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  1. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    So you want to bet that WG will sell T-61 for one day and for 50% discount? Highly unlikely. Probably some T8 BB.
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    Do you already have Warspite? I'm not sure if you could see premiums you own in tech tree.
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    You are probably right. I remember only T7 and T8.
  4. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    That was info for the last year. Don't know what will they do this year as no announcement so far. Maybe during the day WG will post something on their official site.
  5. Summer Sale 2018: Day 1 Warspite/-50%

    Nope there wasn't one, only info we get was that only T7 & T8 would be on sale with 50% discount for T7 and 30% for T8.
  6. Almost anybody could complain about some ship and if WG start excluding ships because of that than we will have a very limited pool of port queens which never saw any services. I don't mind 9J being added to the game. Considering her history in Argentina I would rather if WG choose some other Argentinian ship as there were several interesting ships like Veinticinco de Mayo. I'm still glad that WG choose her over Belgrano as seems like any mention of Belgrano usually lead to quite toxic and offensive conversations. But I wouldn't mind this Genaral Belgrano in the game I think that PanAm Tree is a good thing and would like to see it added to the game. Especially DD line as there could be some interesting ships. But I'm also glad that we will get Boise as a US cruiser for two reasons - Brooklyn sisters distinguished themselves in number of actions during the WW2 and because I'm not particularly interested in leveling another 14pt captain for single ship tree. If there is only 9J available I would probably buy her eventually but not before WG announce first line in the PanAm tree.
  7. Are you want to say that Flint and Black are "meh" ships while Indy or DoY are broken ships? Or you are comparing Stalingrad with Alaska's initial stats, a ship that is just starting her balance process? Sorry but you are manipulating the facts so that it looks like you have a point but you don't. Not all premium ships were broken just few of which almost all were not more available for sale. Did any of you played any version of Stalingrad? Does any of you have any statistic about results of the Stalingrad testing? How could you know what is and what isn't a good thing for this ship? How do you know that this "final" version won't be a good ship or interesting to play? Is there some video of this "final" version?
  8. Yes but that doesn't change the fact that the final product is different from initial stats for a ship. Fact that Alaska has AP angles doesn't mean that in the end she will keep them.
  9. This doesn't mean that Alaska in her final for will keep them. Stalingrad original version also had AP angles but eventually lost them.
  10. From the Reddit What is interesting is this: This is a final version which means that ship will have a heal no radar. NoZoupForYou posted this comment bellow: While it is not specify does this mean that we will get Boise too, if that is a case than that will be a really great news, at least for me.
  11. Well 7km at T6 and T7 sound a little better but 8km torps at T8 would be quite challenging. Not useless but challenging. I hated them on HY but Lighting should have better concealment. We will see. Which just points that GM, and Jervis, could be a good T8 ship. She definitely need a nerf at T7. But I guess not so soon as WG will probably wait to see what effects will nerf to PA smoke have to line overall.
  12. What I don't like in announced RN DD is that all DDs bellow T9 doesn't look particularly useful or attractive when compared to alternatives. They have decent guns but they but not as good as top gunboats, their torpedoes have ridiculously short range especially T7 and T8 and their hydro spots torps just barely above their usual detection range. And WTH is "Defensive DD" even mean? I generally hopped that RN DDs will be a solid torpedo boats with solid guns or hybrids if you want, that I class will be T7 and J/K and N class at T8, with L/M class premium T8. considering experience with GM I think that Jervis would better fit at T8 with good torps and that at T7 she is somewhat like old Kiev, restrained for balance purposes. Well at least Daring looks nice and I hope she will be worth all the suffering at mid tiers.
  13. Where is summer sale WG?

    From reddit
  14. Well maybe WG want us to move on and play Kitakaze. Or maybe they want to create a place for a new Akizuki, with better mobility and better ... well everything ... maybe even a DAA ... but as a glorious Soviet destroyer Vnezapniy