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  1. In yellow in the picture I see the word victory. A no star win, but ship loaded with flags
  2. IF only DDs and T5 ships stay away it can succeed . But this is a tuff one. HMS Queen Elizabeth outfitted for AA is my best ship for this one. 210414 damage is my best game with her - Last man standing and a win with zero stars
  3. Yes Server down
  4. EU servers are lagging just now
  5. I have HMS Nelson and HMS Hood, both doing fine. HMS Nelson outperform HMS Hood slightly. Both is imho more fun to play than Scharnhorst and they bring great big guns too the battlefield
  6. Fire back it helps
  7. No thanks we have enough fools in pve games
  8. A draw is imho opinion a los on the statistics
  9. And again - twice in a row Eu server and forum down for 10-15 minutes
  10. Kicked off the game again !!!!! Server down and forum down ?????
  11. There might come an early QE class battleship as a premium !!!!!!
  12. Take a look at data pvp games max. damage CVs #1-2-6 in damage at tier 8 CVs #1-2 in damage at tier 9 CVs #1-2 in damage at tier 10 Imho some CVs are owerpowered
  13. O no not again
  14. Atago was the only ship i missed in port. Iwaki Alpha and Imperator Nikolai was on my wish list.
  15. How many games do you think a PVE gamer needs to play