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  1. Hehe, yepp it's the clan discount I see now. There are no date specified (hence why i asked here), now i know that I can safely start selling off all the ships i have leveled past and decided not to keep without loosing out on any credits :) Kudos & thank you for the info mate :)
  2. Reason I ask is that I have alot of ships to sell and i dont want to loose out on credits, hence im waiting for the discount to end but it seems to last forever.
  3. You should have quoted the entire sentence :). I said "almost exclusively of T10" I dont mind some Tier10's but when i am the only T8 in a T10 match it gets abit disheartening :P
  4. Fred3n

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    But is it not a good thing that the gameplay is so varied? It changes drastically when there are 4 CV's on the map, DD's have to stay back, players need to focus on not going off solo amongst other things. I think it adds variety, i have only played in T8 DD's & CA's against T10 CV's (I do not own any T10 myself i only face them :P). In such a game a DD trying to cap early will be punished, DD's with patience will fare better because later in the game CV's will start fielding bombers and torps and focus bigger targets, giving you breathing space. I think universally in every single CV game nowadays whether it is with 2 or 4 CV's the first target for all those CV's are allways the DD's, everyone will start their first and often second wave of airplanes sending fighters to find, pin, spot and destroy DD's. This is why it is so deadly with 4 CV's if you push too hard as a DD.
  5. I see the community has not changed. I have not played WoWs for about a year by the way, I just came back to see if the CV rework made the game worth another chance. And so when I find that it does, and let WG know i like the changes and that it made me come back to the game i get crap on? Great [edited]community...
  6. It took some time to grow on me but i now enjoy the T6 & T8 CV rework overall (I have not tried T10 yet). Something i like alot is how CV's become stronger the longer the game is played, starting out in a more scouting role (DD spotters) and then gradually becoming stronger and stronger enganging capital ships. The only two negative things are that players still have a chance as a CV T8 to end up in a T10 match with sometimes almost exclusively T10's. Thats is not very productive for a T8 CV. You mostly just end up giving free plane kills to the enemy unless you exclusively hunt DD's, but there are only so many DD's in a game. The other thing i found underwhelming was the 1 sad little torp i get when playing in Hermes. It is difficult to score kills with only 1 torp and you need kills to get more xp to get to T6 in a somewhat regular pace. I found T4 to be a slow and very booring grind, so after 4 games i could not take it anymore and used free xp to T6 (this was with Hermes I have not tried the japanese or US T4's). Edit: The last point might be very harmful towards getting players to choose CV's. Many will probably never grind out T4 because it is so slow and booring, and thus miss out on the outstanding T6 & (unless you are unlucky) T8 CV gameplay.
  7. What about IFHE for Duke of York? And is 10% more concealment really more worth than Fire Prevention? I have Fire Prevention on my 19 point Bismarck captain and that skill is a beast. I was thinking something completely different with my Duke of York captain: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/commanders-skills/?skills=3,9,14,17,18,19,33&ship=Battleship Edit: for some reason IFHE is being not recommended in game, but when i read on the skill it does not seem so bad, 30% more AP on HE shells for only 3% less fire chance, why is WG placing a big nono recommendation on that?
  8. As the title says i would like help with choosing my captain skills for these two ships all the way from 1-19 in order of most important I am taking advantage of the free retraining weeked :)
  9. Fred3n

    Preliminary analysis of CV skills/upgrades

    Any chance for a British commander CV spec? :) Edit: or is it just a copy paste of the USN commander skills?
  10. Hello, So i am just wondering, i have unlocked several ships of different nation and type and ranging between tier 6 to tier 9 that i am concidering to buy. Back in the day we could sometimes read on the monthly news what nation or tier or type would be on credits discount, why is this feature gone? And also, it feels like the credits discounts are much more rare these days, why? Regards, Fred3n
  11. Hello, I got the Duke of York late yesturday and my experience with this ship is not a very pleasant one. My issue with this ship is with the salvos that land right on target and you go "bye bye target :)". In those cases three things usually happen: 1. Bad luck but a few hits, no biggie just some bad luck is all. 2. Citadel 3. BOOM!!! However with the Duke of York an alarming rate of those sweet perfect salvos goes like this: TOTAL MISS. The salvos are either too short or too far away and i end up missing every single shot. It is starting to get very depressing to see this happen with such frequency compared to most other ships i play. This is why I suspect that the sigma is not so good. So back to the reason for this topic: What is the sigma on the Duke of York? And also, is it different from King George V?
  12. Battlefront 2 Open Beta anyone? But this one is even worse because this is on a set time table.
  13. Fred3n

    Duke of York Campaing impossible

    I have never complained before, but this has to be mentioned, to hide Duke of York behind this huge grindwall (11 torps hits with only British ships, 75 000 XP, 90 000 Torp Damage in a single battle & 10 BB kills) is going to (i imagine ofc i cant know for sure) prevent a huge majority of players from ever reaching Duke of York, and some of those players will in frustration just buy Duke of York. Battlefront 2 open beta flashbacks anyone?
  14. I updated my Nvidia driver, a new version came out 20.12.17. Also turned off the Tablet mode thing, It is still unstable, i tried to launch wows and managed to do it in windowed mode but the huge fps drop made me switch to fullscreen non windowed mode... I should not have done that, now i cannot even access the options at the login screen because the game freezes up instantly as soon as i launch it. I was really looking forward to earning Duke of York, playing in the new season 8, buying some containers, possibly Scharnhorst discounted cuz the camo look awesome... All of this is just gone as an option for me now that Windows 10's latest update has completely fucked alot of my games. I notice it in Warhammer 2 Total War aswell, and even in Skyrim when playing in windowed mode i can see an fps drop lol...
  15. Fred3n

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Dear Santa, Neither you or Tanz (Or anyone else that i know of) have camos for Queen Elizabeth & Edinburough. Having camos for those two ships would be a super awesome christmas present :) //Fred3n