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  1. New british premium ship idea

    You are not the only one. RN really need a premium cruiser as currently there is not a single available in the shop and Dido class would fit at T6 quite nicely.
  2. I must say that I agree with request to change a name of the ship to Maryland. Even tho I don't think that with current state of Colorado would be OK to put West Virginia as T7 premium, loosing a ship that was considerably different than her sister in her later years because WG wanted to use her, more of less, original form, when there are other options, would be a shame. If WG first buff Colorado that could open the door to get WV as good T7 premium which is not straight better version of her silver sister. And I agree that both Tennessee and California would be a good candidate for T7 premium US BB.
  3. WV is too slow for T8. Imagine her against T10 ships, with speed of 21kn she would be an easy prey for any ship. She has two less turrets than Mass and that would also mean lower sigma than Colorado so very RNG dependent. I don't see how WG could make her properly balanced compared to Colorado. Colorado is already not the most competitive BB at T7, if you try to balance WV to her she would end as mediocre premium (lot of uproar) but if you try to make VW good premium comparable to Nelson or Sharny you get a straight better ship than Colorado (much less uproar but still not the best way). I personally don't like either option. No doubt WV would be a nice T7 premium only problem is her balance compared with current Colorado.
  4. Is there some US Navy BB that didn't caused an uproar from NA community? Late war West Virginia would be straight better ship than Colorado and in the end to balance her WG would probably lower sigma and nobody would be happy about that. IMO, late war West Virginia should be a regular T7 BB instead of Colorado which would leave current Colorado configuration for premium T7 with better, more accurate, guns but worse AA and open the way to add either late war Tennessee or California as another T7 premium BB with similar AA as West Virginia but with 4x3 14inch guns. I think that that would be way better solution than either giving WV as T6 premium or modernised WV as T7 premium.
  5. I missed that. She couldn't use SHS AP in real life, seems like WG don't care.
  6. Yea I hate this too. On the other hand Wichita don't have SH AP as Baltimore, slower reload then Baltimore and less health then Baltimore. I don't know, I kind of hope than WG will find some other way to balance her, maybe Heal like Boise or something, now she just look like another typical US cruiser but this time, very stealthy. Also while I think that that adding Dreadnought and Vanguard are good think I would like some RN cruiser first. These will be 5th and 6th premium RN BBs while the only premium cruiser is no longer on sale.
  7. Some interesting info around the world

    Premium RN battleships Dreadnought and Vanguard are announced on the World of Warships Birthday Stream.
  8. Pan European tree (premiums)

    There is only one St. Louis cruiser in the game, Saint Louis is a different name. For example T7 US CL Helena is St. Louis class but because there is already a cruiser with that name WG had used Helena instead. So forget about another Prinz Eugen. There is enough original Netherlands DDs to use as premium beside Hr. Ms. Tjerk Hiddes. N class is basically same as J class and as soon Jervis will be in the game and the fact that the Royal Australian Navy had five N class DDs I think it would be proper to leave another N class regular or premium for Commonwealth tree.
  9. Had a good game in Ranked with YY today Then try the Ultimate Frontier but the best I could do was 3 Star Victory with Boise. I simply could not get a single good team
  10. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    From all six of my T10 I got 2 x 50 Gamescom Camo 100 November Foxtrot Flags (now I have over 1000 of them ... Yaaaaaay) 50k FXP 15k Coal 50 Dragon 15k of Coal was enough to buy Salem and from that ship I got 100 Equal Speed Charlie London Nothing special
  11. I agree with you but spending 4pts on IFHE and not be able to pen 25mm is a big thing. Sure all other DD can't pen 25mm without IFHE but with it they can. On the other hand they don't need IFHE to fight other destroyers or to deal damage to superstructure of other ships. That is why I don't like this requirement to get IFHE just to be able to effectively fight only class out of four. That is MY major issue with this 4.5inch guns and IFHE. Even on old Aki with IFHE you still have a lot of shatters on anything but superstructure.
  12. Well 25mm is important threshold as lot of T8-T10 ships has armour of 25mm. But I guess improved AP pens will give you a choice to avoid usage of IFHE as now you have other way to deal damage to angled targets. I personally prefer this instead of 1/4 pen (which would pen 28mm of armour). If those improved angles doesn't work WG could always go with simple increase of pen. Also heal could potentially give choice to not choose SE and use those 3pts for something else. I mean these changes doesn't look bad a they, at least, give you option to experiment with other captain builds. Only question will Jutland and Daring now be to strong.
  13. Well I guess that AP changes a due the fact that even with IFHE, 4.5inch guns HE can't pen 25mm or armour or maybe to give you a choice to not use IFHE at all. But not sure about heal. T9 and T10 now seems rather too strong.
  14. HMS Sirius?

    Sure they could do that. But RN DDs 4.5inch guns currently have 1/6 pen and unless this is changed I could only assume that same will be applicable to all RN 4.5 inch guns.
  15. HMS Sirius?

    4.5 inch guns are not good guns for cruiser as even with IFHE they won't be able to pen 25mm of armour. At T5 it could work but at T6 this will be a problem when faced with T8. And Didos used Mk I guns which had RoF of 12 RPM (reload 5sec). I would prefer some of 5x2 133mm Dido sisters as T6 premium and HMNZS Black Prince with 4x2 133mm but with different consumables and possibly toprs as T6 Commonwealth premium.