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  1. Admiral_Nightingale

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    10% regardless of pen / overpen hitting a nice RNG volley on a DD still hurts it hard though but they should if they dont use their stealth.
  2. Admiral_Nightingale

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    That DD get everything they cry for because they still can't yolo rush.. next thing they are going to cry about HE shells aswell so they get nerfed! for now just pre select HE so you have a good joke waiting after your AP shot. expert loader is a [edited] skill a BB has no use for. so the first volley is 10% of what ever you hit them with. then next shot the pain game starts. I don't see a super big problem yet until they are crying about secondaries and HE shells OP REEE cries. meanwhile enjoy the rain from harugumo.... also most cruisers are just running in the open full broadside they deserve to die then still lately many many overpens to any ship and non damage pens all the time. now i return to my surprise BBQ with marshmellows sponsored by Worcester, harugumo and Conqi
  3. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    The least WG could have done after a near 9 day lockdown division is returning the lost premium time! after that 2 premium black friday containers could be acceptable. This is a scandalous ripoff. This year WG is full speed in sellout mode i guess ripping people off is the 2019 goal. 2 containers that are RNG based just like their troubleshooting team... have you turned your second screen off?, did you unplug it?, have you tried doing a rain dance?, flush the toilet 3 times! is the issue still there? No it's not the server it's a client side thing.... everyone in the game can see them in a locked division....were do you find these employees?
  4. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    Hope that atleast is something more then just a few days of premium time. they are locked since wednesday allready and it influenced more then just them 3. It influenced 5 others directly for our daily dvisions and clan training. our alpha team pretty much suffers for a week wich will be a total of 8 to pretty much 9 days total waiting for a server restart/patch. I hope that some mechanic is going to be put in place to reset divisions after 1 hour of idle in port / active in battle division that takes longer then 1 hour should be auto reset and disbanded. should not be to hard to add some coding. so maybe atleast a GM can give a command that unf*cks a division so that the server wont need a reset and everybody would be happy. Anyway thanks for your time MrConway to sort them out atleast
  5. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    problem has been around for years they dont have a bugfix with a patch they just say go [edited]yourself for a week till restart
  6. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    This is unacceptable. people will lose the chance to earn steel and coal The Clan is suffering from this. Denying any form of team interaction in a team based game. We are just burning premium time for nothing!!! maybe start thinking about a daily downtime to unfuck a bug that exist since the creation of this game. and still has no work around. what a bunch of amateurs instead of pumping out a trillion premium ships an shitty maps maybe fix issues of this calibre. Not to speak of the Match Maker Not a personal attack to Crysantos or MrConway but in general the only two that listen to the playerbase. how hard is it to restart the server before the weekend really hits instead forcing people to get stuck for 8 days. because that's the answer from the WG SPECHULISTS.... @MrConway @Crysantos
  7. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    This is getting stupid day 3 by now really unacceptable
  8. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    i blame Hentai and LSD these GM's are SPECHUL!!!
  9. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    this is since last evening they were all offline and logged back in this morning and so on being stuck in that same division. the auto logout wont fix this.
  10. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    Hope it's fixed before clan battles start.... 3 clan members are stuck. So this can't be client side! must be server side WG please reboot the hamsters and show us that russian magic
  11. Admiral_Nightingale

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    After a few trial and error runs. The AA is so strong that you can't get through the FLAK dodging is impossible and planes just die before you can even get in striking range. Especially fun when you are forced to play with a stock tier 8 carrier in T10 battles. even the destroyers are like worcesters just killing your squadrons. Every single battle i had to deal with almost exclusive t10 ships and carriers being the only T8. it was no fun at all. to be fair i prefer RTS play over this rework. and i see RTS mode is not workable for all the other ships in the game. I have grown a passionate hate for CV games. only to see the rework holding divisions of CV's If this is how it's going to be please just remove the class. T8 vs T10 is a No Go on this mode. AA in rework is too strong Unlimited planes is a bad idea (AA get's destroyed permanently by the enemy fleet.) meaning CV gets stronger late battle. if CV is top tier that is... Planes are not really responding well compared to the FLAK apearing simply can't dodge! If you want us to test ships allow us to have the xp to deal with it from the start. want me to test? don't let me grind! I am not here to grind a ship line but to help out!
  12. Admiral_Nightingale

    Looking for eu based clan

  13. Admiral_Nightingale

    looking for DK/ENG clan (EU)

  14. Admiral_Nightingale

    Looking for active clan

  15. Admiral_Nightingale

    Cherry_Pickers Looking for a clan