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  1. Viravandrel

    German CVs announced!

    while there are still no Italian Navy ships which actually FOUGHT in WW2. I'm not Italian but I still think releasing 3 lines of French ships before Italians is an outrage.
  2. Viravandrel

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    never used spotter plane on it and had a blast playing. Its fast, maneuverable and spits fire in amazing amounts. Armor doesn't matter, if you keep your distance BB shells will never hit you before you turn or slow down. The only problem is Shchors is not a playmaker, you should never ever shorten the distance unless absolutely necessary - just keep that safe 16+ km and slowly burn them to death. Patience is key, even if you are on 5k hp almost dead you can still dodge and pump dmg (even better on adrenal) I also played Chapa in the same way because I decided it's too squishy to support DDs with radar in the early game and used it only for mid-late DD clears. Works like a charm
  3. Viravandrel

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    Yeah right now the amounts of "random" damage DD receives is so high that no matter how you play you're gonna get near death even if played well. I started playing CV and even as a potato myself I can pretty easily handle any DD, I've made many of their lives miserable which in turn was also done to me. Rocket planes are sick, just sick with no counterplay whatsoever. I think the only way is to make DDs tougher. Higher amount of HP would partially compensate for absurd amount of damage at higher tiers. Stuff like Smolensk, Carriers etc. bleed through your HP very quickly and margin of mistake is really low or none whatsoever. if BBabies are allowed to take flooding, fires, concentrated fire all day then why can they not add few more HPs to poor DDs. I think I would manage rocket planes if I had 50-60k hp on t10 DD. Also, carrier presence is sick for class depending completely on concealment. I think the only way to prevent that is Carrier should only see ships for itself, not for the team. Being perma spotted removes the only skilled way to shoot torps - sneaking to stupid BB flank and dropping a wall to his side. You cannot shoot torps at all when carrier is present, he will zone you out of the game or kill you. Right now the rock paper scissors balance of the game is mostly non- existent as in reality we have Cruiser vs BB duel with DDs being minor annoyance. DDs cannot effectively duel the class which counters it (smolensk and wooster say hello) while on the other hand BBs got so WoWs proof that they are becoming ridiculous (yes Russian BBs foremost) and because of complete and continuous nerf of DDs are getting better and better with only even more stupid carriers keeping them in check. I think that BBs should actually fear the class that counters it and don't tell me there is no counterplay. Torpedoes are the most skillful thing in this game, you have to predict in advance where that joker you are aiming at will sail next which is very rarely obvious as people sail like drunken sheep. When i play BB myself i feel like im the king of the world, tough as hell (with fire prevention even fires are just a minor annoyance), flooding is non-issue right now, each salvo can possibly delete those poor cruisers which desperately try to dodge them. Oh and capping - right now DDs are not capping anymore. Capping is being done by Cruisers which push the enemy 12+ Km out of the cap with BB support then stop shooting for a while and cap. Don't ever have an inkling to go into caps as tons of radar/carriers/firespitter cruisers and other stuff will quickly send you back to port. right now poor DDs are playing like rabbits with the fear of being deleted every second. It's not fun at all and as a DD main I want nice outplay and DD knife fights gameplay back. MAKE TORPS GREAT AGAIN! oh I just thought of it- how about repair party doesn't remove flooding? that would make them actually viable (but flooding should be lowered then for american carriers)
  4. Viravandrel

    Hayate for 2 Mil FExp?

    The only reason to that would be maneuverability. I assume Haru turns like Kita = like a brick and Hayate might have normal IJN DD turning. But yeah in current meta starting shooting with a DD often ends with hundreds of shells being sent towards you every second so no amount of maneuver is going to save you from that so I even started thinking about switching Gun modification 3 on Gearing for torps. better to do any dmg then nothing.
  5. I've seen a division of 3 Harugumos with good players at the helm. it was pretty disgusting how quickly they dispatched one flank and then swiped the rest. only one of them died...
  6. none, and im pretty disappointed because I really wanted to try them. but hey its FTP game so I don't complain, will just have to wait.
  7. I only got the Missouri so far (NC in normal silver line) but accuracy mod is the best. I even use accuracy mod on cruiser slot 3 despite Flamu's advice against it. I just think the more accurate shells, the better.
  8. Viravandrel

    Help with American CA captain skills

    ok, but you know some ships are actually capable of dodging at exact moment of being shot at meaning no dmg at all. its funny that actually Incoming fire is better against good players because they aim well and if you dodge shells go into big splashes of water. its hard to do because it requires constant concentration but it can be done. for me Priority target is useless because i know how many ships are targeting me, I dont care about targeting but care about shells leaving muzzles and thats what IEF give me. I'll even tell you that i play often on double rudder and no conceal mod (I also use propulsion 2 instead of rudder 20% then) and it works pretty well for me so far.
  9. Viravandrel

    Premium Carrier Purchase

    yeah ok but why all the other classes are fully represented, but not carriers?
  10. Viravandrel

    Premium Carrier Purchase

    Hello! why there are no carriers in the In-game shop? I am starting to like them and was thinking about buying one. Already have about 10k dubloons, should be enough to buy one.
  11. Viravandrel

    Whats the purpose of this? Credit farming?!

    I have a different theory - maybe he just uses most of the ships to LOWER his real MM so the games are actually easier on ships that he likes. I must tell you, sometimes I am tired after hard day at work and I would appreciate having an option of "easy game" (hate bots and almost never play coop) - I could even get less credits or exp, whatever but have a guaranteed option of being able to play easy and not against crazy good people who citadel me with perfect accuracy from the other side of the map. unfortunately im approaching blue stats and games are becoming pretty hard and demanding, i dont even want to think about those crazy people who have 70%+ win ratio and rating above 3k... brrrr maybe i should screw stats and start playing like this as well to just enjoy the game... ;)
  12. Viravandrel

    Secondary Build Ship

    I got Massa for 3 days trial about a month ago and I must say it was a pleasant experience, dmg and secondaries were working fine ship has good handling - I could buy it. the thing is I already have Missouri and would like high tier premium for other nations then US. Georgia - not sure if I like her having only 6 gunz, but speed may lure me... how bout T10? I heard that going secondaries on GK is bad idea, Republique is theoretically another option- is there anything else I'm missing- OHIO can be played on secondaries?
  13. Viravandrel

    Secondary Build Ship

    what do you mean by MA? Massachusetts? Mikasa is pretty low tier, I don't remember when I last played T2 :)
  14. Viravandrel

    Secondary Build Ship

    Hello! I have Bismarck kitted for secondaries for various missions, but I'm slowly getting bored of it- what line or ship should I buy to farm secondaries? the ship does not need to be good (it would be nice if it had pretty easy handling), just need to farm secondaries well. I have some ships that I keep only for mission purposes because they for example shoot torps well or have high rate of fire etc., now I need another one for secondaries - which is best?
  15. Viravandrel

    Carrier ranking per Tier

    Dont worry about me, there are games when I cannot hit crap. Trust me, if people like me were driving carriers nobody would complain about them. Although lately i even figured correlation between mouse pointer and hitting with dive bombers ;) so maybe there is still hope for me Thanks guys, its clear that IJN carriers are the most powerful if used correctly so it's the way to go