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  1. luggy62

    game failure ?

    2 ships tier 4 , one sits in smoke, the second one nears until he can see ship in smoke, ship in smoke gets warning via radar sign ,, he is spotted, all ok , but why can the ship in smoke , not see the ship spotting ? if he is so close as to see through smoke , the ship in smoke must see him too ?
  2. luggy62

    new ships

    every time we get a set of new ships, the usual sealclubbers get the ships and seal club the newer players with their 19 point captains why not set a rule that if a 19 point captain has been used in a tier 10 ship, he can only go down 2 tiers ( ie used in tier 10 , can only be used in tier 8, 9 or 10) this would help new players , and give them more confidence to understand the game , and not just be sitting targets for the seal clubbers ! If a 19 point captain has been used at tier 6 , then he can go down to max tier 4 , if tier 8 , then can only be used in tier 6 at the lowest level , this would cause the sealclubbers to have to start a new captain , putting them at a lesser advantage and giving the newer players a better chance to survive ! the alternative is that the sealclubbers will soon be playing against bots, as the newer players will leave again ( who wants to be sealclubbed all day )
  3. luggy62

    Matchmaking Chart

    that would be a solution, let us do this to all that are not happy with the situation, ohh , then maybe you will be playing alone ! another answer would be to change the change back to what it once was ! was playing last night , 2400 players in eu constructive critique would be in place here , not destructive , or do you want to see the game end like w.rthu..er? have just been playing , tier 4,5,6 is not frequented a lot
  4. luggy62

    Matchmaking Chart

    when faced with tier 7 , in a tier 5 ship , i just leave the game , what fun is it , bewing target pratice for some tier 7 ship ! this is the reason that many have stopped playing , and many more will follow, get ready to play against bots it is already difficult to get a game now , as there seems to be a lot less players........
  5. luggy62

    carrier limiting

    carriers should always be seen on the map (also minimap) so that they can be detected and chased from the start of the game, reason; carriers are cowardly killers, they attack without any concern to their own safety, all other vessels take a risk in shooting or using torps , but carriers are pure aim and kill! also carriers shoul be limited to attacking one target wit may 2 waves of aircraft, reason ; a carrier sends out his force against one ship, and instantly destroys that target, even if that target has all the aa he can get ! this is ruining the game, where is the ability to defend yourself ? battleships will be hit nearly 100 % and generally die, do we have to download cheats to be able to play fair ???
  6. luggy62

    german ship play

    happy to make at least some laugh, as to troll writers , look in the mirror! at least 5 games with 0 points , could that be some Edited ?? think abouit it to the german battleships ,comparing them to the new british line, even when hitting ( which is a lot less than the gb ships , damage caused is way less, the german battleships could ( a long time ago ) sit at the back and shoot at the others with sucess, now they seem to straddle the target way more then before könig and bayern were very good at it, compare them now ! #maybe i am blind and cannot hit a bern door at 5 metres, but the trolls here are just plain ugly and not helping , ! my fault , for expecting constructive critism ! This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  7. luggy62

    german ship play

    it is now not possible to play the german battleships well , as they ca not effectivly hit the enemy, whereas any blind idiot can hit and destroy the german battleships with ease, the accuracy and damage power must be restored to the german line again! As to the wonderful op carriers; 1) All carriers should always be seen on the minimap 2)there should not be more than 1 carrier on each side per game 3) Carriers should be limited to two flights agains one given target in a certain period of time ( if there are 2 carriers in one game , the target will be locked for the second carrier this game is turning into a fiasko at its momentary stage and needs to be rectified very soon, before there are too many people leaving this game foir good ! my 2 cents
  8. luggy62

    matchmaking in game

    @ tigger. yes i do that also , as soon asa i am detected , turn and run, trouble is , i detect at some 13 ks , and then turn and run , they shoot at 16 to 118 ks, so before i can run i am destroyed, my range is only 13 ks. ( cleveland stock) even destroyers shoot further than i . and the pic from caldark, i could show you all my games like that , at the beginning i just alt F4 them , as this is just sick ,
  9. luggy62

    matchmaking in game

    hallo, thanks for the answer , i have been seeing the tirpitz 3 to 5 times in one game and only have a tier 6 , if that is working as expected , i will have to find a new game , as i am not interested in getting destroyed , before i even get into range to fire, one salvo and i am nearly dead , leaving me just enough points for a fly to piss on me then i die ! that as you can imagine is not my idea of fun !
  10. luggy62

    matchmaking in game

    i dont know quite correctly how this is supposed to work , but is it corect that one ( playing tier 6 ship) meets tier 8 ships all the time ? it is ok saying that the teams are evened out with mm , but if you are the lower tier ship meeting a ship 2 tiers higher , then that is not a fair battle for the lower tier vessel please tell me , is this working as planned , or am i just having bad luck all the time ? thanks
  11. luggy62


    when will we be able to play the german vessels?? in the state that they are in now , any 2 hits causes the loss of the ship, this is pure crap, and i refuse to play them in such a condition i hope that more people will refuse to play them so tthat something is done about this very soon therefore i call out a general strike, and plead with every normal thinking person , DO NOT USE THE GERMAN SHIPS until this crap is solved thanking you in advance
  12. luggy62

    german ships of glass

    when will the german ships be made of ruhr steel and not of glass ?? i can not remember germany being so advanced that they could build ships of glass , so why are they in this game ?? is this another wt scared of the truth system of is it just a mistake ?? thanks
  13. luggy62


    have tried again just now , in coop battle , same thing happens loosing a lot of ships this way, has anybody got a contact to the developers , or has anyone passed on this problem yet ?? seems it wont get sorted alone and i am an idiot on coputer things lol
  14. luggy62


    well sorry to say but if there are more of us having a problem , maybe they will fix it ! what about the ships lost trying ? i bet you have a amd card in your computer ????