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  1. Moskva LU will stay on Moskva when it become premium.
  2. fumtu

    German CVs announced!

    What? You know that will it SAP shell bounce or not is not determinated by the caliber but by ricochet angles of the shell, right?
  3. fumtu

    German CVs announced!

    Mostly on Russian sites and books. They have many publication which covers ships. I don't speak Russian, I can understand some things and google translate helps a lot. Another thing that helps me is knowing Cyrillic letters. And for images you don't need to know language. It is originally designed to have 305mm guns but as they couldn't develop guns on time they asked Germans to sell them some 280mm guns which were used on Sharnhorst. But as Germans stopped their production they offered them 380mm guns instead. Before Germany invaded SU, they sold them 12 380mm guns together with turrets but as building of Kronshtad class was stopped due invasion and never resumed those were never used. As far as I know it was intended to have 305mm guns from the start.
  4. fumtu

    German CVs announced!

    Slava was what Kremlin should be. BB Project 24 was designed with 406mm guns. They did consider putting 457mm guns but in the end they choose 406mm. And she would be nice premium if WG didn't balance it the way they did. But there is nothing to put behind it to fill gaps in the line. Behind every SU ship in the game there is some project which I could find. Petro is the only exception as for it I could find mentioned as concept but not a single image of the actual plans. Yes, if they want to completely imagine lines that there is no way to predict what they could add to the game. But if we just try to base this on mostly designs and concept then there isn't much content left for large ships. sure they can add more Soyuz class BBs or Krony with 380mm guns but beside that they have more possibility to add lower tier BBs and cruisers then at the high tier.
  5. fumtu

    German CVs announced!

    Second Soviet BB line is highly unlikely. There could be more premium BBs as there were several plans to rebuild/upgrade Gangut class BBs but basically, almost, every BB project that could fit at high tiers is already used. Battlecruiser line is even less likely as Soviet Navy didn't have/planned many of them and those few that they did planed were already used as BBs or SC like Krony, Pyotr and Izmail. CV line on the other hand will probably arrive as SU did have enough suitable project for the full line and some premiums. Another DD subranch, maybe even two are also possible. But for cruisers, while there could be more premium ship, I doubt we will get another subbranch. Even those we got is already scraping the barrel. So, more premium ships yes but more lines/subbranches are only viable for DDs and CVs. Sure WG could made up something but then they could do that for every nation which in part they did.
  6. fumtu

    Any new steel ships announced?!

    As @DFens_666 said, Shikishima is the only ship that is announced that it would be for Steel. Hayate will be for FXP and Marceau for Coal and so far those are only ships for which WG gave type of resources for which they will be sold.
  7. fumtu

    ST, changes to test ships

    From what I saw Ochakov is quite meh ship only good for ambushing DDs. Now WG is making it even better in that role but not much better vs anything else. Good changes. I don't think this is nearly enough. Just nerf shell penetration already. I guess this is more correction of inconsistency the actual buffing the ship. I mean it is a buff but all other T10 cruisers had 2.05 sigma if I'm not wrong. Again, just like Petro, WG should tone done pen on those guns, maybe a range too. Another meh ship which needed some buffs but this much at the same time? I'm not sure. WG could easily add first two and then see what, if anything, is needed to make a good ship. This is like fifth or sixth change on the ship in the row. Just remove it already, it is a stupid concept, definitely not need in the game.
  8. fumtu

    German CVs announced!

    First we need to see how much the are "ineffective" vs DDs. Even if they overpen DDs for only 10%, if those rockerts deal lot of damage and CV can hit DD with several of them per strike it could still amount to couple of thousands XP lost. Also if they use those AP rockets over length of the DD and could pen them that could result in more than just 10% damage, similar to standard AP shells.
  9. fumtu

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Errrr ... yes it does. not as a separate class but it does make diference between CLs and CAs. No it wouldn't. Yes it is. Don't believe me? Check Cleveland and Chapa. You call as you wish. You can call it a spaceship if you want, I don't care. Games call it light cruiser because for a game it is a light cruiser. And guess what, WG don't give a Rat about how you label your ships. You have enough torps to kill any T8 ship with broadside. And having torps is still way better then not having them at all.
  10. fumtu

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Really? But you forget to point out that Mainz could pen 38mm without IFHE, while Chapa even with IFHE can only pen 37mm while reducing its fire chance for half. Or that, thank to better RoF, Mainz could start more fires per minutes than Chapa without IFHE even having lower fire chance per shell. And that even having lower alpha it has better HE DPM then Chapa and that their AP DPM is not even comparable. Sure only take thing that fitted in your narrow point and view and disregard everything else.
  11. fumtu

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Better penetration, better flight time Of course, everything you need to know about this game you will find on wows wiki. There is no other sources of info available.
  12. fumtu

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    There was some fun but, as more than half of our battles were on the Ocean map, it become boring with time. I hated CV presence and if this is preview of how next cbs will be then I'm not looking forward to it.
  13. fumtu

    No EU Captain For Sale?

    We got chance to get Cunningham only in Part 2 of event, just like we did with French, Soviet and Italian captain before and just like we will have a chance to get PE captain in Part 2 of PE DDs event. And there is no need to cash grab for 10 pts captain as you can simply buy one of the PE premium ships in the shop (not Armoury) and you will get 10 pts captain with it.
  14. fumtu

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    You didn't even bother to check Hipper armour profile, didn't you. Or Mainz. FYI Hipper can better bowtank than Tallinn. For game purpose it is. Just like Wichita is heavy cruiser even tho it is built on the hull of the light cruiser (Brooklyn class), or Pepsi is heavy cruiser even tho it is originally designated as CL due poor armour but this was changed later because WNT as it had 203mm guns. But for this game Mainz, just like many other cruisers, is just a CL. It doesn't matter how German Navy designated the, If they designate Nurnberg as a battleship for this game it will still be only CL. You can still brawl. If you forget Mainz still has 8 torps per side, even more then Hipper/PE. Luckily this is a game, not a Geman Navy, and this game classify Mainz as CL. So it is a CL. You call it whatever you want it would still be a CL in this game.