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  1. SeaWolf7

    What the **** is this? & Faroe Islands.

    Wtf? Looks like a SAM but for water. Yes the art department keeps going from strength to stregth. Great job on this one. Propping up the game as per usual...
  2. SeaWolf7

    New players in high tier premiums

    One of the Main reasons the game has gone to crap at higher tiers in recent years is exactly this problem of people with no experience having access too and playing a ship and a tier that should require hundreds if not thousands of games to reach. Not having the experience or know how and playing at a level that DOES require experience and know how, impacts the game in a negative way for others. Thats exactly the problem. With that ship and at that tier you should be having a greater impact not the other way round. It defeats the purpose of having Tiering in the first place. No . But times that one by a thousand and we have what we have...... But its a business first so Money/profit is the goal. No business.... no game.
  3. SeaWolf7

    The Faroe Islands Are Already in the Game!

    was the video for this map narrated by Peter weller by any chance? I thought the same tbh....
  4. This was very evident for me yesterday too. Fire command was delayed as well as general lag. Server issues me thinks. Need to feed those Hamsters.
  5. Been after this Puppy for a while. Remember when we got it for 3x ranked 1 in old ranked i believe. Seems a long time ago in wows history now. Not sure how much coal this will cost but im up for it via the cheapest route of course.
  6. SeaWolf7

    USS Black is Back

    Hi, do we have a figure for coal in mind at this point please. cant see it stated anywhere.
  7. SeaWolf7

    Lmao. A lovely post from NA....

    Sry but that made me laugh...allot.
  8. Tough one. im all for new players taking longer to reach higher tiers (not that that matters with high tier prems avail) but concerned this new system will induce total burn out for others.
  9. SeaWolf7

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    See...now i know your taking the piss because who would enjoy participating in a game with 1 cv per side, with No AA?
  10. SeaWolf7

    Where is this game going? Please save Wows.

    OP your a CV and BB main complaining about two tier difference whilst having a 60% win rate from destroying ships with, yup you guessed it +/-2 tier difference. (and comes top in tier X game with Tier VIII CV as an example...)
  11. SeaWolf7

    I have been stupid

    Just put it down to life experience mate. Its how we learn.
  12. Sry i just don't subscribe to this theory anymore. I had enough games in ranked now to know that because of the smaller number of players bad and good choices impact your outcome more. Plus the ship you take into ranked specifically can also have more of an impact for your teams outcome. With respect Playing on my own since 2015 i feel i know how much influence a single individual can make good or bad. And i know what you mean about the streaks but if your continuedly loosing take a break man. MM can only choose what's there. Usually 3 losses in a row and im out.
  13. SeaWolf7

    I have a winning bid for Musashi.......

    I know the musachi is rare but If its just going to increase to More than 20000 dubs, its not much of a deal if you ask me but....each to there own i guess.
  14. SeaWolf7

    I have a winning bid for Musashi.......

    So... 20,000 dubs witch is £56.29 (Minimum) ....and you get the ship (and the other items) Where's the bid?