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  1. fumtu

    On a positive note...

    Wait, you didn't tell your family that you are playing WoWs and didn't recruited them into the game? What? Oh ... now I see why it was a bad thing to do that.
  2. fumtu

    On a positive note...

    Good thing is that now you don't have any excuse to spend more time with your family Bad thing is that now you don't have any excuse to spend more time with your family.
  3. fumtu

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    Only changes that could hit Benham are global changes. Unlike those T10 "premiums", Benham is a proper premium and even tho it was not directly sold for money it was obtainable by spending pretty ridicules amount of money on premium boxes for tokens (it needed 54 containers to get enough tokens and one container was something like 4 Euros). So no, there will be no tweaks to Benham and you will either get current version or not get it at all.
  4. fumtu

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    As expected Benham is "available" via Santa Crates with other "special" ship
  5. That is true. I mean flags are not bad but I already have lot of them and would prefer Coal or FXP or Doubloons. But there will probably be lots of fags. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them What WG could do is redistribute steel among T8 and T10 so that basically you still get similar amount as the last year but that would still mean less steel per ship. So some people will still be unhappy with that. But lot of people forget that in theory WG maybe is giving even more then last year just by giving everybody a chance to get T10 US SC and T7 Italian CA compared to last year T6 German BB. But in reality you need to dedicate quite lot of time to get them in the end so many could feel quite disappointed.
  6. If that is your opinion then don't do any T10 snowflake. I know that I will get all mine T10's. You can still get useful stuff from them. At least that is my OP.
  7. Yes but still many players could significantly increase number of T8-T10 ships. For example I have around 15 more ships, 8 of them premiums, that, in the last snowflake event, would earn me steel and I didn't spend any money during the whole year for new premium. That would net me around 2.5k more steal then the last year. And there are people who would get much more then that. Sorry but regularly for steel you need to play CBs or suffer through ranked. And now WG gives you option to get some steel by doing some directives, and you complain that you have to do those directives? I mean what do you expect, to give large amount of steel for very little effort? Is it grind hard? Maybe ... probably. But that is whole different issue. Well you can still get 2.5k of coal per container. But I don't know why they just didn't give you coal for T10. Also not everybody would like coal for T10. There is still a chance to get something good from those containers.
  8. You have to keep in mind that since last Snowflakes events, 2 ships that could earn it are removed but on the same time 20 new premium and 7 new regular ships were added to the game. If WG kept same awards as the last year amount of steel that some players could obtain just by playing coop could be really ridicules. Also don't forget that through directives you could earn additional 2.250 steel and 2.000 more from building Puerto Rico stages. So total amount of steel could easily pass over 6k for just one update which is not insignificant sum.
  9. Sigh... Only one non Swedish DD in my statement is T2 Tatra, an Austro-Hungarian DD. Gryf is just starting ship of the Tree just like Chinese Hashidate is the starting ship of PA tree.
  10. Yup, as I suspect it is pointless to explain. And? Are you suggesting that Black Swan is a DD?
  11. fumtu

    ST - European destroyers

    Yes, Ehrenskold could work. But I don't see any need to move Sweden to their own branch for now. First there would be need to training completely new captain for the line, to provide another premium, preferably before line is released which could be used for training and which should be from T5-T8 range and couple of Sweden cruisers would all need to be premiums as there is not enough of them for a full line. This way WG could use Swedish cruisers as part of global PE cruiser line while giving them some sort of uniqueness in their own DD sub-branch. They can do same for Spanish, Dutch and Polish DDs, while grouping DDs from other European nation in smaller sub-branches or in one mixed sub-branch. For example smaller Yugoslav, Turkish or Greece sub-branch or WG could group them all in one. Also WG already announced that there is always a possibility to move some lines from PE tree so their own separate trees if there is enough ships. This way is much more convenient, it provide some sort of uniqueness for those nations, consistency to the lines, simplify captain retraining as there are already three PE premiums available, simplify things like events and legendary captains.
  12. What Thunderer will be able to do more than it can do now? Not really. Lot of those shells that you could bounce on your 30mm deck and upper belt will now simply overmatch Smol armour. For example Alaska will be able to overmatch its deck or side armour. And plunging fire from the range should now be much more effective vs Smol. It will probably get some buffs and with just 32k of helth and 16mm armour it would be really, like really, squishy. Imagine if you are in Mino but with 11k less HP, no superheal, worse concelament, worse torps and less torps, worse smoke and one less smoke. My guess is that WG could change its heal to compensate for less armour. Mino will suffer no change as it already has 16mm upper belt and deck armour. What SG can do now to Mino will be able to do the same if these changes go alive. No more no less.
  13. Gryf is starting point for all PE ships, not just this DD line but also future lines in PE tree. ORP Bałtyk is armoured cruiser. We don't have a single armoured cruiser in the game and it is questionable will we have any. But even if we do, ORP Bałtyk could never be a T1. If you don't understand why when you see ship stats than it is pointless for me to explain to you. And this is just a first of many PE DD lines. Fact that there is only one DD that doesn't belong to Sweden doesn't mean anything. In the future we could get a sub branch with only Polish DDs in it. So why just not relex and grind these DD till that time.
  14. fumtu

    ST - European destroyers

    Sleipner is Norwegian ship so it would be same thing as with Tatra, in meaning that it would not be a whole Swedish line.
  15. fumtu

    ST - European destroyers

    IMO this approach has way more sense then releasing a mixed line first then plucking ships from it for needs of subbranches. Several navies, like Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Spanish, could more or less give their own DD line while some others could provide smaller subbranch or one or two for mixed line. But on the other hand very few could give full cruiser line. In this way WG could make several national DD subranches while using all their cruisers for single cruiser line. This way it would be much easier if by time they want to extract some navy from PE tree and give it its own tree. And while keeping all those navies grouped in one subbranch instead of creating multiple lines from start they make captain training much more easier.