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  1. SeaWolf7

    We have too many mosquitos in que

    161 games played? From what i have read of your posts, you are ANYTHING but a veteran.
  2. SeaWolf7

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    Time your turns. If you can see the ark royal bombers are on approach try to time your turn so when they drop you are in full lock. This will mitigate damage/hits. Besides the bombs are quite weak on the ark Royal i believe, just a lot of them. Someone has already suggested alternate stopping then accelerating. this can help throw off the CV's timing quite effectively.
  3. SeaWolf7

    Beginner Tips

    That line is not something i would recommend for Beginners or people fairly new to the game. You would miss a lot of vital info through announcements, sounds and effects imo. Besides i find the effects (visual and audio) to be one of the really good things about this game.
  4. SeaWolf7

    I,m at a loss to explain this latest game Iplay

    Had this too a while ago. thought i was loosing it for a second. Random bug?
  5. Many thanks for this guys. Have joined so Maybe see you Sunday session next week.
  6. SeaWolf7

    zipangu green bug

    Thats just crazy!
  7. Ahh you mean the new green screen. Think they have ruined that port imo. Don't know if its intended or a colour saturation error...
  8. Depends on the line.
  9. SeaWolf7

    Anyone Else Like Me?

  10. SeaWolf7

    Trashcan '39 vs. Gorizia vs. Hood

    Personally out of the 3 mate id go Hood. Tier VII still seems to be a decent place to be in this game and she handles some up tiering nicely. Fast and when on point she's a cruisers worst nightmare. Bounces shells nicely when angled too. In short...Fun and historical. which counts for allot these days in this game as we are constantly bombarded with paper monstrosities with little to no appeal.
  11. SeaWolf7

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    Yeah good point, follow the money i guess. Its a vicious circle mate, People pick up bad habits in co -op go into Randoms, get frustrated with skill level of player base go back to CO -op for ease of missions and stress free play....and around and around we go....
  12. SeaWolf7

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    I agree here. I definitely think there is a correlation between more and more people playing co-op and the declining skill level that is shown in new people playing the game in randoms and ranked. I can also understand people like to use Co-op as a quick way to complete missions but it doesn't do your gameplay skills (W, left mouse button for 3 mins rinse and repeat) any favors whatsoever imo.
  13. SeaWolf7

    Repairs and Hybrids

    As a Hybrid BB (cv+bb) you don't deserve a repair!!
  14. Ive had the same experience when ive come back from a break so im thinking its just being rusty and perhaps, if i may some bad positioning choices? Like @DFens_666 said i wouldn't or rarely rarely go C on that map when spawning in the south because most of the the enemy tends to go for it as well. if you dont have the numbers to defend/counter your screwed.