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  1. fumtu

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    If we are lucky ... I could be much worse
  2. fumtu

    Where will you Migrate from the Forum?

    Nowhere, I (almost) gave up on Reddit, discord is mess, not bothering with YT .... Probably find something else on the internet, not connected with WoWs, or spend more time on only other forum I regularly visit.
  3. fumtu

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Well one of the main reasons for forum existence was to collect all players feedback to fix issues and improve the game. Now that game is finally in perfect condition, thanks to careful listening all those feedback and close work with playerbase, there is no more reasons to keep the forum running as all the posts will just praises how perfect everything is in the game.
  4. fumtu

    Farewell Fourmites.

    This is one of the few forum I regularly visit. Far from perfect but still lot of great people here. It was nice while it lasted. Doubt I will use discord as I personally don't like it much. So see you sometimes in game, maybe. Till then farewell to all.
  5. Concealment Movements is beyond stupid, with 2 CVs per team. At least have a pleasure killing both in this game
  6. fumtu

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    Well considering that I would like to have San Diego I might go for it. There is lot of coal ships on list of ships that could be traded, so I might just use one of those higher tier to get SD, and re-buy it for coal.
  7. fumtu

    How Jäger can be Tier IX ship?!!

    And many were not. Among enlisted sailors there were 31% Croatian, 20% Hungarian, 16% German-Austrian and the rest from other nations, but majority of officers were German-Austrian. But as I said, for this game this does not matter at all. Well not many and the largest combat ship was a torpedo boat. I don't give a sheet what WG will do as I can not do anything about it. They could put it as part of Tonga navy if thez want. But if you want to talk about realistic chances, than Jeager, if ever built, would probably end in Italy. But considering it is not, the only right flag should be one of k.u.k. Kriegsmarine. There were number or batteship/battlecruiser proposals in the late war years. Should we put them all under Yugoslav flag just because reasons? Of course not, even tho, WG will probably do it eventually. But that is up to them. If those ships are added into game hey should be added under k.u.k. Kriegsmarine flag, as any other would a stupid thing to do.
  8. fumtu

    How Jäger can be Tier IX ship?!!

    And how many ships actually ended in the Royal Yugoslav navy on longer term then temporary due control of ports? And who is talking about man, they do not matter here, they mostly eneded in some of new country of former empire from where they originate.
  9. fumtu

    How Jäger can be Tier IX ship?!!

    I know history of Viribus Unitis. It still does not mean that any other ship would necessary ended in Yugoslavia or that Yugoslavia might even keep Viribus Unitis after all, as ship was transferred in attempt to prevent Italy from getting it. But its fleet was divided after the war and all capital ships, cruisers and destroyers, were given to France, Italy and UK. Yugoslavia, Greece and Romania only got some smaller ships. So big destroyer like Jeager (if built it would be the biggest one in the world) would definitely not be given to Yugoslavia, but either Italy or France. So if Jeager was build, and if it is not taken by either Italy or France, it might be given to Yugoslavia, which might decide to modernize it. If WG wrote this lot of people would ridicule them for that.
  10. fumtu

    How Jäger can be Tier IX ship?!!

    Even if ever built, chance that it would end in the Yugoslavian navy are equal to zero, considering that every Austro-Hungarian destroyer, and every other larger ship, is either sunk or taken by France, Italy or some other country. It would be just another case of if ... and if ... than might ... We already have ships designed during the ww1 and in early 1920s at T9 and T10, so I don't see what is a problem with Jeager. This game lost its era progression long time ago.
  11. Well it is still be more usable on Gibraltar than it will be on Defence, which has exactly the same concealment as "the Rock", but 12.63km smoke firing penalty. Considering its max range is just 16.82km, smoke consumable is (almost) completely pointless on that ship.
  12. No. It does not mean someone can not get it through other means like some container or, sooner or later, through auction for example. Also buffing a ship which is no longer available for purchase, especially when that buff is not needed, would no be looked favorable by player community, especially if only way for them to get it would be to spend a lot of money and hope for lucky draw.
  13. fumtu

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    Wait what? You only have one Marblehead?
  14. fumtu

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    Because they have some scheme to profit from this.
  15. fumtu

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    For that we will have to wait for official article, probably around time update 12.7 drops. They did not any info about those things