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  1. Tell me WeeGee, why put hydro on a CV?
  2. H-45 when? 650,000 t battleship with 4x2 800 mm guns and twice the belt armour of Bismarck. Gimme mine German bias. Seriously tho, this ship is a BB not a CA. If Kongo is a BB than so does this.
  3. Dlia_Katyushi

    A-140 F3 as a Replacement to Izumo

    Izumo is 32 mm all over the place while yamato is 57 mm deck and 50 mm front deck. If I get enough free XP, I want you to fight me; me in Musashi, you in Izumo. I guarantee you I will be dealing 10k+ damage to you with lol-angling guns every salvo while you struggle to do anything to me. Turret raverse is not important when you now how to position.
  4. Dlia_Katyushi

    A-140 F3 as a Replacement to Izumo

    Having 460 mm guns, 410 mm cit, 57 mm deck and 650 mm gun armour, 97K HP, same speed, 26.5 km range and you say this ship is meh? AA is garbage yes but CVs are non-existent. What does Izumo have over Musashi other than AA? Also check the proposals list. J2 is the Izumo.
  5. Dlia_Katyushi

    A-140 F3 as a Replacement to Izumo

    Look at the edited post. Yes but Musashi is a lot better. Having Iowa like gun placement would feel much better.
  6. Izumo in game is based on A-140 J2 design, and now it is powercreeped hardcore by Musashi for her having better guns with better placement, better armour, better HP, 460 mm shells. My suggestion is to replace Izumo A-140 J2 with A-140 F3, which has Yamato like gun placement. WG already removed vehicles from game/tech tree (WT auf E100), so why not? We can keep the armour, AA and secondaries of Izumo for they are fine unlike the new BB lines with non-existent citadels.
  7. Dlia_Katyushi

    HSF Mission isn't showing

    On the official WG site it says you will be able to see the missions and the collection once you press the button OR buy some HSF stuff. I pressed the button but no mission is showing up. Do I also need to buy stuff? Learn some grammar.
  8. Dlia_Katyushi

    French battleships talk

    T7 has RN BB citadel with turtleback(Can be spaced armour. gamemodels3d isn't really clear in that regards)
  9. Dlia_Katyushi

    [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    H-45 for the next TX Reward is a must be. Over 600,000 ton ship with 4x2 Schwerer Gustavs is the incarnation of balance and fun.
  10. Doing good in an IJN DD is about your enemy's incompetence rather than your competence.
  11. Dlia_Katyushi

    Is it still possible to get HSF ships?

    So how can I obtain them? I could not find them in the shop.
  12. Considering upcoming collection on 0.7.0, Is it still possible to obtain HSF ships?
  13. Dlia_Katyushi

    Improve IJN DDs

    Meanwhile in PTS they decided to buff Khaba's range to 15.6 km because it's obviously UP right.
  14. Dlia_Katyushi

    Nürnberg's Citadel is Overmatched!

    One more thing is they should increase the T8-9 CA mid-section armour from 25-27 mm to 30 mm so they do not get overmatched when angling properly.
  15. Here you can see, why you eat citadels from every angle. While 14"+ guns can overmatch the citadel roof, 15"+ guns can overmatch the entire citadel. Hope they make it 30 mm to prevent this.