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  1. Hello, So i am just wondering, i have unlocked several ships of different nation and type and ranging between tier 6 to tier 9 that i am concidering to buy. Back in the day we could sometimes read on the monthly news what nation or tier or type would be on credits discount, why is this feature gone? And also, it feels like the credits discounts are much more rare these days, why? Regards, Fred3n
  2. Hello, I got the Duke of York late yesturday and my experience with this ship is not a very pleasant one. My issue with this ship is with the salvos that land right on target and you go "bye bye target :)". In those cases three things usually happen: 1. Bad luck but a few hits, no biggie just some bad luck is all. 2. Citadel 3. BOOM!!! However with the Duke of York an alarming rate of those sweet perfect salvos goes like this: TOTAL MISS. The salvos are either too short or too far away and i end up missing every single shot. It is starting to get very depressing to see this happen with such frequency compared to most other ships i play. This is why I suspect that the sigma is not so good. So back to the reason for this topic: What is the sigma on the Duke of York? And also, is it different from King George V?
  3. Battlefront 2 Open Beta anyone? But this one is even worse because this is on a set time table.
  4. Fred3n

    Duke of York Campaing impossible

    I have never complained before, but this has to be mentioned, to hide Duke of York behind this huge grindwall (11 torps hits with only British ships, 75 000 XP, 90 000 Torp Damage in a single battle & 10 BB kills) is going to (i imagine ofc i cant know for sure) prevent a huge majority of players from ever reaching Duke of York, and some of those players will in frustration just buy Duke of York. Battlefront 2 open beta flashbacks anyone?
  5. I updated my Nvidia driver, a new version came out 20.12.17. Also turned off the Tablet mode thing, It is still unstable, i tried to launch wows and managed to do it in windowed mode but the huge fps drop made me switch to fullscreen non windowed mode... I should not have done that, now i cannot even access the options at the login screen because the game freezes up instantly as soon as i launch it. I was really looking forward to earning Duke of York, playing in the new season 8, buying some containers, possibly Scharnhorst discounted cuz the camo look awesome... All of this is just gone as an option for me now that Windows 10's latest update has completely fucked alot of my games. I notice it in Warhammer 2 Total War aswell, and even in Skyrim when playing in windowed mode i can see an fps drop lol...
  6. Fred3n

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Dear Santa, Neither you or Tanz (Or anyone else that i know of) have camos for Queen Elizabeth & Edinburough. Having camos for those two ships would be a super awesome christmas present :) //Fred3n
  7. Pretty straight forward, I have seen it once before a long time ago, but if i remember correct that discount was a mistake? And hull upgrades, like B hull & C hull are never going to be on a discount again, true or false?
  8. Fred3n

    [Request] Commander skills for QE & KGV?

    Im thinking that too, I am stopping at T7 KGV so in the end i will not be facing T10 where i have to hide myself from their deadly guns, at most i will face T9, and i am a BB after all and my job is partly to soak damage where others (CA & DD) cant. Remove my tanking ability with concealement and someone suddenly my team has one less tank.
  9. Hi, I would like to read what commander skills you pick for QE (Tier VI Queen Elizabeth) & KGV (Tier VII King George V)? And if you are using Jack Dunkirk for any of them? /Fred3n
  10. Fred3n

    Skip the German DD Line up to...

    Z-23, The worst experience in my entire wows playtime, I did however have a great time in Ernst Gaede and MAASS, I highly recommend those two ships.
  11. Hey, just thought it would ask since i do not see what has been added that has some connection to British BB's. WG said "Be on the lookout on the portal on august 9th" here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/well-i-say/ But for the love of me where is this portal and where is this news/update(info whatever they meant? Regards, Fred3n
  12. Fred3n

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Will you finish the cruiser line before jumping over to the British BBs arriving this month?
  13. Fred3n

    Hunt for Bismarck camo removal

    Ill try that It worked! Finally i can use the hunt for bismarck camo and still see Tanz March 1941 Baltic Camo for Bismarck, thank you so much
  14. Fred3n

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Actually that did not work, it removes the camo from the ship, i dont want it removed i want it invisible so that my Wyvern or Tanz skin shows up
  15. Fred3n

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Does anyone know how to remove the hunt for bismarck camo? It wont go away even though i use Tanz camouflage.xml