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  1. Good result. Shows it can be done... though the conditions are a little favourable. Any chance of a replay for tips etc.?
  2. That's really good advise, thank you. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you, will watch replay again at times you mentioned. due to the 41% WR Feeling a little despondent tbh but i knew this wasnt going to be easy...My teams just seem to melt most of the time ...so Battle on and try to learn from my mistakes i guess.
  4. I had not appreciated how much there is to concentrate on when playing DD. On the upside it gives you a far more better understanding of the game in general but also DD behaviour when playing as other ship classes.
  5. Morning Guys, Some replays for you to advise on. Cant say im Over the Moon as i still feel im making a lot of errors, This is Not a forgiving Environment tbh and there is a lot to concentrate on in game being DD. If anything i have a new found respect for DD players in general. So please feel free to tell it like it is, what am i doing wrong and what in your opinion is going ok. Thank you in advance. (i think) https://replayswows.com/replay/98138 https://replayswows.com/replay/98137 https://replayswows.com/replay/98136 Ps. Just noticed these were downloaded using vlc by mistake rather than the client runner. Please let me know if they are not working and i will re load accordingly. Haven't uploaded replays before so forgive me if i haven't got this quite right yet.
  6. Play the right tactic for the team keep em spotted and get less as a result.? There were a few complaints about this a while ago i think. Cnt remember WG response exactly but this game has been steered toward Damage for quite a while now. However i do believe you get more tasks/missions and points for spotting now than you used too. So bonus there.
  7. Im obviously no expert either but i would stay away from VIII -X. Ive tried few games in the Cossack in the past and its tough. Too tough to say its worthwhile/rewarding for me anyway at present. But im only new to DD play so im sure your skill rate is higher than mine.
  8. ok so manged to get a couple of games in today and after a poor start things are starting to look a liitle better. These are no Huge damage numbers but games are starting to feel a little more consistent due to the right decisions being made. Marching into the nearest cap at the start of the battle is definitely NOT the way to play DD in this current meta. Those CV planes just move too dam fast and your spotted and focused within seconds. The Poor start i mentioned was exactly this also complicated by a CV (ranger i think) who's plane was doing its first run on me about 15 seconds into the game.!! A single rocket volley took 1/4 of my health followed by another than did a little less but not much. WG relay needs to reduce the speed of planes IMO. I will post some replays prob after the weekend when i get 5 mins, these will be bad as well as good (or as good as i can be at this stage) that way i guess we can discuss why and at what point they went wrong. We only learn from the mistakes we make i guess. I also went for the other Japanese line starting with the Minikaze at V. Only 3 sets of 2 on the torp side but you can stealth torp so an advantage, The other was the British V Acasta wich IMO is tricky to play with 6.0klm Torps and 6klm detection with CE . You need to really think about targets moving towards you to close the distance for stealth torping. Otherwise its playing around right on the edge of detection which can be fun or fatal depending on CV in game or not. Map is big in the corner as suggested . @ColonelPete Thought you might find this interesting lol regards to nunbers of DD's. They do seem to be high at the moment. Prob Weekend?
  9. Give British cruisers HE Get rid of Italian SAP Introduce CV seeking torpedoes with 100 klm range.. Balance certain aspects of the game by abolishing radar. (or ad least that 12 klm one) And most importantly: I would get my staff Unlimited fee Vodka at the office party once a year! (Maybe twice...depending on how good the first one was)
  10. Roger That... I've played a few games in co op in the past in destroyers and it always amazed me how diffrent People behaved in random /Ranked. Apart from of course not subjecting my team mates to my stupidity and inexperience and also learning concealment/spotting mechanics, i find co-op not a lot of use these days tbh Its so far from how real people behave in this game.
  11. Guys thank you for all the pointers and tips. There is a wealth of knowledge in all these posts that i will attempt to put into action... @_Teob_ Thank you for the offer i may well take you up on that.... This i have found to be a very true. Rushing in to cap first just seems like the quickest way to die.. Turning AA on /off is a remarkably good tactic as some planes manage to pass very close 2=3k or so without spotting you...always fun to see the Enemy CV searching in frustration Learning radar is easer said than done. So many diffrent active duration's times cool downs and ranges to assign to memory. think i will have to write them down and have them for reference close by. As for what lines, The japanese is looking like the most forgiving with good torp ranges and concealment. I have a few British DD's left over from when they first came out so will try to resurrect that line and play from V. Will post some results on this subject Good and bad perhaps with some explanations as to why they were good/bad Again thank you for all the advise so far.
  12. Thank you. This in particular is one of the points i find the most odd. DD's rely on its stealth/concealment to be functional in the game but we have things now that totally cancel that out bearing in mind the speed of which aircraft can cover ground and on a design level that's totally flawed as it renders that 1 class almost useless. Granted if no CV is present that's a different kettle of fish. But how often (%) does this occur? Those two top lines are quite interesting. Total Opposite in some places so i see your point. Hanging at V-VI seems like the smart thing to do.
  13. After a long absence from the game (yet again) to preserve my sanity i wanted to look in to the class i had neglected that being the destroyer. Well aware of its importance in the game over so many years of playing, it never fails to surprise me that hardly anybody on your team feels the same Ie the importance of a DD on your team. The last week has been an eye opener as to why. literally no one supports a dd player any more and i keep hearing through posts on the forum that DD has become somewhat of a dead class. I've tried playing co op. Its a totally unrealistic training ground for DD play and imo and actually teaches bad habits to carry into random battles. I've tried playing low tiers, if mm will allow any more than bloody 3-5 players (after taking a ridiculous time in Que) at tiers 2-3 its a bit unrewarding (therefore you could argue people go up quicker than they should as a result) Mid tiers i have mixed success some really good some bad. Tier 8 and up is just like chewing razer blades tbh and i cannot fathom Why would WG allow a class of ship so important to the integrity of the game at higher tiers to be literally shafted from all sides by countless cruisers nearly ALL it seems equipped with RADAR, (why?) Cv's that have supersonic aircraft as standard that just perma spot you all day long and no one supports you anyway because they are hiding behind an island shaking like a Sh"%!ng dog So whats the point? So im not surprised that no one wants to play DD or learn to play it. Don't get me wrong im sure its 90% the guy behind the keyboard (ie me) but good DD play requires some effort from your team mates as well does it not? like covering me when i cap. (i always cover the DD when in a cruiser when he's trying to cap) So what is wrong, in your opinion with DD play in general atm ? Do you feel it has been a neglected class? What could WG do to bring this class more interest and make it more playable at higher tiers. What do I and others like me who want to actually be proficient at DD play need to do here? Because my enthusiasm for learning a new role in this game has been completely quashed and i fear this is my last hurah tbh.
  14. Hardly....Like @Yedwy said only difference is less stars to collect which actually make it better imo. There's nothing worse than staying in the same rank because you win 2 then loose two, win one loose one etc etc. You end up being there longer than you should. Have that enough times and you end up giving up. Sure you need to be more consistent but that can be genuinely hard to do these days with meta constantly changing between ranked release dates, players ability being higher or lower depending on the influx of new players etc. Also different tiers each time kinda promotes inconsistency imo.