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  1. Lord_Solidus

    Good old time

    Yeah, that was'nt greatest and was a pain in the [edited], Same as stealth shooting dd's adn CL/CA (But I still miss them) But I want less static gameplay and the older maps were better in that point.
  2. Lord_Solidus

    Good old time

    Why did this get move to "Video&Stream" section???? I wrote serveral things about gameplay and pointed serveral things thats I think is wrong about todays gameplay? If a post have a video in it dose i then automatic get put in "Video&stream" section???
  3. Lord_Solidus

    Good old time

    Hello Watch Ichase video today and man what memorys it got back to me, I really hope that WG take nots of what Chase are saying, If i compare todays game play with gameplay 2-3 years agom I think the gameplay have getten worse not better, Today all we have a static game play with camping ships everywhere, I want to have back the old playstile (aka better maps/old maps back) the prevent statica game/camping play (Iceland of ice, really really loved that map) I wanna have back the old CV gameplay, Now there is no stragegi when you have infi number of planes?, you can just trow away planes left and rigth, Yes the olsplay stile hade problems were OP players would dominate the entire game BUT if your team acualy us teamwork and gave support to you you were able to counter that. Todays map are too mutch design to camper gameplay, it is to easy to camp behind i island and spam HE over it (Yes I do this to I am a HE spammer) But ships like Yoshino (One of my fav ship) were I can't do that, I must keep moving us the ship maneuverbility to say alive I just LOVE that game play, but must of todays maps dont let you play like that, to many camperspots. What do you think, have gameplay gotten better or worse? What old maps do you wanna have back? Do you want gameplay that keeps "camping meta" or "Open active manuvering gameplay" P.S this it was going in my mind after watches Ichase Video
  4. Lord_Solidus

    Issues with Servers

    No I dont have that problem, BUT it happends time to time, Just wait for 5-10 min and it may go away