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  1. O no not again
  2. Atago was the only ship i missed in port. Iwaki Alpha and Imperator Nikolai was on my wish list.
  3. How many games do you think a PVE gamer needs to play
  5. The shell went through the deck not the side
  6. Yes !!!!!! Server kaput
  7. 38mm top deck over Citadel deck. All HE spammers knows what this means
  8. Same too you
  9. Take a DD for a spin yourself
  10. Missing in action Tier VI British Battleship Queen Elizabeth
  11. 100 dragon flags can do
  12. I was sunk by Bayern last night wave 5 two minutes before scenario end - it spawned very close to me and blew me up instantly . I just fired one salvo , but we got 5 stars
  13. Tier 5 & 6 is up against T9 Battleships. What do you expect T10 to fight against
  14. ​New co-op mode is not for DDs, Take a CL fast BB or CV I have seen slow American BBs in this mode too slow for useful work
  15. ​No to enter Yamato and take her as a price