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  1. Tordenskjold23

    PvE Changes to Operations

    We don't get a Sea Star for a completed operation with 5 stars Now we get Sea Star in the last game
  2. Tordenskjold23

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    Get the AA --secondary guns - and torps working for you and you be fine (an option to skip CE might be fine for some ) Don't play it as Flamu does With Cleveland at T8 this is the best T6 AA cruiser Works very well in PvE games
  3. Tordenskjold23

    Massachusetts: Skill-Setup

    I play PvE games with a 19 point US light cruiser Captain with IFHE Like Notser does. Often have more than 50000hp damage by the 5 in. guns 11.3 km range with flags . Often bow tank in this ship.
  4. Tordenskjold23

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    4 Stars in Operations
  5. Tordenskjold23

    Kicked out of battle?

    Close the game- restart the game and you are in
  6. Tordenskjold23

    Kicked out of battle?

    Me too
  7. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    Remember the training room is a good place for beginners to practice their skills
  8. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    This is not the way things operates. I have an opinion and I and I stad by it
  9. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    You are repeating yourself- please evolve
  10. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    This is Kenliero_ASIA from the Asian server - keep om topic please
  11. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    Look at post 19
  12. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    As I said before - I can take it and I Have not used my damage control Yet
  13. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    Have you played DDs or Cvs
  14. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    Commander_Cornflakes read it all if you have time
  15. Tordenskjold23

    Super Noob

    I used the word - forum members Look how many times I were insulted in this tread When the moderators see this tread some of you might take an unwanted vacation from this forum