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  1. I guess for some reason WoWs went for this. Why? God knows. By the time this was done Renown was already moved to reserve and close to the end of her career. Hope it will be eventually fixed.
  2. It has one less turret compared to Tribal class original design, with 4 turrets, like the Cossack has.
  3. Holy sheet! Gearing will finally get a real "hole" (actually a passage) bellow forward torpedo launcher! Nice, really good looking model. Now could you just give a Black a proper bridge @YabbaCoe? Pretty please!
  4. Heal? Do not expect it to be as good as Haida, it will probably be worse, but for the people who could not buy Haida this will the only option for real Canadian ship, beside historically accurate Yukon.
  5. It is same tier as Haida.
  6. ZF-6 in Ranked. The best dockyard ship so far, at least IMO
  7. fumtu

    Re-grinding the original German DD-line

    Stock Z-23 only has four guns. Once you research B hull, it gets it fifth gun by front mount becoming twin.
  8. fumtu

    Can we get uhhhhhhh Turkish Navy maybe?

    Some low tiers in South European or Balkans branch for sure. Kocatepe and Zafer are based on Italian DDs but still somewhat different than their Italian counterparts. For mif and high tiers it is more like "copy paste" and do same small changes. Demirhisar is basically an I class with less torps. Alp Arslan is basically an Orkan with some small changes, Gaziantep is Bristol class. Still some of those could be used to fill gaps or make line, more "diverse" (seems like very popular word these day) or consistent. For example you could go T7 Gaziantep (4 x 5inch, 1x 5 torps) T8 Velos (4 x 5inch, 1x 5 torps) T9 Split (4 x 5inch, 1x 5 torps) T10 ? Slap some gimmick and it could work. Issue is that lot of those ships previously operated by USN and RN were modernized before given to European navies, like all those Geraing and Allen M Summner class destroyers. Both were given after going through FRES modernization. By the time Greece got their Gleave class destroyers they were without torps, only guns. So having some option to fill a gap could come handy.
  9. fumtu

    Fix Udaloi's concealment

    I am not saying just buff them but rethink them completely. Ognevoy. Kotlin and Grozo would make more coherent line than what we have now. Even making them closer to Neustra, with some differences might work if done properly. Whole original AA DDs now means very little. That I agree, there is nothing for WG here, it would require resources and time which could be dedicated elsewhere and more profitably. Maybe if WG decide to add another branch they will revisit old branches but even that is debatable.
  10. fumtu

    Fix Udaloi's concealment

    If WG had any sense, they would move Udaloy to be T10 in "gunboat" line instead of Khaba instead of making up Delny, and replace it ... ... but then, as already pointed out ... To be correct it is 5.6km concealment but nevertheless it is a proper concern. Maybe if WG revisit whole line Ognevoy - new ship - Grozovoy, they could came up with something different and something that will distinguish both lines much better, like longer range torps for example or whatever. But I doubt WG would ever do something like this.
  11. fumtu

    Can we get uhhhhhhh Turkish Navy maybe?

    He is probably referring to ability of players from Turkey to purchase the ships because of current state of economy, not about ability of Turkey military industry. So basically he is trolling. On the other side, Turkey separate line is highly unlikely. WG could came up with a DD line, even tho lot of ships will be duplicates of those already in the game. But for the rest, beside couple of low/mid tier premiums, there is a little chance for anything else. So my guess, eventually some premiums will be added and potentially some ships in PE three, maybe even a small DD subbranch there. Anything that could not be fitted on T5 and higher, will probably never enter the game. So we could see a Yavuz as a premium, but you can forget on ships like Hayreddin Barbarossa being added to the game.
  12. fumtu

    Can we get uhhhhhhh Turkish Navy maybe?

    WG could put Yavuz on T5, especially considering that its AA significantly improved compared to Moltke. And with some special or additional consumable or some gimmick it could fit T5. Considering that WG already added Moltke, I would not be surprised if WG reuse the model for a new premium.
  13. fumtu

    Can we get uhhhhhhh Turkish Navy maybe?

    From The Kaiser's Cruisers, 1871-1918
  14. fumtu

    Can we get uhhhhhhh Turkish Navy maybe?

    Seems like by 1917, all 12 105mm guns were replaced with 8 150mm guns.