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  1. You make no sense? Also the I-201 class could do 35Knt submerged.
  2. I think with the addition of a whole new class type. If this happens. The game would benefit from more players per team, say CVs are left uncapped and so are subs. It could be a really interesting game for 1/2 BBs on each team. Can we have trident nuclear submarines please?
  3. DeTrimmy

    "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    Let’s agree not to talk about Christmas, it’s September.
  4. DeTrimmy


    Triple Belfast is nothing. Try Atlanta/Helena Saipan and Belfast. Then the fun really starts!
  5. DeTrimmy

    "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    Like me to add if you hate the game that much why do you even bother to play? TX is the natural end point for lines, I don’t understand why people can’t just be happy with free stuff. Blows my mind.
  6. DeTrimmy

    "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    Your mummy and Santa are real close I heard? She must know!!! That present Santa is bringing you should have spoken to childline. Sorry Toby. Couldn’t resist. xxx @MortenTardo who would sell Moskva! Crazy.
  7. DeTrimmy

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    You may have a point, I imagine it could scare off potential SCRUB candidates. I mean this is the second most viewed clan thread
  8. DeTrimmy

    Montana or Conquerer

    Depends on your play style, the Conq allows you to use your concealment to let rip a devestating AP volly on cruisers and BBs you will also get less overspens than the Monty. Then you can kite away and use HE to set multiple fires plus massive alpha. The heal is also really strong when used correctly, allowing you to reprint a ship. The monty is a steady ships with a heavy hitting broadside, I like to try and pick engagements 13.5km - 17km for best results. IMHO conq is better for ranked and randoms for the damage farming (cough saving cough a star cough). In clan battles the monty is great for its cruiser spanking potential.
  9. DeTrimmy

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @havaduck hey pony man still waiting for the story
  10. That’s a separate issue, make it all weekend 24hour open season
  11. Sorry, if you’re playing out of a clan that is what random games are for. Any competitive game mode needs to be skill based, like you may end up with 3 ships on your team who have free XPd to tier 10. Like why should you get punished for that? I’m seriously thinking about just taking a damage farming BB into ranked to preserve my stars. I’m failing to understand how some players have made it Into the tier 10 ranked games this season.
  12. Just scrap ranked battles all together and run clan wars all the time. Much more enjoyable, most people who play ranked and are realistically going to get the rewards are in a clan anyway.
  13. Setting a minimum amount of games played in a ship would also help, taking Flambass’s recently video. Playing for rank 1, how can a player on your team only have 2 games experience in their tier 10 ship! If you play ranked in a tier 10 you should have to meet some sort of criteria on the number of games player and PR. I’m unsure how you would implement the PR limit or if this limit would change as you moved up the ranks. TLDR; Expeince required in ships before their use in ranked is allowed
  14. DeTrimmy

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @havaduck I thought the whole pony thing was a joke LMFAO. didn’t realise this thread was like a shrine to the pony gods care to explain the origin?