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  1. Not sure what is your source for this. Osprey publication gives 4 quad 40mm Bofors guns as her final configuration. I made mistake with 6x4 it was actually a 4x4.
  2. TVI American Light Cruiser - Dallas

    Only thing I don't like is DPM. It seems way to low, she will share the last place together with Gasoline which has better arcs and range and also, at least some, torps and still it's quite mediocre cruiser. I think she will need buff to her reload. Also after the split Budy should become undisputed king of T6 CLs.
  3. How? Atlanta still have far superior HE DPM than Helena, 345 600 (374 400 with BFT) to 198 000. She also gets radar while Helena instead gets a spotter plane. I know what I would rather have. Helena looks beautiful tho but 4x2 40mm? WTH? She had 4x4 40mm, what is a reason to half her mid range AA?
  4. Yes give us a Kildin class with nuclear anti-ship(fleet?) missiles. Battles are already too long /s Seriously please don't. Missiles won't bring anything good to this game. There is already so many unbalanced things let's not make it worse by adding things that maybe look interesting but generally are not needed in the game.
  5. So T6 Dallas has 2x2 + 2x3 152mm configuration with 10sec reload and good concealment. Well she looks interesting so far.
  6. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. American cruiser Dallas, tier VI. Hit points – 28300. Plating - 16 mm. Armor belt – 89 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 4%. Main battery - 2х2 + 2x3 152 mm. Firing range – 14.3 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2200. Chance to cause fire – 12%. Maximum AP shell damage - 3200. Reload time - 10 s. 180 degree turn time - 22.5 s. Maximum dispersion - 132 m. HE initial velocity - 812 m/s. AP initial velocity - 762m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. AA defense - 14x1 20 mm, range - 2.0 km, damage per second - 50. 6x2 40 mm, range - 3.5 km, damage per second - 68. 2x1 127 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 16. 2x2 127 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 30. Maximum speed - 32.5 kt. Turning circle radius - 650 m. Rudder shift time – 8.0 s. Surface detectability – 11.9 km. Air detectability – 6.8 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 5.6 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Defensive AA Fire Slot 3 - Catapult Fighter All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.
  7. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. National naval flags. An option to switch to national naval flags for Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships is added. For example, Gadjah Mada can use the Indonesian naval flag and Perth - the Australian.
  8. County class cruiser

    Smoke shooting detection range was calculated by surface detection range and gun caliber. Considering that Neptune has 6.6km detection range, 203mm CAs with possibly worse consealment would probably have over that value which would made smoke shooting quite problematic. So smoke wouldn't be an option anyway. Superheal will depend on the amount of HP and their squishiness. Low HP or worse armour than standard T8-T10 cruisers would require superheal. If they don't use smoke than DAA is almost mandatory as all other cruisers, expect RN CLs, have it. Single torp launching ability should be unquestionable. For radar I'm not so sure. It should depend how MM will work. If MM only look nation so one side could get RN CL and other RN CA that would probably mean that the side with CA will get radar for sure while the other one probably smoke. And if one side get two RN CAs and other two RN CLs it would be even worse. RN CAs should get radar but I think that first MM should be adjusted either to consider type of RN cruisers or number of radar ships.
  9. County class cruiser

    Of course there should be represented in the game. Many Didos has distinguished careers during the war and Black Prince would definitely be a cool name for a premium.
  10. County class cruiser

    I think that it would be very hard to fit Dido class at T7 considering that we already have Fiji and Belfast, both far superior ships with high RoF. Except the size and somewhat better AA Dido don't provide much over those two ships. She could be better balanced at T6, either using 4 or 5 turret version. 5 turret version possibly could be squeezed as T7 , but even with HE it would require heal, smoke and possible the radar to be viable but even than it wouldn't bring much new as Belfast could do every task better than Dido. DAA wouldn't bring much as Dido class medium range AA would be very weak. For example Euryalus had only 2 quad pom pom and Dido has 3 quad pom pom but less 20mm guns . Phoebe was better with 3 quad Bofors guns but it lose one of her 5.25inch turrets for that. At T6 WG would be able to give 5 turret version as a RN premium and 4 turret version, but with better AA and possibly DAA consumable, as a RNZN/Commonwealth premium, first with RN smoke other one with Perth smoke. And if there is need for better balance between ships, RN could use only AP while Commonwealth could use HE too. There is more possibilities at T6 than on T7 where she would require more gimmicks/consumables or RoF above 8 RPM. 5.25inch were designed with 10-12 RoF of RPM but practical RoF was 7 to 8 RPM. With RoF of 12 RPM and HE she maybe could work at T7 but still I think that she would be better at T6.
  11. How To Balance the T61

