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  1. UGCDensin

    Rear View

    I'd love to have this feature! You have my vote!
  2. UGCDensin

    WG charging for crew meals

    Gotta pay your sailors man
  3. UGCDensin

    Benefits of keeping a ship at elite status

    It's all about if you enjoyed playing the ship, did you enjoy playing with the ship? If so, why not keep it if you can afford to, you can play with it at any time and you don't have to buy it again if you decide you wanna play it. I kept my Cleveland just because me and my buddy have the best of times when we play it. So it's all up to you, but there's no actual game advantage to it.
  4. UGCDensin

    No damage taken but repair cost?

    Gotta pay those sailors.
  5. UGCDensin

    Confused about doubloons vs gold

    I thought they were planning on keeping Doubloons and Gold separated on purpose? Don't know about credits though.
  6. UGCDensin

    Question about Premium Account

    The port now has music... that's a nice thing in Premium
  7. UGCDensin

    Making credits with non-premiums

    Try the Kongo, once you get used to it, you can quite quickly make 150k - 250k in a match (I can't remember if that was with credits flags or not).
  8. UGCDensin

    What rank are you?

    Rank infinity on EU and rank 25 on NA (yup I know I'm a filthy EU citizen playing on NA servers) since I haven't gotten time to try it out yet.
  9. UGCDensin

    Should i avoid the Myogi with free XP

    I actually enjoyed playing the Myogi, sure the accuracy wasn't as good back then, but since it's been improved in the patch I imagine I'd like it even better, a lot better than the damn Wyoming... what a piece of **** that is.