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  1. SeaWolf7

    Explain to me

    2 cv games are ruining most if any chance for DD's to have an impact on the game. Being perma spotted and continuously focused is no fun for anyone. 4 cv's usually left to battle it out. Good times WG....
  2. SeaWolf7

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    As main armament in UK crusiers is AP you would need to be 4.7-5.3 klm from any targets in all your games to complete this mission with secondary's.....
  3. SeaWolf7

    FPS drops

    Many thanks..This has Made a difference. I can report that the fps is higher for me around (10-15 fps) and doesn't bottom out under heavy load. However the sound IS still distorting under same conditions as before. So no change there unfortunately.
  4. SeaWolf7

    AI difficulty

    AI has improved a lot recently. which im all for as we need more of a challenge in these operations (some of them anyway )...There recent ability to dodge torps so effectively always puts a smile on my face, because other than that I find they just sail in a strait line giving me citadel opportunities left right and centre. Sounds like your doing the same though so perhaps look at your positioning and angle your direction in regards to attack or defend (advance or reteat).
  5. SeaWolf7

    HMS Furious and her planes

    Yes I've been experimenting with this as well and to be honest I find her easyer to use than the other nations cv"'s. I find that on the bomber side of things when that reticle is white you can click it when it's almost on the enemy target. That way when it turns orange it's shrink back from the target is just enough so that it usually turns green bang on the target...obviously the earlyer you do it the more time it can give you but if the target is turning and you have to adjust whilst the reticle is green it makes for an inaccurate drop.... Oh ...and what's with the poor penitration of bombs? I get 70- 80% non penitration's when using them Anyone else finding this?
  6. SeaWolf7

    FPS drops

    This is a windows 10 issue.I belive. I'm still running windows 7. And have the current fps issue. @MrConway have WG actually looked in to a memory leak possibility? At all yet? ....
  7. SeaWolf7

    Having a really strange issue

    OK mate I think you need to fill out a ticket and send it to cs support. It's easy to do and you should get a response fairly quick. I dont belive with all the tests you have done that's it's specific to you...I would hazard a guess it's server related or adleast a conflict at WG end but a ticket will help give you pice of mind. .
  8. I got the Hermes today and I find it very underpowered. Hard to make a significant or any impact on the game IMO. Anyone else? 62 crowns 510 florins left after getting her...
  9. SeaWolf7

    New carriers

    Ive just got the Hermes because I though its time to see what all the fuss was about in these new carriers. Im not a cv player by any means but in order to have a valid opinion and all that... NOW I see what the fuss was about. Planes are so slow its ridiculous, torp planes carry 1 torp and the damage output is non existent. Bombs have little damage output rockets spray like a tom cat...I mean its easy control wise but you usually make 1 pass and that's it.... planes are shot down back to your carrier rinse and repeat. Im already board and frustrated. I guess these things were nerfed with an atom bomb because the Hermes seems useless and unable to make any impact on the game. Just my experience so far.....if there that bad ill drop them like a hot potato and go back to my cruisers...
  10. SeaWolf7

    Make the "Leave Queue" button great again! - *UPDATE*

    OMG easy on the lecture yeah....its a computer game, its not like we've lost child or something.... Everyone makes mistakes, like your and your spelling.... Besides with co op, random, Scenario and ranked....its not just about flags....or modules ...or consumables...etc.
  11. SeaWolf7

    Having a really strange issue

    Check and repair under game settings on the game Centre solved this issue a while back for me.
  12. SeaWolf7

    warships today

    This has been Gave up on this web site a while ago....seemed to have been having an issue for ages now, never updating you info properly so would't be surprised if WG stopped sending data.....
  13. SeaWolf7

    Make the "Leave Queue" button great again! - *UPDATE*

    Yup have mentioned this before , bloody annoying. Why is everyone in such a hurry?? A set 5 second limit wouldn't hurt...
  14. SeaWolf7

    FPS drops

    Interesting, at 8.30secs in to this video she talks about memory leaks found but in regards to multiple servers for clan battles....surely this is similar no?