    No they are not but too strong (borderline OP) are. Balancing ship just because it could meet ships of higher tier is wrong. Ships needs to be balanced by their appropriate tier. It is ok that premium ship have some advantages over its silver, or some unique play-style. But having advantage in everything that matters is wrong. Yes potential damage doesn't sound much if you don't know how to use it but if you do that it mean a lot. And that is exactly what T61 bring in the current state. There is not a single characteristic for which you can tell that it is anything but decent, good or very good or even strong ship when you compare it with i other T6. What makes it too strong is that ridicules 68sec torpedo reload. It simple doesn't sacrifice anything for that, it still have a good HP, good guns, good torps, good concealment, good maneuverability... If it enter the game in this state what is next? She will set standards that future premiums could only equal or go beyond to be accepted by community. Yes premium ships stays where they are but premium ships could be buffed if needed but they can only be nerfed by changing global game behavior or removed from a sale if they prove too strong. Just like Belfast and company.
  12. How To Balance the T61

    Yes but T61 is not a typical German dd. With 35kn it is not particularly fast but it has better turning radius and rudder shift than Gnevny or Anshan. It is definitely more agile than Gaeda. And it still get hydro as a bonus. Sure it is not a cruiser hydro but it could be useful. 0.1 km is not a big difference. During the 20 minute game Gallant can send 11 full salvos or 88 torps, for same time T61 can send 16 full salvos or 128 torps. Gallant torps hit harder but general torpedo damage potential of T61 during the game is better. Gallant guns DPM is 81600/100800 HE/AP, T61 is 90000/180000. Damage potential T61 is better than Gallant and Gallant is considered a good boat, not the best but good. So is that a good or bad? IMHO just increase of torpedo reload time to 90s will still leave a really strong T6 dd, still far better than Gaeda but in acceptable margin and not powercreep all other T6 dd.
  13. How To Balance the T61

    Ignore Flamu screams and just compare ships data as he did. T61 has more health than Gallant, Anshan and Shinonome. It has more health than Farragut or any of silver IJN dds. For T6 dd it has a quite good HP pool. Also yes smoke is worse but don't forget that you are getting additional consumable for free - hydro. Why? Compare it with Gallant. It has one second faster gun reload and 28sec faster torpedo reload. And both are similar ships. 90sec to 96sec is still better. You want faster reload? Use TAE, you can get 81sec reload. Like so many others. Just like you I would like to see it in the game but not in this state.
  14. How To Balance the T61

    Pretty much my thought too. 90sec is standard German reload for quadruple torpedo launcher so I don't see any reason to give T61any better. It already have everything it need to be a good and fun ship to play and it don't need ridicules torpedo reload it has now.
  15. County class cruiser

    WG don't want to use ships with different main guns caliber. So Cressey, Defence & Drake are not an option. Hawkins at T6? No thanks, T5 is the possible highest tier for that class. Glorious and Furious will be CVs, as battlecruisers, especially that high won't work with just two turrets. Renown at T10? Really? 6 guns and bad AA at T10, no way that could ever work. RN CA sub-line should start at T5 with Hawkins. T9 and T10, maybe even T8 will be paper ships but there is no way that it could be finished with battlecruisers. At least not a single that existed in RL. Also comparing Renown and Alaska class is ridicules. There were both product of their time, and by the time Alaska was commissioned, battlecruiser concept was already outdated by US navy fast battleships, KGV and Bismarck classes. You can call Alaska whatever you want but you can't compare it with real battlecruisers of WW1 era. By WW2 all those battlecruisers were either converted to aircraft carriers or bring to closer to battleships standard.