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  1. In less than two weeks
  2. It is a good ship, I personally don't consider it OP but neither weak nor a good addition to the game. Is it better then Thunderer or Ohio? In some case yes in other no, it has advantages over them but also disadvantages. Is it worth regrinding 5 lines? That is up to you. As I said it is a good ship but it might not meet your expectations or you may not like its gameplay. My suggestion is to watch some streamer playing it or watch more videos on YT or wait for more stats I personally will get it but just because I have enough RP for it. I would never grind all those lines for the ship no matter how good it is, I only grind for x2 bonus every three month. So if I have enough RP for a ship then good, if not then maybe in time I will but I wouldn't never purposely do it just for one ship.
  3. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    On what? What cruiser are you talking about?
  4. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    Well Slava was a name of battleship of Borodino class.
  5. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    You mean could shell citadel Slava on range due plunging? I don't know, maybe but I doubt you can do that consistently especially with standard BB dispersion on long range.
  6. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    Full broadside sure, you can citadel it. Angled ... well depending on distance and AP pen value at that distance. Its belt armour is 350mm and it is sloped which effectively increase its value. But it can tank if properly angled. Front cheek is 100mm, and considering that citadel behind it is 350mm (so 450mm but effectively probably a somewhat more), it should be possible but again question is at what distance and angle.
  7. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    Slava front and back citadel armour is 350mm but at both bow and stern there is more armour that is not visible in armour preview. Front bulkhead is actually 420mm thick and it is angled. Stern has even more armour, 400mm angled plate and behind that 100mm rudder protection and then 350mm citadel armour. Basically, even tho its bow and stern are overmatchable by 15inch guns, Slava is impossible to citadel through those parts at any range. iChase and Aerroon tested this yesterday and while every hit resulted in full pen damage, they couldn't citadel Slava from bow, not even from 1.1km range. So its armour is not that bad as some people think it is.
  8. Meet @Humorpalanta today in his Hindy. It was a close game but in the end his team throw the win. Still well played
  9. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    Well he did, there is no if. You can check by yourself
  10. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    I suggest you to look again because Yamato did shoot at him (timestamp 3:27). You can even see, while he is zoomed to Yamato that all turrets are pointed to Flamu's Slava.
  11. fumtu

    the slava it comes!

    Why not? 406mm is capable of overmatching DM bow. It is a ship balanced between extreme strengths and weaknesses. Those who know how to aim and position will be able to have exceptional games in it, those who don't will be punished hard. So balanced by potatos falling to perform in it. And sure Flamu could do same in Yamato and Thunderer but not as consistently as in Slava and that is a difference. It has 24km range and the biggest map in WoWs is 48 x 48km. You can't always be angled against everything and this ship has potential to blap you across (almost) whole map. You can fight around one cap and get sniped from around cap on the opposite side of the map. So you really need to be aware where all ships are and what they are doing. And even then, Slava will be able to always find someone who is showing more side then it should. No, it doesn't. But guess what, WG does with Borodino and Florida having the same concept, at least for now.
  12. fumtu

    When will Puerto Rico be available again?

    Pretty much this. Don't expect it in the foreseeable future.