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  1. Viravandrel

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1- patrol boats... crappy all T2- Jurien maybe, they are all bad T3- Bogatyr, insane firepower T4- Duguai Trouin, those gunz are amazing T5- Emile Bertin, fast, maneuverable, trolly torps, good dpm and range T6- Budyonny- dmg, range and that insane balistics. Love it although Pepsi is close second T7- Fiji, monstrous dpm, pretty tough if played correctly, good defensive torps. A true joy to play. T8- Admiral Hipper- the only silver t8 cruiser who actually likes playing t10 matches (they Burn!!), i personally also occasionally love to torp brawl some BB that is too stupid to come within 2km T9- Neptune- I know that mino is much more powerful, but sheer power of possibility of brawl and 8 torps per board, I just love it more then mino. T10- Des Moines- monstrous DPM, great maneuverability and radar. Can take basically anything and fight well, i love it's adaptability. Stupid turrets sometimes explode but beside that great ship to play
  2. Viravandrel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Well, with all due respect, your argument is wrong. Player skill has absolutely no corelation with game economy or paying real money for it. I personally feel a little offended as I am free to play player and you have no idea how much harder is to play without full set of premium consumables etc. when everyone else has them. Part of +2 matchmaking purpose is to make you lose games however good you are, to make you lose credits so you have to invest real money in it. Another thing I observed is whenever you have a really good stomp game with loads of dmg etc. game immediately drops you into window-lickers team where your chance of winning is rather slim Fortunately for me I invested a lot of time and effort to grind myself missouri which gave me so many creds that I dont need to worry about them anymore and can enjoy the game to the fullest. With your way of thinking some people should be forced to buy premium. I think it should be totally opposite- weak, slow players should be matchmade with other slow and weak to play on their level, in regardless of tier. If I am good I should play vs other good players so my skill gets even more refined and it grows instead of dwindle because im rotflstomping noobz. Matchmaking should enter people with about 200 MM rating difference tops Btw right now high tier IJN dds can and should engage US dds as new railguns give them high chance of winning that duel. Of course should also play a fighting retreat where his accuracy is crucial in winning this
  3. Viravandrel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    If there is extensive amount of t10 games, in order for t9 to not be uptiered constantly just make exclusive-t10 games. There actually should be a lot of t10 only games because t10 ships are extremely powerful compared to all others.
  4. Viravandrel

    The KV-2 of WoWs

    Akatsuki- with its insanely fast torp reload of about a minute you can stay pretty safe and spam torp walls whole game, both kagero and yugumo have to wait much longer to make a torp attack. I actually consider akatsuki superior to kagero, no kidding. Ofc stealth is worse but you can still play on akatsuki well as low tier And ofc as someone already said ultra powerfull fiji, the destroyer of world ;)
  5. Viravandrel

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Well, if they know very well that issue of +2/-2 exist, why for example not switch it to +1 for a change? Oh but of course that would mean clearer levels of skill of particular players would be visible and MM would be better calibrated so more even teams would be matched etc. All problems solved in one go, how convenient... Whatever, +2 in WoWs is still much better then constant low tier in WoT where you do literally nothing to +2 heavy and some meds, with possible option of spamming gold or dying In ships you at least have HE fires and deadly flooding (with recent changes not so deadly anymore...) and with appropriate skill you can take down any goliath and dont rely on your top tiers to win the game as in tanks
  6. Viravandrel

    How do I watch replays?

    Thanks a lot, good sir!
  7. Viravandrel

    How do I watch replays?

    Hello I got a question regarding replays- is there a way to watch replay from different perspective, rotate camera or "fly around" and speed it up, not watch in real time?
  8. Viravandrel

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    I want to take a break but not at all because of carrier rework, i hope they will adjust their powerlevel accordingly, vids of el2azer rotflstomping should help them realise thier true potential I am quite tired because of pretty stupid christmas missions moved in practice to half of january- i had more time during christmas so then there was not much to do...- so everyone had to have time during one specific week, also grinding 4m creds with nations that i dont have premium ships is not very easy. It's nice that they are giving free stuff and i dont want to sound ungrateful, but if you give sth as a christmas present maybe you could at least let me open it? All of this eitel grinding makes me quit for a while... instead of encouraging me to play. Funny because i love playing eitel and consider it fun and powerful ship, definitely much better then graf von spee.
  9. Viravandrel

    What Commander Build on PEF?

    Well, I thought exactly the same, to get just aft and bft, maybe even omit concealment for fire prevent as unnecessary. The problem is i dont have a spare captain with at least lvl 14 in desirable configuration for all this so i think ill just use standard BB for now. You are right, manual secondaries suck before tier 7, useless skill
  10. Viravandrel

    What Commander Build on PEF?

    I finally had time to get our prize and I must say I like it a lot. The problem is I'm not really sure what Commander build to use, so far I used secondaries captain from Bismarck (Manual Secondaries and AFT) but Im not sure if Eitel is tough enough to go brawl. Maybe i should use standard Fire Prevention + Conceal BB captain? Not enough battles to test properly and clock is ticking on missions, what build do you guys use?
  11. Viravandrel

    Optimal build and ship for John Doe is what again?

    well, your reasoning is so good i don't see any point in going back to AR again. I actually thought about abusing spotter plane, lately many people are invisible camping behind the island and there is no other way to shoot them. Smoke included as well. About RN BBs, im only on Queen Elisabeth and in no way an expert (im mainly cruiser/dd commander) so good climb until I get to high tier. Your comment dont offend me at all, you most likely are right anyway :)
  12. Viravandrel

    Optimal build and ship for John Doe is what again?

    Well, AR is definitely better on HE spammers so brit BBs would benefit more from it, with AP it's always about that big salvo which devastates. but id still just remove second plane and preventive maintnence for AR I think. Ill think about it when I get to montana (so far on Colorado, not really a BB fan :P)
  13. Viravandrel

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Definitely Pepsi for me, especially now when it got lowered a tier and it's monstrous alpha is even better but before that it was ok on randoms as well (good shell speed and perfect maneuverability)
  14. Viravandrel

    Kronshtadt- why people complain about it?

    @Episparh- thanks a lot, I decided that new fxp ships from this year don't really appeal to me so because of the fact that I already had enough for Kronny I just bought it. Yes I leveled fire prevention and I go for flank and try to get someone's citadel although after 5 games I figured it's better to start aiming for citadel at about 10km because of horrible dispersion and not that good pen at range. And no I don't play it like BB and never will (I suck at BBs) - maneuverability is it's greatest asset, especially for ship this size it's pretty OP that it can turn so well, I dodge torp salvoes with ease. @Negativvv- I think comparing those will unfortunately never be fully accurate because of tier difference, all t10 ships are monstrous in some way and t9 are still with some major flaw or disadvantage. Whenever you try to compare any t9 with its t10 equivalent you clearly see it. Old balti vs desmoines, iowa vs montana, izumo vs yama, tashkent vs khaba and so on. All are about 50% better overall if you compare all stats together
  15. Viravandrel

    Kronshtadt- why people complain about it?

    Well after first test game when I failed miserably (that lightning fast island took me by surprise) I decided to try the dodge way on it as conceal is very weak anyway (double rudder and propulsion) and I must say any musashi I encounter has trouble hitting me at all, americans dont stand a chance. Of course I cannot handle mass focus but no cruiser can so irrelevant. As long as I position myself against 1-2 ships I slowly but surely melt them and when I close in noone can ignore me because of crazy AP. I don't think it can handle many t10 but if enemy is not crazy good fight should be ok. Btw what ships do you consider better then Kronny?