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  1. fumtu

    De Ruyter: under tiered?

    Atlanta and De Ruyter don't have same weapons. Atlanta has 5inch guns, while De Ruyter has 150mm guns.Also Atlanta has 16 guns, 14 guns broadside, to De Ruyter 7, with much better DPM, plus torps which De Ruyter lacks. Atlanta is armed to teeth, De Ruyter is very far from Atlanta. Emerald and Nurnberg are much better comparation and both are much stronger, thanks to very strong torpedo armament. De Ruyter would need to be a premium with a lot of gimmicks to be at T6. Year or origin is not important for tier, its size and armament is. Foe example, you have Tiger '59 on the same tier as Mogami from 1934. As premium T5 would be its maximum, as regular it probably could be T5, but T4 is also fitting.
  2. fumtu

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    It is more an auxiliary ship tbh. During Russo-Japanese it served as supply ship for ill-fated 2nd Pacific Squadron. It even had some guns, by some sources 6x47mm guns and by other 4x76mm guns and 2x47mm guns. Not sure when those guns were added to the ship, but probably while it was serving in Imperial Russian Navy as Soviets mostly used 45mm guns on their ships but I could be wrong. Some more info with nice photos of the museum model of the ship here.
  3. fumtu

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/NH-101000/NH-101895.html https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/NH-94000/NH-94078.html
  4. Colbert says hello. Or RB. Not that all coal or FXP ships are gimmick-less. WG don't care that much to have representation of every class for every resource, it more like what is the most convenient for them at the moment. We got two steel cruisers in short time period, Plymouth and Austin, and two RB DDs in two months, Vampire 2 - Die Harder and Druid. 2 of 3 BBs released for resources since August 2020 are for coal, and there is a bunch of older low tier premiums added for coal too. So good luck with finding a pattern.
  5. Nobody here, apart from WG stuff, can give you that answer. WG usually announce resource at the same time as they announce release of the ship. Players are trying to find some logic in this so that they can "predict" resource requirement for the next ship. So you might see that someone is saying that thisa or that ship could be for this or that resource but that is just guessing. Unless there is some "confirmed leak" or official statement from WG you can ignore them. So you can either sit on your FXP and hope there is some interesting ship for you or spend it on something else. But for no there currently is no ship announced that it will be available for FXP. Will it be some soon? Best answer you can get is: maybe, maybe not. IMO out of all resources, FXP is the one with the smallest probability to be chosen as a requirement for premium ship.
  6. Not a single new T4 premium is released single game went live in 2015, last original T2 premiums was Emden, also in 2015 (not counting here a Brazilian copy of Albeny), and last T3 premium was Dreadnought.
  7. fumtu

    ST. 0.10.6, new ships (DB 162)

    How about first wait for more info about armour and then complain about it. 25mm in DevBlog means 25mm bow and stern which is standard armour for all T9 and T10 CAs and SCs but those German and US. This doesn't necessary mean that it is 25mm all around. Buffalo is more fitting at T9, Oregon City is basically a Baltimore with different superstructure and same armament. Having a same class at two consecutive tiers in same arrangement is not a best solution. And WG, that T9 US BB hybrid is such BS.
  8. fumtu

    After 1945 ?

    Yes and no. Yes it is finished after the ww2 but also no No as the one in the game is based on original design which is how it should be finished if Germans haven't occupied France. Post war De Grasse was very similar to Colbert
  9. fumtu

    After 1945 ?

    Yup, lot of that bridge surface is actually a radar antenna You can find it also on original bridge of the USS Enterprise CVAN-65 And some pictures of tilting USS Long Beach
  10. There are at least three T10 ships in development, Napoli, Druid and Ragnarok. I guess that at least one of them will be for coal. But if you really want to spend your coal, between Yoshino and Cunningham, I would go with Cunningham. While his enhanced skills are nerfed, his unique trait ... .. could be quite nice. Other two are not bad either, but one is requiring a "Witherer" which is not that common.
  11. fumtu

    After 1945 ?

    How about something with a giant head instead of dome
  12. Well you should, but considering that we are talking about WG here, they will probably scr*w "have a technical issue" and remove it, only to get tone of complains from playerbase and return it again. I would like to be proven wrong but this is what I expect to happen.
  13. Unfortunately there is no achievments in Clan Brawls