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  1. fumtu

    Ships you kept

    Excluding ships I'm currently grinding and T10, ships I kept are Japanese Mogami Also considering rebuying Myoko after the buff French La Galissoniere German Z-46 PA Gadjah Mada Chung Mu Soviet Budyonni Chapayev British Fiji Leander US Pensacola New Orleans Helena Cleveland Fletcher
  2. fumtu

    Some interesting info around the world

    ST. German battleship Prinz Eithel Friedrich, tier VI - Sigma has been increased from 1.9 to 2.0. The change will make the battleship more comfortable, and will compensate for the small number of shells in the volley. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  3. fumtu

    When is the Pasta being served?

    Mogador at T9? Also T47 and T53 were basically a same design, T53 with only major difference in electronic equipment. Also from 4x2 139mm to 3x2 127mm? If Modagor is a T9 ship than T10 in that line should be Kléber Class (Improved Mogador). I think that Navigatori class should be a premium as they very quite different than the rest having 3x2 120mm guns while all the rest is having a 2x2 120mm, but with same torpedo battery. There is number of others like Freccia, Folgore, Maestrale or Oriani class. While they all have similar armament, there is an increase in displacement which would mean more HP in the game. Navigatori class looks like same or better then Soldati class in all aspects. Putting it before Soldati class somehow doesn't seems appropriate.
  4. fumtu


    Specifically: USS Laffey (Allen M Sumner Class) USS Sterett Generally: Any of Dido Class Cruisers More Brooklyn Class Cruisers Any Bagley or Gridley Class Destroyer
  5. fumtu

    When is the Pasta being served?

    If you consider Kami OP than you should consider GC OP too. Both ship have 58% WR and both were way ahead on the rest of the pack. CG average damage is better then any T6 BB and only three BBs of T7 are better. Its average damage is even better that 6 BBs of T8.
  6. fumtu

    When is the Pasta being served?

    Monster Destroyers? Well Navigatori class was big, kind off, it is comparable by displacement to Tribal or L/M class. Soldati is only other class that could be compared to J/K/N class by displacement but not with armament, rest was smaller. Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro should be bigger if built but still very weak torpedo battery. Capitani Romani on the other hand is a class for itself. It is almost as big as Atlanta. Majority of them are fast tho.
  7. fumtu

    When is the Pasta being served?

    While German Navy possessed less surface ships then Italians, more RN ships were based in the Atlantic and the North Sea, then Mediterranean. Sure Italian were significant threat to British interest in the Mediterranean, and they showed some skill, but by far bigger threat to RN in that theater were German and Italian air forces and submarines. All three RN capital ships lost in Mediterranean were lost due German subs. Excluding the mines, Italian Navy is responsible for sinking 5 RN cruisers, 3 by subs, 1 by motor torpedo boats and 1 by explosive motorboat. Only 5 RN destroyers were sunk in engagements with Italian ships, 1 by sub, 2 by motor torpedo boats, and only 2 in surface actions against larger ships. HMS Mohawk was sunk by torpedo from Navigatore class destroyer Luca Tarigo, which was itself sunk by RN destroyers in the same battle. HMS Bedouin was sunk by the combined action of Italian cruisers Raimondo Montecuccoli and Eugenio di Savoia and an SM.79 torpedo bomber. Number of RN DDs were sunk by Italian mines tho and number of ships were heavily damaged in other actions. I agree that we need Italian fleet in the game and we will get it eventually but don't give them larger impact than they have it during the war.
  8. No, Hindi don't need improved AP. There is a reason why US cruisers get improved AP in first place and that is lack of torpedos. On the other side Hindi has quite strong torps for close quarters. So there is no need for improved AP. Also Hindi AP is already strong. Why not wait first to find what WG had in mind with making CA and CL differences more pronounced. And then find appropriate role for Hindi and then buff it accordingly.
  9. fumtu


    I doesn't apply if you buy Boise/Nueve de Julio now. That was only available when ship was released. Those who bought them then have until 31.12.2018 to finish the mission so there is not much time left.
  10. fumtu


    You shouldn't have this problem if you have bought Nueve de Julio instead
  11. fumtu

    ifhe getting changed, free skill respec?

    The only way I could think to make it less mandatory for CLs is to increase HE pen value for 152mm, for example to 1/5 so you can at least pen 30mm. But then again considering sentence above "CL generally won't penetrate BB plating and won't penetrate plating of higher tier cruisers", if IFHE will enable to pen armour of both BB and higher tier cruisers it would basically still be a mandatory skill for CL to be effective. Only question is what and how much will you need to trade off.
  12. Well I'm interested to see what they have in mind with this CA and CL differences. CA will penetrate any plating on their battle tier CL generally won't penetrate BB plating and won't penetrate plating of higher tier cruisers IFHE is less mandatory, more trade off. While I am more more distinguishing roles between CAs and CLs but I hope they won't s**** one on the attempt to improve other. Considering that WG usually don't have middle approach but rather to good or to bad I mus say that I'm little concerned who this will end.
  13. fumtu

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Today I got my first ever premium ships from SC and it is Arizona. Considering that today is also my birthday this is nice present from WG. Or it is maybe just a compensation for a horrible horrible weekend in randoms.
  14. fumtu

    1st Anniversary? Thanks , but not really...

    Yea, I got 1st, 2nd and 3rd Anniversary Messages to, and 30% coupon for 3 years of playing WoWs, one month late.