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  1. PotatoTorpedo

    The state of tier 7 DDs

    Maybe it also impairs your DD play.
  2. PotatoTorpedo

    The state of tier 7 DDs

    And your intelligence shines through in your spelling. Bravo.
  3. PotatoTorpedo

    The state of tier 7 DDs

    T8 better than T7. Mind blowing.
  4. PotatoTorpedo

    4 CVs is totally BS PLS no more WG

    https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/b8ilbr/soft_cap_for_1cvteam_hard_cap_for_2cv_for_battle/ Following your feedback on encountering 2 CVs per team on battle tier X (more information can be found here), we’ve worked on a possible solution. As a result, we decided to introduce a 3 minute soft cap for 1 CV per team on battle tier X, complemented by a hard cap for 2 CV. This means: • It will no longer be possible to encounter 3 CVs at battle tier X under any circumstances; • There will be much fewer games with 2 CVs per team on battle tier X (at the moment these battles constitute ~8% of all tier X battles worldwide); • In some cases, when a ship is queued for 3+ minutes, 2 CVs per team will be possible, but we predict it to be a very rare case - unless the number of tier X CVs in the queue spikes. To clarify once again, this applies only to battle tier X (Tier VIII-X ships). On lower battle tiers this change is not critical, and not technically possible at the moment due to higher CV popularity. We know this change is important to you, so we will do our best to update the matchmaker ASAP, and if we can – even with a hotfix. But, as the change is currently undergoing QA, we cannot promise an exact date yet. Please stay tuned and follow the news.
  5. PotatoTorpedo

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    My best season ever. Each time I played I would give myself a goal and then stop for the day. Quality games where you can focus worked far better for me than marathon sessions. Split most games between Worcester and Yue Yang. IMO Worcester is best ship to impact and win ranked games - saved few stars but won a high percentage.
  6. PotatoTorpedo

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    Event does not finish until 10:00 cest.
  7. PotatoTorpedo

    Kidd is a bit meh

    I understund clearly. You posted: "Well actually he is best DD hunter on t8.....why?.....30 k health.....and you can work around 4.8 hydro but you can not over heal....aslo Kidd outguns and outsteaths bouth Lo and KM dd" 1. You can't spell 2. "4.8 hydro" is wrong 3. "outsteaths bouth Lo and KM dd" is also wrong Do you understund?
  8. PotatoTorpedo

    Kidd is a bit meh

    Kidd does NOT outstealth Lo Yang. Stop it.
  9. PotatoTorpedo

    Kidd is a bit meh

    Same stealth as Lo Yang - 5.8 k at best
  10. PotatoTorpedo

    Kidd is a bit meh

    Which is really what a premium ship should be IMHO.
  11. PotatoTorpedo

    Kidd is a bit meh

    Some of mouses reviews are a bit meh in my opinion. To me it seems the Kidd is a perfect DD hunter - it can contest caps and heal up after brawling. Killing enemy DD is super important in Random or Competitive and gets plenty of XP - something that review never really mentions. Maybe that review is right but I don't see it as a support ship - more of a hunter with great survivability. I will be trying it with Fletcher\Gearing captains with RPF and going for the enemy DD. That's also how I play the Sims, which that review equates the Kidd to, and that is one of my best ships.
  12. PotatoTorpedo

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    The mission marathon will begin on 04 October at 08:00 CEST https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/in-soviet-russia-meme/
  13. PotatoTorpedo

    HSF Harekaze build suggestions

    This ship with the 100mm is a real hoot. It becomes a real destroyer hunter which is why I am using RPF with some success - instead of AR and Torp reload. You can often get two volleys onto an enemy dd before they can even respond as you know exactly where to align your guns and nobody outspots you. I also took SE over BFT. Once the dd are gone you revert to torpedo boat.
  14. PotatoTorpedo

    Alabama Pre Release Buff, thoughts?

    Have you played the ship in this universe may I ask?
  15. PotatoTorpedo

    Premium Camo Theft by Wargaming

    Fuming is your normal status. You seem to do a lot of it. FYI: I have premium camo on my Udaloi after the patch.