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  1. SnuSnu_RIP

    Wie motiviert Ihr Euch am Ball zu bleiben?

    Ich glaube dir sollte man solche Schiffe mal eine zeitlang wegnehmen - damit du mal lernst wie man mit Kreuzern auf 15km spielt....jammert der tatsächlich rum das sein BB nur noch 21km ballern kann. Ich brech wegen dir gleich in Tränen aus...
  2. SnuSnu_RIP

    Premium Schiff Hyuga

    Denke das die Ashitaka weitaus besser ist. Danke für deine Meinung.
  3. SnuSnu_RIP

    Heldenhafte Auszeichnung im COOP

    Am coop ist wenig heldenhaftes.... Ok, die Bots treffen besser, aber trotzdem
  4. SnuSnu_RIP

    Gewertete Matchmaking

    WG weiß eben was das Spiel benötigt und die Spieler wollen... 👀
  5. SnuSnu_RIP

    Gewertete Matchmaking

    Sind eben wenig oder keine Kreuzer da.
  6. SnuSnu_RIP


    Den kenne ich noch gar nicht... Ich freue mich schon auf unser zusammentreffen 🤣 btw seinen Namen sieht man unten in der leiste trotzdem. Nicht das es mich stört, solche Leute dürfen ruhig bloß gestellt werden.
  7. SnuSnu_RIP

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's what I'm saying since a long time, you need a division to play hightier games - not to dominate the enemy, no - to compensate the saboteurs and enemies in your own team. And even then it's hard to carry those teams. I wish that something will happen with the MM, so the invested time in Wows doesn't feel like a waste of time often.
  8. yeah was one of the rare better games, thanks for it!
  9. SnuSnu_RIP

    What would it take to make this game enjoyable again for you

    A way better playerbase, which is willing to learn and improve - so we all have better games, which are worth the time we spend with wows. And a change of this horrible CV rework, a AA which is working.
  10. Yeah its def. mentally exhausting, because of all the BS you see during the matches. I just had a Marco Polo with 70 matches on his account, and 37%WR. Guess how much "fun" i had.... I just started yesterday with ranked, its working good so far. Cossack only, and mostly i can carry the team - only one time i lost a star, three times i kept it.
  11. Thats BS, because if players of your "team" dying in just a few minutes, then you will not be able to carry those guys often. Because of the missing HP pools and firepower....the only chance is that the enemy team is throwing their ships in the same way. I just had 2 DDs with 41% and 37%WR in my team - thats sabotage, nothing else. They would be more helpful if they stay afk...or just not play ranked.
  12. SnuSnu_RIP

    Describe the majority of WOWS players:

    To often it feels like this...
  13. That's why I don't play ranked at all anymore - I'm watching streams, or listen to my clan mates, and it's mostly the same. Anger and frustration, and I would experience the same - not worth my nerves. I would be happy if ranked would be more enjoyable again, maybe with a division mate, so I don't need to count on yolo, ego and braindead players, over and over again.
  14. SnuSnu_RIP


    Wären solche Gefechte die Ausnahme, kein Schwein würde was sagen... Aber es wird immer mehr die traurige Regel.
  15. SnuSnu_RIP

    Time to remove stealth torpedo launch

    Pew pew pew... BB Main pew pew pew?