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  1. Cheeky little weekend number, live now! Pop in, I'll pop the kettle on :) oim
  2. I'm live now with a handsome new green screen and a second monitor. GET ME! Come and say hello :)
  3. I am just about to go live. Pop in for a natter :)
  4. Nice of those of you who saw this to pop along :) F12! Lovely folk
  5. Cooey! I'm Jamdear(est), and I've been Twitching for just over a month now, so I thought it was time I posted here! I'm filling in that female British ships streamer gap in the market, so I hope to do WG proud. I offer a laid back, salt-free stream and I've been described as a "positive streamer", whatever that means. I'm an average player, nothing special. I'm in All at Sea [--] and we just made gold this evening! Wheyyy!I play all the botes, some better than others. Even dipped my toe into CV-ing after the rework. I'm still learning about Twitch and also about the more technical side of the game, which I can't learn fast enough. Take a cheeky peek at me Discord, it'd be lovely to have you! I stream weekdays, except Wednesday from 11.30am - 3.30pm GMT (or later). I'm hoping to build up my stamina too, to hopefully stream until gone 5pm. I'll pop the kettle on and get the biscuits out for when you pop in. D'you take sugar? F12! Jam o7
  6. Some seriously salty folks out there. You got a free film viewing and free drinks at the bar afterwards, what more did you want?! Yeah yeah, a t-shirt. I get it. Met some lovely folks on Saturday, thanks for the evening, WG.