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  1. fumtu

    ST, New Ships - Italians Cruisers

    I guess that could be true for Genoa, Trieste and Zara as 203mm could overmatch every cruiser bow up to T6. For higher tiers that could depend on pen value as vs broadside targets, AP will probably be better choice. But I guess SAP will be more usable due pen angles on anything that is angled.
  2. fumtu

    ST, New Ships - Italians Cruisers

    I guess that you'll rarely deal that much damage unless you hit a citadel. If it work like HE that would mean 33% damage per pen initially. AP will probably have better penetration then SAP.
  3. fumtu

    WG: Will Benham be put up for sale in the Premium shop?

    While I agree that missions, both directives and economic missions for Savage Battles, where not that hard and were achievable, requirement to finish both daily missions for 24 out of 25 days was ridicules. And this requirement tied 100 tokens as final and 6 tokens for every day you missed to do this. I played every day and got Benham but toward the event ending I was annoyed as hell as it was exhausting and because I knew that if I missed some for whatever reason all that effort might be for nothing. And, if I want to get Benham, I would need to pay money for container which offers nothing I want except very small amount of tokens. I could even understand if they required 21 out of 28 days so at least you have one free week but only one day as margin for failure is bad design to me. I would understand if everything was same but instead of 15 they offered larger amount of tokens in containers but just to get Benham from containers you would need to buy 54 containers! And beside tokens rest of the things in those containers are more or less easy to get just by playing. This was badly designed event and I hope that WG will learn something and change for next events. If they wanted for Benham to be no easy to obtain they could do it with still more friendly designed event.
  4. fumtu


    Ships like Akizuki and Kitakaze will eat her quite quickly. Smoke wouldn't mean much as there were a lot of radars now at high tiers. For example when Kitakame was active there was none, US Cruisers didn't have radars and there wasn't penalty for shooting from smoke. Don't judge how good Kitatami would be by good it was. It's gunpower is abysmal and lot of lower tier DDs could outgun it really easy. Its AA is non existent so CV would hunt it with easy. With 10km torps it needs to be quite close without being spotted which sound almost impossible especially if there is a DD nearby. And as soon as she is spotted she will evaporate. If you give her longer range torps there would be probably a lot of team kills as many will torps from as far behind as they cold. It is a relic of the old times when WoWs was way simpler and "smaller".
  5. fumtu

    WG: Will Benham be put up for sale in the Premium shop?

    Probably but I doubt you'll seen it soon. If they release it now they will just undermine any future event as people will just ignore event and its loot containers and wait to buy reward ships after the event ends. WG did spend a lot time and resource in developing those events and they want for people to play them. And there is possible outrage by people who actually bought containers to get tokens so they could buy ship. Imagine if WG put ship in the shop after event for much less money what would be their reaction. I believe it would be obtainable in the future, at least through Christmas containers. But in the shop immediately after event? I doubt it.
  6. This is a really good offer for Nueve. With Hood this is the best offer this Summer Sale so far. After Krapy Kream of course.
  7. Maybe second worse. So far nothing could beat Nachi mission. The Great Naval Battles were close too. But it is very badly designed.
  8. Savage mode is not bad. My Clan tried to sync drop in the battle so there sometimes were up to 8 ships from the same clan. That was really fun.
  9. fumtu

    Pizza Navy!!!

    One from Reddit
  10. fumtu

    Pizza Navy!!!

    They will have SAP and AP only, no HE.
  11. fumtu

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Premium cruiser is (paper) T5 Genoa with 4x2 203mm guns (if I understand correctly)
  12. fumtu

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Seems like t8 to T10 are all based on Ansaldo design T8 Verona - 3x3 203mm T9 Torino - 4x3 203mm T10 Milano - 5x3 203mm
  13. fumtu

    Pizza Navy!!!

    You just need to look what WG did with GC. If that is not a crime against Italians then I don't know what is.
  14. fumtu

    Radar at Tier V?

    Yes it could be late last year whit all those radar mechanic and range changes.