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  1. Wow that would have been made two years ago if they would have cared back then. I dont forget so easily nor will many of us.
  2. Tuuletar

    Preview: New Ships Galore!

    Tier VI does not please me. Still nice looking destroyers
  3. Tuuletar

    Time to uninstall WoWS

    Yes people are different. WG should still consider some changes to this because some people will tire themselfs from the game. I enjoy playing on low mid high tiers and i do not have any issues with them but would be nice to play bit more on lower tiers aswell. Since i want to collect all the useless swag im bound in high tiers.
  4. Tuuletar

    Time to uninstall WoWS

    Thats not "entirely" true. Most Missions/Campaign forces you to use tier 8+ ships to complete. When you are a human you want to collect all "special" "rare" collectables best as you can. This prevents people playing in tiers that they like. So why just not play in that tier what you like and stop caring about the useless swag? Its not that simple because human is weird living organism
  5. Tuuletar

    Musashi specifications

    Im not BB sailor but i want it. If the currency to get her is FreeXP
  6. Tuuletar

    It's the weekend again

    Guys don't hurt your back too much.
  7. Tuuletar

    Need help in high tier battlers +8

    I saw HE usage in wrong places. Did not watch the full match just the first closer encounters. But im not to judge since i sail rarely with BB's
  8. Saw Colonelpete in Red team. Too bad his team was full of potatoes.
  9. Was with Creamgravy & Bofind in same team. We turned enemy ships to atoms.
  10. Tuuletar

    Anniversary Supercontainers - I am so spoiled

    Free XP & 100 Juliet Charlie Flags would have make me bit happy but yeah...
  11. Tuuletar

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    All done now.. every single achievement. Bye alot FreeXP Was it wise? I dont think so because its not worth it.
  12. Tuuletar

    Jingles has quit the EU WG CC Program

    Been bit off from wows for few weeks only playing few matches. Saw this thread. This is bad news for WG.
  13. Tuuletar


    My first ships were Diana, Tachibana, Aurora Aurora is or atleast was good ship dont know how it works nowdays its been years.
  14. Tuuletar

    New Camo

    How did you get hands on Soviet Sekrit Techilogies. Sekrit dokumints say that it was meant to be installed on Nikolai.
  15. Tuuletar

    PC Upgrade Requirements to play wow

    Im using very small computer called: Zotac Zbox EN760 It has I5-4200U, GTX860m(2gb), 16GB So Dimm DDR3 with SSD Been using it to play warships from the start and works very well with high med settings around 60-100fps Your computer will run Warships well so you dont need anything new components to play it. Just make sure you have latest drivers installed.