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  1. dont take the control of our ship from us

    My thoughts exactly....
  2. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Hmmmm...5 DD's per game you say... Sounds like BB counter working as intended to me..
  3. Errr.....Wtf just happened to wows part #2

    Im just tired of the cringe cat thing...its far from where I want this game to be or where its supposed to be? I dont know im just like wtf? Hasn't motivated me to play I guess..
  4. Errr.....Wtf just happened to wows part #2

    Humour can be personal and different for many....
  5. Holy crap here we go again!!!.... Check out the video!!! OK ...so They've now Obviously exhausted the weed supply at WG HQ and moved strait on to Crack????? ....because this is just getting uncomfortably weird.... Now I Know part #1 was strange and as you were aware I had my own thoughts on this ....(and thanks for sharing by the way to all that contributed) but part #2 has genuinely concerned me....why? Let me show you why....... What can we take from this shot? Hmmm, contraband? Definitely full fat and dangerously high levels of cream? It gets better...... This Is Aleksandr Ustinov...he is was a historical consultant at wows...lets see what he has had to say: Quote: "Lets start with the fact that cats have a unique ability to omit over 100 completely different sounds......" (really? like a car horn one minute then like a donkey the next or something? I haven't owned a cat for a while so... they can do this now?...) "Respectively if we have a special transformer capable of transferring the sounds into radio waves we have a 100 new ways of encrypting information.....This ability led to cats occupying radio cabins as a rule...performing the duties of 2nd radio operators!!" Of course they did ....I never doubted you for a second Aleksandr How's that crack and p butter sandwich coming along? And this ladies and gentlemen is where it gets REALY disturbing..... Carry on Aleksandr....Quote: "The next feature is in the whiskers, Which are essential for any cats spacial movements".. (True...see, wasn't that hard to be historically accurate was it Aleksandr!!)..... "...Sestemic development of the whiskers skills allows cats to replace short range ship borne radar with ease....this helps the crew detect stealthy approaching ships such as destroyers-and sink them!!" I need a drink ! anyone else need a drink? I mean seriously Wtf just happened? Did that just happen? Ok so this is where im coming from....and guys I respect that all of you wont see this as I do and I can appreciate that....and it may be a bit overboard for some....so forgive me but....This is the heavy bit.....so don't read it if you don't care or like the content wg have given you.... Thanks for listening. Wolf
  6. Hi mate , I hear you but just a word to the wise, when writing in caps on forums it generally means your shouting and can be taken easily the wrong way. May I suggest Bold as you have used above to imply importance.?
  7. Hey guys, So since this thread started back In April and since then we have had the launch of the arsenal...I can only assume WG listened and have found a way to implement useful flags in to the game through the arsenal... So thank you for that, this has enriched the experience overall for me and gets a massive thumbs up. Now....how to get WG to listen about this f'ing cat situation......
  8. This^ After a while you get to know instinctively what ships travel at what speeds in relation to the crosshair(dynamic) numbers....eg french crusiers have a speed boost and I can tell when its active because the usual number that would hit it on the cross hair lands short and needs to be increased.. A good hint I found was to watch the smoke coming from the ship..if your in front or behind with your shots check the smoke...if its lying flat, its at full speed, if the smoke is strait up he's stopped and the angles of variation on this smoke can indicate what speed he's doing relative to max or 0. This can help you adjust the aim point on the cross hairs accordingly.
  9. Errrrr..... what just happened to wows?

    Ok...I'll bite...I take it you witnessed me getting a pounding whilst tryimg to suport a DD whilst capping or something. But im honoerd i made the game enjoyable for you. Not easy to do these days...
  10. Kitty Purrfurst code

    oh my god....
  11. Kitty Purrfurst code

    Damm right...
  12. Does karma actually do anything?

    When your an arsehole in life, karma will kick you in the balls for being an arsehole... I find it strangely useful actually.... Don't say Im not here to help ....
  13. leave clan

    Why wouldn't it be...on an English speaking forum Perhaps others would like to know too?
  14. Hero of Dunkirk??

    Question : does it return fire ?
  15. Errrrr..... what just happened to wows?

    It cant be easy..... being cheesy