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  1. Graphic stutter and delayed actions since 0.7.5

    First of all- it has prevented some of my clanmates crashes It has stopped fps lag a bit on my system I believe Ultra sound takes a lot of CPU resources
  2. Graphic stutter and delayed actions since 0.7.5

    Try lower sound settings - go from high too something lower
  3. Due to technical issues, server downtime for update 0.7.5 will be extended to 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST)
  4. Crysantos did a good job informing us quickly
  5. Server status Server available. Number of players: 54 WOWS Homepage Eu just now
  6. The Lion, IFHS or no?

    More definitely no no no !!!!!!!
  7. Yesterday many Americans had huge problem with this patch If WOWS is smooth and fine 12.00hrs I can wait no problem
  8. texas shell dispersion

    Ram - Use USS Texas as a torpedo
  9. doubloon theft - autospending

    Are you a Dane- How would you know Danish law
  10. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Operations are for PvE players !! Right ??? Not anymore
  11. Am i retarded?

  12. Ultimate frontier ruined

    EdiJo As my few above screenshots show, it is not about your play - it is about "the team". This scenario requires cooperation, and it is enough to screw one thing to lose. Most common: BB not going after Atlanta (or at least letting Aoba die), not killing Mahan/Nicholas at the start, BB not killing Mex/NY/Wyoming so broadsiding cruisers are killed or crippled - or going full single sudoku mode vs 3BB, Pensa and 2DD, blindly chasing the CV, not healing while it is possible or sitting ducks in the workshop. And so on, so forth. Then we can add some "random" accidents, like when you are about to finish cruiser group and suddenly Alabama + cruisers + DD spawns a few km from you. This takes 3 BBs you might not have !!!
  13. Ultimate frontier ruined

    I have won in this new operation more than 15 times- with 0-5 stars .But the pay off is to little and a game takes 20 min. I can farm more in T8 - T9 COOP games in less time and close too 100% win chance
  14. My personal premium ship wish list

    HMAS Australia CA ARA Almirante Brown (C-1) CA ARA La Argentina (C-3) CL ARA Moreno BB HMS Royal Oak (08) BB HMS Agincourt Alfonso XIII BB Navarra CL Almirante Cervera CL HSwMS Tre Kronor CL HSwMS Gotland CLAA SMS Viribus Unitis BB Almirante Latorre BB Minas Geraes BB