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  1. Shockwave_67

    Looking for mature English speaking clan?

    Hi to all who responded, I was flattered by the offers of a slot in your clan but I have made my decision and now sorted. Thanks again to all who replied to my post.
  2. Shockwave_67

    Looking for mature English speaking clan?

    applied :)
  3. still recruiting Timewarp?
  4. Hi all, Had a look on the recruitment page but there's that many to choose from I thought I'd filter it down by asking here ... I am 51 yr old captain, a full time working family man, who is looking for a clan who can accept a mid range player who has t10 ships ready to do battle. I have been in two clans over this year and cant find a place to weigh anchor tbh. You are probably looking for a certain type of player and clan member so here's what I have have to offer and what I am looking for .... I am a team player who will support team mates in div's or TB's mates with what I have available on my ship. I play most nights and weekends so I am available for division play and team battles. In team battles I prefer direction and structure to team line ups, I also play to win :) I indulge in the odd bit of banter and like to build friendships in voice comms. Available for voice comms whether it be TS3, Discord or Twitch. I am active, therefore I would appreciate it if the clan was active. So who is interested in offering a place in there clan? Thank you for your time in reading my post :)
  5. Shockwave_67

    Wanting a clan maybe SOS is for you.

    interested so will add a couple of you in game :)
  6. Shockwave_67

    1701's Purge Is Complete.

    you guys still recruiting?
  7. Shockwave_67

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Ok, so i got accepted and thought I would give this ago. Only played a few CV games prior to this test as I found that there was too much going on for my little old brain to handle so I was a bit apprehensive at my new venture into the world of CV play again. First off I was really confused at what was going on but got the hang of it pretty quick but I do have a few questions some of you more experience testers may be able to answer for me ... 1. How do I control my ship once I have a squadron in the air, I appreciate I can move her around on the mini map, but how the hell do I view her in full mode, ie press repair etc. 2. Can you only have one squadron up at a time? 3. Why the hell do my planes all die so quickly? Feedback, I like the way the CV operates, well at least the squadrons. The dive bombers seem weird, the way they climb and then dive, cant see my target half the time. The rockets fired from my squadrons never seem to do much damage Would like full control of my CV while squadrons are up. Reduce AA or enemy fighter strength If anyone can answer my questions above I would appreciate it.
  8. Shockwave_67

    Looking for Clan - UK Based or English Speaking.

    Hi Mistaboo, hope ya dont mind me highjacking your post as I was about to post a similair post too. If there are any casual clans around then I too would be interested. Similar to OP I too am a mature gamer, only get on these days 3-4 nights a week, have TX ships and a hell of a lot of experience.
  9. Shockwave_67

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    crossed wires m8, I spoke to para last night be he was in CB's, I will be on tonight
  10. Shockwave_67

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    have sent you a message via game, will contact again :)
  11. Shockwave_67

    Playing on the weekend

    this sums up my experience completely ...
  12. Shockwave_67

    [MAG] Middle Aged Gamers

    thank you and the same to you sir
  13. Shockwave_67

    [MAG] Middle Aged Gamers

    Primarily looking for T8 as a minimum because of clan battle play.
  14. Shockwave_67

    [MAG] Middle Aged Gamers

    Hi bud, I will get them to send you an invite through the game.
  15. Shockwave_67

    [MAG] Middle Aged Gamers

    Search for MAG in the clan section of the game ....