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  1. snuffy_mark

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [ITA Commander Issue]

    Why am I getting this message?
  2. snuffy_mark

    How is Free XP calculated? With pictures!

    Thank you.
  3. snuffy_mark

    How is Free XP calculated? With pictures!

    Thanks. It must be that.
  4. Okay, somewhere I read that free XP is based on the amount of XP you earn in battle. However, I don't see that in my case. I thought then, 'okay, if I play better I get more Free XP' - makes sense. But seems not the case also. Without asking too many questions, here are my pictures for you to tell me how is this possible. Battle I Battle II I performed much better in 'Battle I'. Yet, I got much less Free XP. Why? (It was the same ship, victory in both cases and the same bonus in both cases)
  5. snuffy_mark

    Superintendent - Is it worth it?

    Just take a look at the cool-down period for other consumables (hydro, defAA and etc.) - it is basically the same situation as repair party. I guess it all depends from person to person (which I am glad because more different variants which means more competition). For me, Survavibility Expert, Demolition Expert or Vigilance are superior choices for 3 points. Investing in AA is a maybe option, also. "But yeah sometimes it feels that I die still a few repairs left." - perfectly said. Take a paper and a pen, and write down each time u did use all charges. Then decide on do u need SI or not. I am betting on not.
  6. snuffy_mark

    Superintendent - Is it worth it?

    Yes, if u die that means that you didn't do something right - agree. I get what you are saying. I have Perth, Fiji and Edinburgh. Having smoke is a must-have. But, as I am playing the Rank battles and even Random, only few times do I every use up all the smokes without SI. I guess every fifth match u would really need that +1. But then again, just buy premium consumable. If the credits are not the problem. All in all, after reading all the replays I can see that everything depends from person to person. Just wanted to point out a interesting question.
  7. snuffy_mark

    Superintendent - Is it worth it?

    Let me start by saying that I have several ships which have superintendent. I spent my 3 points on them after reading forums, global World of Warships Wikipedia and watching YouTube, where each and everyone recommends as an "extremely useful" skill to have. But, here comes my dilemma. If we consider that an average match is 15 minutes and take in to the account that "repair party" consumable has a cool-down of 120 seconds (for most of the ships - in general) with the skill "superintendent" that would be equal to 480 seconds or 8 minutes (we have 4 charges with basic repair party I). Also, we have the duration effect of 28 seconds (for most of the ships), so that equals to 112 seconds. All in all, almost 10 minutes of active and inactive time this consumable can produce. I hope you see the point I am trying to make. I think that in the match this long there is very low chance of getting to use all these charges (4). It would take 10 minutes to use them all IF you were going to be clicking them in a sequential sequence - which by the way never happens. For "smoke" consumable the situation is even worse... The question is "when is the last time you used up all your 4 charges of consumable"? I am an average player and I usually last till the very end and almost never get to use 4 charges. I either get blown up by some sneaky shot or by some torpedoes and etc. I am really interested in your opinion. Because 3 point skill is expensive. The "survivability expert" is in my opinion better choice, because more HP can always be beneficial no matter what situation or even "vigilance" is better. And I am asking for in general (so that means for every ship out there) because personally I think that skill "superinedent" is worthless. Tell me if I am wrong or if I am missing something. Almost forgot! If you really, really want the 4 charges why not just pay for the "repair party II"? Yes, it is expensive but then you get 3 points free to use on what ever you want. Does this make sense?