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  1. SnuSnu_RIP

    "Buff" M.Richthofen AP Bomber bitte!!!

    Ein CV Spieler redet von Frust, interessant. Du weißt schon wieviel Frust CVs auslösen weil die Attacken nicht zu countern bzw zu stoppen sind? Und zum Thema Skill - weißt du wieviel der Skill eines Spielers bei der "Abwehr" einer Attacke bzw beim drücken der "O" Taste bringt? Richtig, nichts. Der CV Angriff basiert auf den Spieler, die Abwehr auf RNG. DAS ist Frust!
  2. SnuSnu_RIP


    first match was vs T10 - 130k, 1 kill, 5 citadels, first place - but was a defeat because of horrible toptier players. its a good ship, it works for me, even if the reload could be shorter for a couple of seconds. The game with 6 kills was with 165k dmg. you can really deal good dmg with her.
  3. Cossack, Baltimore
  4. SnuSnu_RIP

    Musashi in der Auktion - Ernsthaft WG?

    War für Jahre totes Kapital in der WG Schublade - es war klar das dieses Schiff wieder kommen wird, hat genug Begehrlichkeiten über die Jahre geweckt. Erst vor 2 Tagen im Stream ein Thema gewesen.
  5. Welcome back to the game, and yes many things has changed over the years. So it's time to start improving for you, because 42% just tells me that you're more playing against your team, than with them. So take your time and learn the game before you complain about the MM.
  6. A player with his best PR in CVs and a bad PR in DDs is complaining about DDs. Hmmm I wonder why...
  7. SnuSnu_RIP

    Started playing WoWS, bought these premiums

    Oh lord please give me strength...
  8. SnuSnu_RIP

    Yet another sub thread.

    I would like to talk to the silent majority of the game about the latest implementations into the game. But I'm worried that they will not talk to me...or I just can't hear them. Wondering why.
  9. SnuSnu_RIP

    Goodbye KotS..?

    Let's see who will take over instead.... But sad to see.
  10. Bad players should climb down the ladder and leagues. Dying through with spamming games can't be the right way. Also limit the games in the qualification to 20 attempts.
  11. Yeah Benson isn't that strong anymore, and Cossack is the best T8 DD in my opinion. Thanks for posting here, see you again 😊
  12. I'm drowning in community tokens and can't spend them because there is nothing useful for me. I have all the ships since years already, incl the camos. SCs are no option too because I'm sitting on more than 1 billion credits, so I can buy flags etc without any problem, no need to spend tokens for them. I also have all the possible premium ships from the containers.... So when we get finally something special? Why not a special ship only for tokens?
  13. SnuSnu_RIP

    Frust Therapie

    Warum ist dieser [edited] immer noch aktiv? Gut gemacht WG....
  14. SnuSnu_RIP

    Please fix the poor bots

    Sounds like a normal random battle to me... 👀
  15. SnuSnu_RIP

    T7 Brawls - What to play then?

    Atlanta, Atlanta and Atlanta.... This ship is made for this mode. 6 games today, 6 wins.