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  1. Tigdam

    Balance Changes

    Its not always about the amount of planes you kill but the effect of defensive fire in the first place the dispersion saving you and your allies. But in regards too kills you said said you killed 10 tier 8 cv planes in your destroyer, Tier 8 Japanese/american aircraft carrier in its max loadout had 72 aircraft total, Think about that, you in a destroyer wiped out 1/7th of the enemies airpower by yourself, now picture what the rest of your team did to the carrier and you'll start to see the problem. At the end of the match if you have enemy cruisers left you can throw away 40 aircraft trying to win the match, you've only got 83 at tier 9 and 100 at tier 10. You loose aircraft randomly in battle anyway if a Montana specks full AA you can loose 6-10+ aircraft depending on how he sails that's 1/10th or 1/8th of your firepower per attack on the high end, now add in enemy fighters, covering fire from other ships and you get the point. We don't need any more anti air at all at higher tiers. its too powerful and planes, especially Japanese planes are way too fragile at high tier's.
  2. Tigdam

    Another duo-CV thread.

    When you get to tier 8-10 carriers the game just tends to loose a lot of the enjoyment, its not fun loosing 8-10+ planes to an AA Montana who sails in a straight line. Everything can swat your aircraft from the sky, you'll loose aircraft and before you can turn them around they will all be destroyed, there's no counter play. If the enemy team plays well and covers each other, approaching a DesMoin or Baltimore or minotaur is just a death sentence and Add onto that the notion that Wargaming simply DOESN'T care about carrier players, even in their next update they are further buffing Destroyer Defensive fire and yet tier 10 planes are ridiculously fragile. Air superiority set ups need to be removed, Tier 8-10 planes need a serious buff to their health pool. The tier 10 Japanese carrier can loose all of its planes when playing well where as the tier 10 American carrier can have a terrible player but it doesn't matter because of the overwhelming amount of hanger capacity that they have. Defensive fire is too powerful. American fighters are STILL ridiculously overpowered when compared to the Japanese ones. AA range is too great, you loose planes from ships that you can't even see yet or you could be engaging your fighters on the other side of the map hear the message that you're aircraft are under attack and by the time you click to auto pull the camera too them they are all gone. I rarely see the 200K 5 kill games anymore, mostly a hand full of kill or no kills at all and around 100-160K damage though you can supress the enemy player. The rewards for carrier players are no where near were they need to be. I have topped my team on kills, damage done [I was in a division so asked], number of plane kills, spotting damage [in my division] and I ended up 5th on the leader board... The maps were meant for 2 carriers so at tier ten there is such a distance to cover that your team complains and reports you for not helping them even if you're supporting the other sides push _-_ Many of these issues tend to kill the enjoyment of carriers. I used to play three times as many games in a carrier than I did in all the other classes combined but these days I barely touch my hiryu, taiho or hakuryu or ranger/Lexington. I don't mind being outplayed or coming up against a player who is simply better than I am but loosing aircraft randomly, putting in all the effort even carrying the team and ending up barely breaking even....and on top of that wargamings recent changes only adds further proof that they simply don't care about their carrier community at all. which is why I haven't bought the premium carriers, they will just nerf and nerf and nerf and nerf.
  3. Tigdam

    Anyone else find CV's the hardest line to grind?

    Honestly it is hard to grind, Recently got my tier ten carrier but I often go back to the Hiryu because its matches are just better. High tier carrier games can quickly turn from fun and enjoyable to simply making you deflated and not want to continue playing anymore. The higher you go in the carrier like the more you noticed just how unbalanced things are towards carriers. You do more damage than your division/team mates, have less rewards and even the destroyers AA are a threat to you. When you get to a taiho expect to loose 6-10 planes easy when attacking tier 10 battleships and don't bother attacking a Desmoin or minotaur you'll just throw your planes away. Even in the next update they are further buffing destroyer AA from 3 too 4 times as powerful when using defensive fire. I don't see the 200-300K 5 kill games anymore so just a heads up its going to take a while, the rewards are poor and the gameplay is unfair and stale, Being killed by an player because he outplayed me or is more skilled is absolutely fine but tier 10 AA kills the fun, there's no counter play there's no real tactics and the maps were designed for 2 carriers per side so expect your team to hate/report you despite getting more kills than them.
  4. Tigdam

    CV, hard to be good but yet, hard to be reward.

    True but its another buff against carriers that we didn't need. A Destroyer with AA can already cause you a major headache without making it worse. The enjoyment of playing carriers for a lot of people in high tier matches is already being drained, just speaking to others and seeing the numbers of players. AA is too powerful, they should be Buffing carriers not further nerfing them into the ground _-_ may not seem like much but it will mean the difference between killing destroyers on their own or not, and if they run escort near a BB at the end of a match its going to be even more frustrating.
  5. Tigdam

    Balance Changes

    I'd agree that you should remove the ability to see ships from behind an island and I'd love to have them not be able to magically kill my aircraft from behind one. AA debuf in smoke sounds realistic and great but of looking at the video they just put out and the other changes they are implementing wargaming doesn't care enough about its carrier players to do that. Next patch there will be a further buff to Defensive fire from x3 too x4....High tier carriers NEED a buff against the ridiculous AA in hier tier games. It gets to the point where you don't want to play CV's anymore simply because everything is so stacked against you. So while you've made reasonable suggestions its never going to happen.
  6. Tigdam

    CV, hard to be good but yet, hard to be reward.

