiam i przepraszam za kłopot! in english Warning! The server game today got slight hiccups (long lines, connection problems). Therefore, a moment will be the emergency restart. We expect that within 30 minutes the situation returns to normal. Greetings and sorry for the inconvenience!
  11. TudorDragon

    Why there are no Lexingtons in Team Battles WarGamming?

    Agree, It's chalenging, but this make the CV game interesting2/2/2 config on Shokaku is a kiling one, is very difficult find in Lexington a tactic to counteract if the tactic of the IJN CV is to attack the Lexington with everything he has and if the your team does not provide some AA support, the CV has a bad day. If you have a 2/2 config , you could choose to defend yourself but, this leaves the team without tactical air support, I think is better to fight in 1/3 config and suport your team, maybe you're lucky and Shokaku do not find too soon.And do not forget: Have Fun It's a game
  12. TudorDragon

    Thoughts about "The Meta" in Team Battles?

    Yes, the CV is not mandatory, but..., I'm a mercenary CV player and had games where the opponent team had no CV, in each of these games the team have been won. CV give the team a very big advantage especially in full strike configuration.
  13. TudorDragon

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Black screen after ALT + Enter, the game had no repsonse, the only way was to force shutdown the aplication. After restart the game the problem persist.