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  1. SeaWolf7

    Cruisers and positioning.....

    Well logically DD's go first to spot for the team. Cruisers should cover DD's and BB 's cover cruisers that are being targeted by Enemy cruisers/ bb's that have been spotted by your DD's. If cruisers are behind you in my experience it means (if doing their job) theve either taken punishment because they've covered allied DD's correctly and are trying to drop off detection by increasing distance. Bur as others have said different cruisers have different playstyles, some are more effective in close whilst others are better further back. The irony IMO is that cruisers are supposed to do everything (jack of all trades?) and have absolutely no armour whatsoever to do it. But then again how would BB 's get their precious one shot kills and feel POWERFULL and superior if for no cruisers in the game.?
  2. SeaWolf7

    Cruisers and positioning.....

  3. SeaWolf7

    again with the Christmas gamble boxes.

    You need to ask yourself one question....
  4. SeaWolf7

    How to Neptune/Minotaur?

    Who in the hell thought that was a good name? Seriously.... Yeah that's a tough one ...I Guess they are all about survival at the end of the day, personally I go SE because extra heal extra smoke, premium those and its x2 so invaluable on any of the RNL CL if you ask me.
  5. SeaWolf7

    And I Sigh

    To me, that says a lot about cruisers in general in this game. They should be the more rewarding class to play but there not, because im more inclined to think that they are there just to keep BB player base happy these days... ("I just took that cruiser out with a single salvo, and he wasn't even broadside!!.....Man im sooooo Good!)
  6. SeaWolf7

    And I Sigh

    .....In about 14 days mate...possibly less.
  7. SeaWolf7

    Is this enough?

    Spot on. We come back to a horse and water. The game design doesn't help itself with free xping lines. for eg. There needs to be a better learning discipline incorporated into the game. But Wg don't want that because it screws with there cash potential. The irony is that its in a way, designed to fail .
  8. SeaWolf7

    How much have you captains spent on WoWs?

    I have no idea. £200,£300 over the last 5 years pos... I've spent what I need too, to enjoy the game for me. As Leo said: ...I find it leads to a much more stress free life not to think about it/worry about it to much.
  9. SeaWolf7

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Yeah you have a point there actually. they do require teamwork to be effective, but like Noster said in the video you got to piggy back someone else to spot for you and that's not easy these days due to the "pew pew just want to have fun mentality"...(not saying that's wrong but to be successful in WOWS that alone doesn't cut it imo) but WG don't steer this game in the direction of ITS A TEAM GAME mentality because they are afraid to loose the customers based on the pew pew mentality. Which again is ironic since to be successful in this game requires a team of 12 ...not 1. Solo play in random is almost impossible these days anyway....
  10. SeaWolf7

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Found this last week and have to say I agree in some of what he says regarding the design of the line in that purely, they are a DD counter. which is kind of ironic as they have no (classic) tools to hunt said DD's. But that made me think........ that perhaps we have become a little lazy, relying on hydro, Radar to do the job that these ships can actually do without those tools.
  11. SeaWolf7

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    They have a high skill ceiling in order to make them work efficiently. They wont be for everyone but they do offer a different play style, wich is refreshing and definitely what the game needs atm. While the Italian Special captain does make quite a difference and increases the impact these ships have, they still suffer in situations because of those awful reload times but that's because they have quite large alpha damage and can be devastating to enemy DD's. WG give with one hand take away with another...concept of balance.
  12. SeaWolf7

    Italian Cruisers - One Month On (and a bit)

    However, that is the funniest thing ive seen all day..