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  1. Fred3n

    Torp Acceleration on CV's

    i retrained all my CV cpts with the free respec last patch to exclude TA. It felt bugged, i started drastically fail my drops compared to when i did not have TA. When i dropped my torps with TA on the edge of the arming distance they would not arm in time, i did not have this problem when not using TA. It just feels like the visuals are abit glitchy with this skill.
  2. Pros and cons, i am thinking about abandoning it on my IJN line. The torps are already fast enough, and the torps needing longer traveling distance is a negative trait that outweighs speed increase. Not sure what i will do with the RN & US line, probably keep the skill for now since it costs alot to respec.
  3. I tested this myself on my shokaku captain, it had a Torpedo Arming Distance of 564 meters without torpedo Acceleration captain skill. After i specced Torpedo Acceleration (5%) faster torpedoes the Torpedo Arming Distance is now 617 meters. I think we can safely assume that it is (unfortunately) time.
  4. Okey, well it feels like ship torps have a very short activation distance and the question was in regards to CV's anyway, which if i understood Bunny_Lover_Kallen correctly is activated not with distance but with time
  5. Yeah i should probably edit the title, the question is in regards to CV torps, ship torps activate instantly afaik.
  6. Thank you mate, probably nice to get torp speed on every CV then. But i wasasking specifically for my Midway CV i have a regular non special 19 point fleet admiral on it Edit: specced like this since i prefer HVAR: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/commanders-skills/?skills=8,10,11,15,16,24,25,29&ship=AirCarrier
  7. As the title suggests i am wondering if torpedoes activate themselves after X amount of seconds from the drop or from X amount of distance traveled from the drop? I am asking because i am concidering taking torp speed skill on my captain, but if torpedoes activate after X amount of time i do not want to take that skill because i will have to drop torps from a greater distance.
  8. I think WG saw how many fxp & coal purchases were made this christmas and got spooked, but they need to realize that many if not most players spent all of their coal and fxp that had been gathered over a very long time. In my case several years. I have been playing since the game launched and this christmas i made both my first fxp purchase and my first coal purchase in the form of Alaska & Jean Bart. It is going to take a ver long time again (years) untill i have amassed such amounts of coal or fxp again. Add to that a doubling of prices and we are talking many years. So for the average player it seems to me WG is locking them behind such vast amounts of resources that your only reasonable option is to in shape or form spend more money on the game to reach those numbers.
  9. Fred3n

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    Didn't WG just say they heard players concerns that it was too difficult to aquire the unique captains, and that is why they made it more accessible starting with Sansonetti? Just to walk back on that in time for Andrew Cunningham? what the heck?? Playing CV's is one of my fav classes, and i really want Andrew Cunningham, but these objectives are very time consuming if you are set on getting Andrew Cunningham. And 40 tokens for 1000 dubloons is very steep.
  10. Fred3n

    Which BB to go for?

    My personal favourites, great ships that together gives you many different playstyles depending on your mood. As a bonus they are beautiful non paper ships :) FXP Alaska (Super Heavy Cruiser but oh my god i love this ship, and as a CA player this is what you must have) COAL Jean Bart (unique & entertaining playstyle) XP Iowa (but do not sell the New Mexico & NC as you grind the Iowa because they are good too) Bismarck (with full secondary modules & cpt build PM, DCF, AR, BFT, AFT, FP, MFCSA) PREMIUM Scharnhorst (keep the Gneisenau as you grind for Bismarck if you cannot get a hold of the Scharnhorst)
  11. Fred3n

    Which coal ship is best?

    Smolensk, but im saving to Jean Bart instead, historical ship with godlike AA. Smolensk is just destroying wows and im not gonna be part of that. Edit: In fact, you could agrue Smolensk is actually the worst ship you could buy. Because it is hurting the game that you (i assume) like playing :)
  12. Ah you mean like that okey :). Thats what i meant about the salt, RP is a heavy grind. And if you already grinded for it before with the mission and then sold it and are now forced to grind RP... well, salty situation :P
  13. Didnt know it was on the armory, i guess i cannot see it there since it is still in my inventory :)
  14. WG i just wanted to know if i understood the latest patch info correct, my Reinforced Armor Protection for Strink Air Groups is now definetley useless and is only good for vendoring?