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  1. I have always liked this game..But reading this earlier made me realise the problem I have with this game atm....For me it has become incredibly chaotic. The constant nerfs and buffs, (especilay the cv re launch) always mean that it effects something else to have to unlearn and re learn, numbers assigned to memory now useless....The upcoming IFE changes will effect things yet again, and I honestly feel exhausted just trying to think of all the changes we have had since those days and don't get me wrong, growth of the game is good but at the rate its coming at...its just to frequent. Almost feels like I've been pushed a little to burn out..
  2. SeaWolf7

    How did you do with the "French Whaling"?

    Sorry to hear that mate that's just ridiculous imo..... myself I got a mission drop for the Jag and completed it fairly easily...she seems a decent destroyer for her tier but im not a DD main so....
  3. SeaWolf7

    Say No to Subs

    LOOOL. You legend. THATS exactly the clip I remember but could never remember where/on what video it was. I knew I hadn't imagined it
  4. SeaWolf7

    Say No to Subs

    "By the end of the event, it became clear that our players are highly interested in submarines......." I don't think its unreasonable to ask Wg to back this up with some figures since it will be such a major change to the game? ... and Yes I do fear that we, yet again will more than likely be used as guinea pigs to balance this if fully implemented.
  5. SeaWolf7

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    She's a Good ship for her tier but certainly not OP IMO. She should have been put at tier6 with smoke and that way she would have played a lot like her RNL counterparts and truly shined... Instead Wg in true WG fashion decided to give a Rnl cruiser no smoke and He so actually she plays nothing like an Rnl Cruiser. Which is really frustrating and disappointing if you like that line. I find her 203mm AP gives me as many Over pens as it does hits against enemy cruisers which makes you wonder why she was given 203mm in the first place (should have kept with the 155 mm and have a shorter reload imo) However 203 mm HE against enemy DD's can be very funny to watch and a descent aimed salvo leaves most DD's wondering wtf just happened.? In short she can be powerful in the right situation but due to her paper thin armour and no smoke, if she runs into BB's she tends to not last long. A bit of a mash up if you ask me and Proof that Wg look at figures on paper instead of actually playing the game and designing something through experience.
  6. SeaWolf7

    When the game does drugs ...

  7. SeaWolf7


    I joked about this the other day calling it the "Auto compensation factor" Now, Not that we want to start any conspiracy theory's or anything but.... (this thread will be locked in 5, 4 3,.....)
  8. I know right , 2 points that drive people AWAY or make the game less enjoyable. How does this benefit anyone in the long run ?
  9. you know its taken me a while to learn the calibre to plating/armour calculation, who I can pen, who I cant pen when im in what ship etc. Now I've got to learn this all over again? Realy? As a cruiser main im like....wtf? Why was this needed on such a large scale? Why was it needed at all? Your right and your right...Ive noticed this happening more and more....censorship, control and lack of freedom of speech seems to be on the increase in this game. Put the above together and im seriously wondering whether this game is for me these days. Next they'll be screwing with premium ships that you've actually paid money for.... Oh wait...
  10. Mate I could not agree more. I see no reason Why they need to do this on such a large scale. Its taken me ages to learn the guns to armour ratio properly, who I can pen in what and who I cant pen Etc. Now I've got to learn this all over again? Hel no. I've been considering about dropping this game recently...I really think this might push me over the edge and I just end up uninstalling....
  11. SeaWolf7

    Randoms, or Ranked?

    Random's for me. Some competent players of late that actually communicate for a change. Ranked is just a mess. Different tiers and mode's all the time, no consistency. Don't even mention the last ranked with rental tier X's.
  12. SeaWolf7

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Agreed...as long as the cost is realistic. unlike 20 victor lima flags
  13. SeaWolf7

    So how is this balanced?

    Im sorry this just never gets old....the biggest guns, the best armour , the biggest health pool with the ability to heal.....and yet still......everything and everyone else is to blame.
  14. SeaWolf7

    New BB emblem proposals

    How about....