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  1. Are you seriously boycotting one of your most important roles just because an adjusted mechanic isn't to your liking? Seems a tad petty.
  2. SeaWolf7

    Is WG pandering to DD players?

    Fixed that for you. Glad we could clear that one up.
  3. SeaWolf7

    Luigi Sansonetti's tri colore tracers

    I liked them. Individual. Would like to see them returned,
  4. SeaWolf7

    Cursed Ranked Games?

    Sounds like the usual weekend madness to me. Things allways drop skill and mentality wise as there can be a lot more cooks, so to speak, of varying abilities. Advice. don't flog a dead horse when its like this, take a break come back later. you will always play worse when frustrated and pissed off and its not like all your effort is being rewarded is it.
  5. You know its bloody coming mate come on....
  6. You may have a point as the pieces do seem to fit quite conveniently. Also testing the subs recently i could not understand why they have reverted to limited battery? Surely the ability to surface re charge would be more of a balanced solution? But hey this WG we are talking about right?
  7. SeaWolf7

    Flint is trash

    = General cruiser play issue atm thanks to BB overpopulation and power creep.
  8. SeaWolf7

    Flint is trash

    Mate i would just say that she is not suited to your playstyle tbh. I played her a few times on a friends account and as @Cyclops_ said she is very RNL cl style play so....but i agree the tiering can compound the issue
  9. SeaWolf7

    Flint is trash

    See this is what annoys me a bit about Wg and there premium mentality.....they argue that premiums are not necessarily better just different so why do most of them get heavily uptired (in my experience) wich leads to a somewhat lack luster performance in most cases giving a general negative customer view /experience of Premiums (not all...Yes Jean im looking at you)) and something they have just parted hard cold cash with. Not to mention having the right to change them afterwards because...dam we got them wrong on release.? Just weird business practice imo.
  10. SeaWolf7

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    Oh yay !! Just what cruiser players/play needs right now to be the priority of cv's whilst trying to suport /protect said DD's. F*ck my life WG Seriously?
  11. SeaWolf7

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    Notice how you contradict your self in one post. But i guess concealment doesn't matter to you as you play the two classes that are easiest to play and where it matters least most of the time.
  12. SeaWolf7

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    Except that isn't adapting that's just being a sucker for whatever WG throws at you. And with respect if its going in the wrong direction (the game) then your supporting it. Sometimes being a good customer doesn't mean just buying whatever is put before you but perhaps steering the ship in the right direction for the benefit of all?
  13. SeaWolf7

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    Strange that you sell yours and then point out an excellent reason to keep them though... Personally i have only Arp Huruna, Exeter and Kirov. Good captain trainers, Kirov and Exeter can be fairly strong for there tier imo.
  14. SeaWolf7

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    You've sold them but then request them back later for credits? WG: Seriously?