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  1. Nergy_BB

    Fastest way to grind to Tier IX / X?

    If you need to ask that question you are not ready for tier 9 or 10.
  2. Hope you understand that if you can keep bad player out of your match then the other team won't have bad ones either. You might find out that your fun nosedives because now you are dealing with teams that know how to actually play and you are suddenly the low fruit on the tree.
  3. Most DDs and CAs run so fast to the capture points that they are sunk before the range circle of my BB even reaches the capture point. In other words they never give BBs a chance to even get into range so that they can help them. Now I have to make a decision whether I want to throw my BB away or try to get to a different objective. So the answer is be more aware of where help is and how fast help can arrive. Even if I make it into range I can't sink all the ships that shot at you in a few second, so most likely you are gone by the time I fire two salvos
  4. Nergy_BB

    Player controlled fortresses and airbases.

    It's called World of Warships and not bunker crawl.
  5. So you are saying murdering an 80 year old is much less of a crime than murdering a five year old?
  6. Nergy_BB

    CV manual Drop

    I would agree with removing the manual drop if all ships get a 20 second warning about where exactly the shells will hit.
  7. Nergy_BB

    A possible fix for terrified camping/sniping BBabies?

    Who are you that you that think you have the right to dictate how other people play a game? Napoleon? Trump? The creator of the universe?
  8. Nergy_BB

    Christmass Idiots

    Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten that I have cold beer in the fridge.
  9. Nergy_BB

    New York. What's the point

    Just rebought the NY for a test run. There is nothing wrong with this ship. I outscored all of our tier 6 BBs by about 50%. I say it again I have yet to find a bad BB, but I find plenty of bad players.
  10. Nergy_BB


    I would not mind submarines as long as they start in the corners and are really just going the historical accurate 7 knots.
  11. Nergy_BB

    Balancing team placement on the maps

    You have about 4 minutes to get to a different spot on the map at the start of the match and so have the other ships. Any second a programmer spend on "lining up" the "correct" ships is wasted because nobody knows where they are when the shooting starts.
  12. Nergy_BB

    Balancing team placement on the maps

    So you know you are the low tier, yet you storm out to meet the enemy fleet first? How about waiting a little and take the second line.
  13. Nergy_BB

    manual fire control

    I don't understand why you select this in the first place. If planes or ships are so close that I could use it, then I am so busy driving the ship and aim the main guns that I have absolutely no time to manually select targets.
  14. Nergy_BB

    WG we need bigger maps please

    I really would like to see map smaller. Starting out in two battles lines at point blank range would be great. Alternate having them so big that the "less brave" have enough room to run for 20 minutes and leave the fighting to the real warriors would work also. Everything else is just a waste of time.
  15. Nergy_BB

    Smoke rework suggestion

    God, guys understand it. If they put in one "realistic" element then they would have to rework the whole game and that won't happen.