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  1. Tordenskjold23

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No No No No No
  2. Tordenskjold23


    This is a picture of the transports placement on the map First of all all enemy bots reversed none moved forward Some of our transport stopped some moved In the mini map you can see all of the transports mispositioned (5 ships)
  3. Tordenskjold23

    Down yet again

    Please use premium damage control :)
  4. Tordenskjold23

    Down yet again

    WG please feed the Hamsters
  5. Tordenskjold23

    Defense of Newport Station

    Yes with a Sea Star a few time. This is best played in a BB DDs without smoke please play something else 99% of my games now are in OPS
  6. The sound of silence from WG is laod
  7. Another option - only play Italian CLs cruisers with SAP and RN CLs- Leave the rest as Harbour Queens
  8. Tordenskjold23

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    The repair ships is not doing their job. This picture is from just before the final attack . The repair ship is healing a fort in the outer ring the other stayed in port and I did not see it move
  9. Tordenskjold23

    Any compensations for Narai sto0len stars ?

    Right you are
  10. Tordenskjold23

    Any compensations for Narai sto0len stars ?

    Here is a picture of a Liberty ship out of place
  11. . Good luck with that WG a new PR disaster.This will make the CV rework a sideshow. When will the ever learn. The balance of the game will be destroyed Some good ships will be port Queens (Atlanta & Flint) and a few others
  12. Tordenskjold23

    Black Friday bundles from anmory

    I have the stock Scharnhorst
  13. Tordenskjold23

    Black Friday bundles from anmory

    I just bought Scharnhorst B bundle from the Amory but the ship did not show up in my harbour. Just lost many dubloons Got what I paid for just did not read properly Bought Her in the shop together with a 2500 dublon mission
  14. Tordenskjold23

    Boots in COOP

    17 boots +1 human
  15. Tordenskjold23

    Boots in COOP

    In my last game I were the only human player in the game. One human and 17 boots This is absurd , more like a nightmare . I have no fun nor a great experience. WG might as well let the boots play against each other. This is what night me quit the game , I hate boots on the human side