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  1. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    No we shared dickpics...
  2. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Thanks for solving the issues! @MrConway and team
  3. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    very nice with timezone diffrences screwing around as for me it was 7th allready. hope you guys still come over the bridge. and make sure the participation button is not available until it's actually supposed to happen. dubloons were bought dubloons were spend...
  4. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    still dont have the ship and i did every step to be eligible @MrConway
  5. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Thanks for the update
  6. T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Same here particiapted and not rewarded yet.
  7. lemming spawn 101 WG got your back jack....

    When WG helps you making it easy so you can go lemming formation... These spawn locations have to be changed. Human error is hard enough in this game feeding it is to much. People would appreciate it if quality checks on these small but crucial things get fixed before release. After that the fault is 100% player oriented.
  8. Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Currently captains cant be transfered between ships needs a fix
  9. Light Cruiser Hipper class

    To be fair if the hipper needs anything it's a buff in it's reload cycle for the 203mm guns it's way to slow. It would make it more acceptable if they shave 2 or 3 seconds of that cycle. That the german AP has better damage or penetration is not an excuse anymore after they nerfed the crap out of it so it bounces from the slightest angles. Currently the ship just has a hard time dealing any acceptable damage unless multiple ships keep sailing straight line full broadside and ignore you. WG still thinks this ship is OK and that is the real problem. even after being called out by streamers, community contributers. After the +2 match making and really 99.99% gets T10 matched the guns really need some love. We can only hope to wake up the dev's with proper information and keep putting the topic in their face. until then really dont see a need for light versions of this class
  10. Remove Missouri radar

    Why dont you go eat tidepods with the other idiots? entitled crybabies...
  11. Server problems?

    Yup server has been wonky for a few days now! crap happens likely fixed fast.
  12. BRAMS is recruiting!

    Black Rams [BRAMS] is recruiting! We are a relatively new clan, looking to expand with new active members. Most economic structures are complete and the rest will be completed shortly, meaning members will get nice bonuses in terms of reduced service costs, reduced ship prices and increased xp earnings. What we want from an applicant is primarily to be reasonably active, willing to learn and play in divisions while in a discord voice channel (this makes a huge difference in being able to effectively work as a team during a battle). We place huge importance on voice communication as it's really the only way to effectively work together as a team. While we certainly won't turn you away if you're already a super unicum player with every line grinded up to t10, if you're willing to learn and improve as you grind up the lines we might just include you in our team :) Contact ingame
  13. Pick me T7 BB

    Own both ships besides the hood is a must have collecters item. The scharnhorst can have penetration issues at certain ranges and angles. scharnhorst is not imune to penetrations bow forward. The Hood will tank very hard bow forward or angled. The weakness is the aft part of the ship. Dispersion of the guns is like the germans pretty similar and can be very annoying sometimes. AP characteristics of the hood are those of the US kind so good angles not many bouncing shells. The fuse time is very short on the Hoods AP shells so on cruiser, DD, CV almost never any over penetrations on the more thick battleships seems to do less citadel hits but overall more consistant penetration hits and damage. The AA setup from the Hood is fun most CV's will stay miles away from you but when they do it's a nice airshow. Kaga currently seems to be the only CV in the tier range that actually can YOLO the hood! Other then that they are both fast brawlers. Most scharnhorst/gneisenau captains have no clue how to properly drop their torpedoes in a knife fight they balance out pretty equal on average. If you know how to use them the scharnhorst should actually perform better in knife fights. in the end they are both very fun ships to play.
  14. German CL 152 mm guns after 6.6: IFHE no longer worth it?

    hello Jvd2000, IFHE indeed wont contribute for more results if you are allready over the armor penetration vallue required for the ships outer armor layer.
  15. Oh look, another tier 5 post.

    hey disturbed sailor, Please dont worry to much about the matchmaking it's something you have to adapt from tier 5 and up. you can still get lower tiers in MM. on EU i have noticed thats almost non-existing. cruisers are very versatile but vulnerable ship class in this game. one of the tips is dont always spam when you can hit a target especially when you get +2 uptier battles. look for a good team buddy that can generate smoke like 1 of the UK cruisers and shoot from hide positions like island edge cover. Make use of your angles the koningsberg has 360 gun traverse so speerheading in or kite. Also do some testing in the trainingroom a Mod. you can install and test the ships you have problems against and learn were to hit them at what range and angle. Just fool around with it. Nurnberg wich is your next challenge is a slightly bigger and more crude and squishy version of your tier 5 stick around tier 5 to get the hang of it how to progress in these harder lineups.going to fast through the tiers. One of the last tips watch some footage on youtube from flamu, you might learn a few tricks and see were you might act wrong with your ship per situation. Dont know what timezone you play but feel free to find me either on EU and also on NA and i will division with you! We need more competend and willing to adapt captains in the high tiers