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  1. Hard to do !!!! World of Warship - Homepage- and forum down
  2. World of Warship - Homepage- and forum down for 30 minutes between1900-1930 someone else having this isue
  3. Trumpeter 1/350 for me
  4. Putin Malware
  5. Well -you can only play one BB at the time. There might not be more BBs in the game , just because we own more BBs
  6. When the game starts lagging I stop inputs with the mouse and no W A S D. Sometimes i prevent the game from crashing,and things returns quickly too normal
  7. T3 Cruiser Katori PvE game This ship has an unlimited fun factor
  8. I rather fight an average human at T8 than a bot
  9. Is it a good ide just to transfer the problem too other players. Funny way to solve problems
  10. Think again- if you can
  11. Shop on WG Homepage up and running
  12. Can't open clan page in game, and can't open the shop from WG homepage
  13. Defence of Naval Station Newport - Last man standing one star
  14. Defence of naval station Newport . Last man standing one star
  15. T3 Cruiser Katori in A T4 Pve game. Amazing ship