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  1. Admiral_Nightingale

    [BRAMS] Black Rams

    [BRAMS] Black Rams EU A small but active EU based clan is looking for members! We are currently building up more players for Alpha and Bravo team. searching for people who play well together and we're actively participating in clan battles.The clan is offering potential members a relaxed atmosphere and a community that helps each other grind stuff and has fun while playing as a team. Also, all economic bonuses are built, so any members will get all the benefits from being in a clan. Our typical activities include doing lots of random battles in 3 man divisions, sometimes operations if we feel like it, and last but not least, shitposting memes at our discord server. So, you might think, what might these amazing people want in return for all that fantastic stuff that was just listed? :D We're not super strict on stats, our emphasis is instead on potential members being willing to improve, work together with clan members, and most importantly, be willing to communicate on discord voice comms. We would like you to have at least one t10 ship (or be close to one), but we can negotiate on that part. What is absolutely critical is that you are at least moderately active (be on at least a few times a week so we don't forget who you are). All the above can be negotiated a bit depending on the circumstances; what is non-negotiable, however, is to have a non-cancerogenic mic that doesn't cause our ears to bleed, and be willing to use it on our discord server. It's difficult to do coordinated teamplay if you're not on voice, not to mention things are nicer when people get to know each other and again, you need to be on voice comms for that. To inquire about joining follow the discord link below, and just post that you'd like to join - we'll get to you as soon as we can! https://discord.gg/BmnJmJP Hope to see you soon, until then Black Rams wish you lots of fun and engaging game mechanics!
  2. Admiral_Nightingale

    Supply Line OIl

    We particiapted with the clan aswell and we have not seen any oil added! so far we waited out as the new clan base was released. and we got our oil refunded from the structures that have been changed. But we have yet to see any oil from the event being added to our oil pool. Can we get some feedback on this event? and/or if we got it?
  3. Admiral_Nightingale

    black screen during game session

    hey everyone, Since latest update when i am in battle at random moments my screen turns black and i have to kill the client. I am using a geforce GTX 1070 Ti card. and double checked if all drivers and software were updated. this happened about 6 times now in the past several days. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  4. Admiral_Nightingale

    Black screen during game

    Having the same issues since 3 a 4 days. running GTX 1070 Ti drivers updated to latest patch. Has nothing to do with getting hit or die it can occur early game before any ships are spotted!
  5. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    No we shared dickpics...
  6. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Thanks for solving the issues! @MrConway and team
  7. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    very nice with timezone diffrences screwing around as for me it was 7th allready. hope you guys still come over the bridge. and make sure the participation button is not available until it's actually supposed to happen. dubloons were bought dubloons were spend...
  8. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    still dont have the ship and i did every step to be eligible @MrConway
  9. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Thanks for the update
  10. Admiral_Nightingale

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Same here particiapted and not rewarded yet.
  11. Admiral_Nightingale

    lemming spawn 101 WG got your back jack....

    When WG helps you making it easy so you can go lemming formation... These spawn locations have to be changed. Human error is hard enough in this game feeding it is to much. People would appreciate it if quality checks on these small but crucial things get fixed before release. After that the fault is 100% player oriented.
  12. Admiral_Nightingale

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Currently captains cant be transfered between ships needs a fix
  13. Admiral_Nightingale

    Light Cruiser Hipper class

    To be fair if the hipper needs anything it's a buff in it's reload cycle for the 203mm guns it's way to slow. It would make it more acceptable if they shave 2 or 3 seconds of that cycle. That the german AP has better damage or penetration is not an excuse anymore after they nerfed the crap out of it so it bounces from the slightest angles. Currently the ship just has a hard time dealing any acceptable damage unless multiple ships keep sailing straight line full broadside and ignore you. WG still thinks this ship is OK and that is the real problem. even after being called out by streamers, community contributers. After the +2 match making and really 99.99% gets T10 matched the guns really need some love. We can only hope to wake up the dev's with proper information and keep putting the topic in their face. until then really dont see a need for light versions of this class
  14. Admiral_Nightingale

    Remove Missouri radar

    Why dont you go eat tidepods with the other idiots? entitled crybabies...
  15. Admiral_Nightingale

    Server problems?

    Yup server has been wonky for a few days now! crap happens likely fixed fast.