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  1. Tordenskjold23

    Queen Elizabeth - any point having as well as Warspite?

    I manly play PvE or operations and QE has the record in damage 196989 at all tiers in coop games
  2. Tordenskjold23

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Play after hrs2000 and you will get better teammates. Landed 2 5 stars games after another after many lost games all day long
  3. Tordenskjold23

    Bot CVs

    Yes for Operations
  4. Tordenskjold23

    Bot CVs

    When do we get bot CVs back
  5. Tordenskjold23

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    sir_nelson stats He is a better player than most of us https://ru.wows-numbers.com/player/971,sir_nelson/
  6. Tordenskjold23

    Captain skills and equipment to use against planes

    What to do now ??? 0.8.0 is in my opinion A public beta test. What we chance now with the free Captain reset might be obsolete when 0.8.2 goes live
  7. Tordenskjold23

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    T1 and T2 will be overcrowded
  8. Tordenskjold23

    Bug Reports

  9. Tordenskjold23

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Take a look https://imgur.com/a/IfiuAHW
  10. Tordenskjold23

    PvE Changes to Operations

    We don't get a Sea Star for a completed operation with 5 stars Now we get Sea Star in the last game
  11. Tordenskjold23

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    Get the AA --secondary guns - and torps working for you and you be fine (an option to skip CE might be fine for some ) Don't play it as Flamu does With Cleveland at T8 this is the best T6 AA cruiser Works very well in PvE games
  12. Tordenskjold23

    Massachusetts: Skill-Setup

    I play PvE games with a 19 point US light cruiser Captain with IFHE Like Notser does. Often have more than 50000hp damage by the 5 in. guns 11.3 km range with flags . Often bow tank in this ship.
  13. Tordenskjold23

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    4 Stars in Operations
  14. Tordenskjold23

    Kicked out of battle?

    Close the game- restart the game and you are in
  15. Tordenskjold23

    Kicked out of battle?

    Me too