    Things are only going to get harder for CV's, not just the economy is broken. I went from tier ten back to tier 9 for that but there has always been an imbalance between usa and Japanese carriers. In the latest update they are going to bull anti aircraft consumable by 4 times rather then 3....there isn't any point anymore, wargaming does NOT care about its carrier players, they are always going to be broken and wargaming won't fix them it won't even try.
  7. Tigdam

    *Edited Complainings everywhere!

    There will always be something to complain about especially when its a team complaining at their carrier. Not too long ago I missed a drop on an enemy destroyer who killed a member of a division they blew up in chat and reported me: 4 kills, 200K+ damage, just missed out on clear sky and still got reported, I got complimented 3 times and reported 12 in that match. Supressed and sunk the enemy carrier with its AA cooldown in effect, kept the DD's spotted, killed a conquered and kurfurst and that kaberosk. The mid to high tier maps were designed for two carriers per team in modern games due to changes in the match maker you have one per side. You have to choose to support one push or the other since you don't have the aircraft for both, if you're not getting support look at the miminap because the other half of your team may be in more trouble than you are. Tier 4/5 carriers have no manual drop or strafe ability at all, its all on automatic so then those players get the ability at tier 6 they don't know how to use it, two I've played didn't know it existed which is entirely wargamings fault for not fixing high tier AA power creep. I've teamkilled before, another recent one would be a friendly nagato was told about torps I fired, he was heading away but I told him just to make sure, he acknowledged they were there then decided to do a 180 towards an enemy battleship, the nagato took the torps meant for the Tirpitz and exploded in chat after he already said he knew they were there and somehow it was my fault for being polite and telling him they were heading for the Tirpitz _-_ his greed is my fault? But yeah toxicity will be everywhere in a multiplayer game no matter how well you play.
  8. Tigdam

    Where are high tier carriers?

    I still play my Taiho but to be honest some games are great though on the hole it gets so tiring having your entire airgroup wiped out by an invisible minotaur or anti air Baltimore or most battleships to be honest. Anti air power is WAY too strong, Fighter set ups should be removed, anti aircraft power should be reduced and the AA consumable should be nerfed. American fighters need to be reduced in power and the Midway/Hakuryu balance needs to be seriously addressed. Though in truth I don't believe for a second that wargaming actually listens to its carrier players, no matter what evidence people decide to throw out I don't think wargaming cares enough about carrier players to take an honest look and fix the issues around balancing. Just have to look at their response to the graff zeplin or the new smoke mechanics ignoring anti aircraft fire at evidence. Where carriers are now its just a bad place...I used to love playing carriers and AA power creep killed my passion for them almost completely. I feel dirty and don't enjoy playing usa cruisers or carriers or setting up british AA because there is no counter play and its brutally unfair, I hate knowing that the carrier has no defence against me and it kills my enjoyment knowing I'm harming another players enjoyment.The low tier carriers have it hard too, no manual drops wasn't the way forwards and each time I avoid an automatic drop where I should have died I feel so sad _-_
  9. Tigdam


    Nope, I'd send wargaming a support ticket but be prepared to wait for a few days for them to reply to you.
  10. Tigdam

    Team damage system broken in 0.6.10

    Its just bad luck I'm afraid, with an automated system they will never be able to review each point of damage. There have been a few times when I've launched torpedo's then noticed an ally, told him, he acknowledges and then tries to kill steal or what have you and turns into the torps despite acknowledging that they were there, got team killer status but it was his blunder given eh turned completely around to sail at the enemy ship rather than carried on course. Just go and play a few co-op battles to clear the status and come back fresh ^^ There isn't much beside creating a whole new ' anyone can shoot the team killer' class that would work. If you put a report button for it then people will simply abuse it, been in a Taiho missed a drop on a destroyer who killed a team member which got reported multiple times by the devision and called a whole host of profanity despite kraken unleashed. Besides the world of tanks blue there really isn't anything to be done, there will always be accidents and there will always be idiots in a multiplayer game.
  11. Tigdam

    Bravo on the best kind of missions!

    I don't mind the missions I just don't like how some of the campaigns lock certain missions behind classes, I'd love to have the hit 20 torpedo's one but in my Taiho not a Destroyer or cruiser xD
  12. Tigdam

    Please make some form of skilled Matchmaking....

    I'd rather not be pulled up against players who know how to use their AA properly, its overpowered at tier ten with idiots casually using it let alone competent players. Skilled match making may be something to introduce after they balance the game for all classes _-_
  13. Tigdam


    Just hide them if you don't want them or ignore them in the commander tree. Some of us actually enjoy having a bit of stillness to the game, I still use all of my arpeggio ships despite being tiered above them. Some people have different tastes just use the hide option and leave it at that ^^
  14. Tigdam

    Battle (result) dissapeared

    Happened a few times over the last few days, another bug they introduced it seems.
  15. Tigdam

    Where do I check Oil earned until today?

    Go into the clan screen then select to see all players under the win rate at the bottom of the screen and next to their name will be the amount of oil each member has contributed.