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  1. Admiral_Nightingale

    World of Warships Discord Server

    WG get's to much acces with this trick to use their discord by registering with microsoft link or steam... (trusting russians as far as i can throw them)
  2. Admiral_Nightingale

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Currently playing the Visby and the captain skill ''Last stand'' is not working. Yesterday my engine got incapped 2 times and today again. All cases it results in a total loss of propulsion. Might be nice to take a look at it. I don't own any of the other swedish destroyers yet so i can't say if they have this issue occuring aswell.
  3. Sorry but this idea is terrible. Nobody wants to re-grind what they allready spend way to much time doing so. what's the goal lose active players?
  4. Admiral_Nightingale

    Armada: Roma

    Best advice for Roma is....Don't buy and don't play it. double regrets is what you get! That's ships sigma really needs a buff!
  5. Admiral_Nightingale


    Have you tried turning your second monitor off?
  6. Admiral_Nightingale

    64bit client is a mess - fps drops, lags, lag spikes, etc.

    Similar issues for the 64bit client normally frames are good now they drop to 40 fps or even around 20 fps. Going to see if i can rollback to 32 bit for the moment and see if this fixes my issue.
  7. Admiral_Nightingale

    [RESULTS] Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    Good way to do a flag sink... and you can win a massa wich everyone after black friday allready owns! I see what you did there WG Rule of acquisition 87. Learn the customer's weaknesses, so that you can better take advantage of them.
  8. Admiral_Nightingale

    iEarlGrey's BEWBS is Recruiting!

    hello @yargo14 that discord link is invalid! got a fix m8?
  9. [BRAMS] Black Rams EU A small but active EU based clan is looking for members! We are currently building up more players for Alpha and Bravo team. searching for people who play well together and we're actively participating in clan battles.The clan is offering potential members a relaxed atmosphere and a community that helps each other grind stuff and has fun while playing as a team. Also, all economic bonuses are built, so any members will get all the benefits from being in a clan. Our typical activities include doing lots of random battles in 3 man divisions, sometimes operations if we feel like it, and last but not least, shitposting memes at our discord server. So, you might think, what might these amazing people want in return for all that fantastic stuff that was just listed? :D We're not super strict on stats, our emphasis is instead on potential members being willing to improve, work together with clan members, and most importantly, be willing to communicate on discord voice comms. We would like you to have at least one t10 ship, What is absolutely critical is that you are at least moderately active (be on at least a few times a week so we don't forget who you are). All the above can be negotiated a bit depending on the circumstances; what is non-negotiable, however, is to have a non-cancerogenic mic that doesn't cause our ears to bleed, and be willing to use it on our discord server. It's difficult to do coordinated teamplay if you're not on voice, not to mention things are nicer when people get to know each other and again, you need to be on voice comms for that. Requirements: - Atleast one T10 competitive Cruiser/Destroyer/Carrier. - Discord & working mic/headset. - 1000 random battles. - +/- 40.000 Average damage. - +/- 1200 average base xp willing to participate in clan battles. - willing to participate in clan battles - Active 3-4 days a week. To inquire about joining follow the discord link below, and just post that you'd like to join - we'll get to you as soon as we can! https://discord.gg/BmnJmJP Hope to see you soon, until then Black Rams wish you lots of fun and engaging game mechanics!
  10. Admiral_Nightingale

    New CVs

    first taking out AA ships of tier 9 and 10 to see how the balance is working with actual players. Montana and minotaur seem somewhat effective! noticed nightmares with Jean bart, Worcester they allreayd have problems with shokaku planes let alone the godmode midway planes that simply wont die! aside of the new CV's and the AA rework wich needs much love the next problem is ships are perma spotted the full game lenght and that means no time to recover from floods and fires just non stop airstrikes and HE rapid spam! This update is a true nightmare for AA ships let alone the ships that are less fortunate i don't even dare to play those poor ships. This also seems to make the teams very passive. no capping is being done if you have atleast 1 destroyer in your team that is....if it wont get killed instantly by 2 or 3 carriers with rockets in 2 flyby rocket attacks. Reinforcing AA sector to one side does not seem to be effective at all! this needs to be adressed fast 0.8.0 is the most terrible release so far. nad as was being stated by the playerbase this rework is not ready not even remotely beta! this is very early alpha level content...
  11. Admiral_Nightingale

    Collector's Club Launch

    I am a ship hoarder clearly...
  12. Admiral_Nightingale

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    10% regardless of pen / overpen hitting a nice RNG volley on a DD still hurts it hard though but they should if they dont use their stealth.
  13. Admiral_Nightingale

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    That DD get everything they cry for because they still can't yolo rush.. next thing they are going to cry about HE shells aswell so they get nerfed! for now just pre select HE so you have a good joke waiting after your AP shot. expert loader is a [edited] skill a BB has no use for. so the first volley is 10% of what ever you hit them with. then next shot the pain game starts. I don't see a super big problem yet until they are crying about secondaries and HE shells OP REEE cries. meanwhile enjoy the rain from harugumo.... also most cruisers are just running in the open full broadside they deserve to die then still lately many many overpens to any ship and non damage pens all the time. now i return to my surprise BBQ with marshmellows sponsored by Worcester, harugumo and Conqi
  14. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    The least WG could have done after a near 9 day lockdown division is returning the lost premium time! after that 2 premium black friday containers could be acceptable. This is a scandalous ripoff. This year WG is full speed in sellout mode i guess ripping people off is the 2019 goal. 2 containers that are RNG based just like their troubleshooting team... have you turned your second screen off?, did you unplug it?, have you tried doing a rain dance?, flush the toilet 3 times! is the issue still there? No it's not the server it's a client side thing.... everyone in the game can see them in a locked division....were do you find these employees?
  15. Admiral_Nightingale

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    Hope that atleast is something more then just a few days of premium time. they are locked since wednesday allready and it influenced more then just them 3. It influenced 5 others directly for our daily dvisions and clan training. our alpha team pretty much suffers for a week wich will be a total of 8 to pretty much 9 days total waiting for a server restart/patch. I hope that some mechanic is going to be put in place to reset divisions after 1 hour of idle in port / active in battle division that takes longer then 1 hour should be auto reset and disbanded. should not be to hard to add some coding. so maybe atleast a GM can give a command that unf*cks a division so that the server wont need a reset and everybody would be happy. Anyway thanks for your time MrConway to sort them out atleast