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  1. EmilyFara

    White "GG"s with a devastating win

    If I get a crushing victory, I won't say gg to the enemy team, unless they say it first. If I found one player to be exceptionally good, I will say gg with his name and wp. If the fight was close, I give a gg, win or lose But if I get a crushing defeat and the winners tell me gg. I tend to answer with "no, not really". If you do that you will find out that they usually did it out of politeness. And usually admit that it probably wasn't a good game for you. Not everything that is being said on the internet is done with malice intent. Most is just miss understandings I guess.
  2. EmilyFara

    To Sims or not to Sims?

    Sims is my favorite ship right after the fletcher.
  3. EmilyFara

    Portal Logout Issues - Feedback wanted!

    1 Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (Officiële build) (64-bits) 2. Everywhere 3. Yes AdBlock 4. No
  4. EmilyFara

    Chaps, I need some advice regarding the KIDD

    1 yes, massive difference. Especially with a dd that can heal as well. 2 depending on what you want to do with your dd. If you want to kill planes, get aft. If you don't, get something better. In my opinion aft is a liability. It greatly increases your spotting range when shooting. The effective gun range of the usn dd's are just about 7-8km. The slow shells just arrive to late. And the range aft gets you means that even bb's can dodge most of your shells. 3 I wouldn't. Torps aren't what it is known for. Using that skill is like teaching a fish how to climb a tree. Be careful when actively seeking a dd. It is really easy to over extend. And the high amount of radar and hydro on the higher tiers make it quite difficult to stay hidden when you get caught out of position.
  5. EmilyFara

    RPF for Yueyang

    I personally never liked RPF. I'd prefer to use my own deduction, map awareness, experience and psychology in order to predict position of enemies. Usually I'm right. So I'd rather have skills that assist with improving the combat capabilities. Like the tier 3 skills. For competitive it's different. My z52 with cb fit does have RPF due to the triangulation you can do with allies on the minimap and voice coms.
  6. EmilyFara


    Except you are wrong. It works perfectly on the permanent doubloon camos. It doesn't work on the special coloured camos or the camos that came from campaigns. Only the camos that only work on that specific line or that specific ship. Works the same way as the IJN counterpart. I really love the Sims colour shift. Makes it all a bit more lighter, a bit like the Black and Flint. Monaghan also looks nice with the colour shift. But I don't like it on the Kidd or the Fletcher. The Kidd just gets a black top and light bottom, and I just love the Fletchers premium camo to bits.
  7. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    Well, that is true, and I agree with the statement. RADAR can be played around. Just stay away from places where the RADAR ships go, or have something solid in between you and all enemies. But are these tactics good for the game? It kind of limits the DDs to more than 12km away from the far side of the cap since a RADAR cruiser might be sitting behind that island to light you up the moment you enter the circle. I don't think its good. DDs should (with exceptions) do the spotting role and do the capping. Having something that you cannot see, cannot hit and cannot counter play at your objective is just bad for the game. Saying to DDs to stay away from the caps is in my opinion bad. I'm not whining about lost toys. I'm not saying that I cannot adapt and overcome. But it has lowered my enjoyment. I'm trying carefully to argument that I don't want the RADAR to be nerfed into the ground either. The only thing I want is a way to counter play a RADAR without 'just stay 12km from a ship you cannot see'. In which case the DDs will be able to do their jobs as cap contesters and spotters while the cruisers have the tools to counter the smoke that the DDs use. Everything should have a way to counter it by skill. Having the RADAR being blocked by line of sight or reduced effectiveness through solid rock would not overly nerf the RADAR in my opinion and gives DDs the option of counter playing the ability. It won't impact the ability of a cruiser getting in range of a smoke cloud and lighting it up. It won't impact the ability of a cruiser to come around the corner into a cap with RADAR and killing the DDs in it.
  8. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    Mid tier is different, different ranges, different accuracies, different ships. Do these average stats take all cruisers into account or only tier 7+? I have never claimed it was a counter to the torpedo soup. There were other balance changes that were far more effective against the torpedo soup. I have merely claimed that RADAR was a nessesary tool for cruisers to hunt DDs. I would add to that 'at high tiers'.
  9. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    DDs were in the open because apart from each other they were not contested by anything. Cruisers venturing in this same area to get within a DD spotting range had to go into the open as well, where the DD was more than capable to stay out of range and keeping the cruiser lit so they could be killed by the cruisers counter. This stopped the cruisers from coming out to kill the DDs. They simply did not have the tools. I am not blaming the BBs for countering the cruisers. That is what they are there for. But fact of the matter was that it wasn't hard for a BB to insta blap a cruiser, but it was very difficult for a cruiser to hunt and kill a DD, especially if the DD used smoke to hide either himself or an ally. RADAR was introduced as a tool for cruisers to counter this. And it is a very effective tool for this.
  10. EmilyFara

    Where is summer sale WG?

    From what I heard, the reason for the Kidd was because of the event that she was made for was cancelled. And she was cancelled because of that as well. The CCs have apparently convinced WG to release it for cash anyway. And they did. T-61 is confirmed to be a backup ship in case they need to release something and the thing they had scheduled is not yet finished.
  11. EmilyFara

    Where is summer sale WG?

    Only 1 ship I want in the sales. But I doubt it's there. The first Dutch build ship in wows. T-61
  12. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    Maybe you should read what I wrote and not jump to conclusions that aren't there. I have not said bb's are the problem. I haven't even implied it. ESPECIALLY not in the part you underlined.
  13. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    The experience of 1 person are hardly an argument for any type of balancing. The fact was that the general player was not able to do their job. And were severely punished by bb's causing less cruisers over all. While the issues with survival aren't solved, at least now (some) cruisers actually have a very effective tool to hunt their prey. The problem is with the way it is implemented, not the existence of. But that is something that @AnotherDuck and me have disagreed over for quite some time now.
  14. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    I do not agree. Making sure that DDs can't go near caps because of cruisers and cruisers can't go into caps because of long range BB fire and BBs not going into a cap because of reasons will make a very stale game. DDs were the class that could get into the cap. The issue before RADAR was that there was simply no counter for the DD hunting cruisers to actually hunt the DDs. RADAR was really needed at the time, but not the way it was implemented. You are wrong. DDs don't want to do that. But given the oppertunity they will, just like everyone else. This is why the smoke was nerfed. And this smoke nerf was relatively good (apart from maybe the Kutuzov). However, if LOS was implemented with the RADAR I wouldn't even mind it THAT much if most cruisers have a RADAR. It would still leave room for counter play possibilities. Well, back then the RADAR really was needed. The cruisers were severe underdogs that lacked the concealment, speed, armour and tools to counter any of the DDs or BBs hiding in smoke. RADAR really was needed back then. The problem is that RADAR as it is now is an I-Win button within its effective range, no matter what is in between. This is counter intuitive and leaves no room to counter. The I-win is absolute.
  15. EmilyFara

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    I haven't played for a while due to reasons out of my control. But While I do agree that RADAR was and is necessary for the game. I have also always said that the current way it works is not the best way. There is no risk vs reward, there is no real counter play apart from 'keep something solid in between you and all the enemies' and 'stay out of range of the radar'. While both are valid tactics, I don't think they are good for the game in general. In my opinion, a good way to fix it is to have LOS count for RADAR detection. The argument that this would be too difficult for the noob players I counter with the fact that the devs went through all the trouble of making realistic ballistic trajectories and penetration values, you think the noobs understand those? Why make 1 complex but not the other? Just like smoke detection mechanics, which are a lot more difficult to see than what you can do with RADAR (with RADAR you can at least show on the minimap the areas where it will light something up)