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  1. What guns? Kittakami as torpedo cruiser had only 4 guns but even then it could at any time use only 3 of them. You could hardly defend yourself against anything unless its already on very low HP.
  2. Even better we should get USS Salem as Graf Spee and HMS Sheffield as Ajax. Wouldn't that be great?
  3. So basically you want another premium that is straight better than its silver counterpart. Tell would you trade something for "enhanced rudder mod or a smidge extra concealment" like smidge worse reload or range?
  4. Nobody is forcing you to play them. Yes they have some weaknesses but I generally like them. Currently at T7 and it's a quite good ship.
  5. Sure Shima is not easy ship to balance mostly because those 3x5 torp launchers. I would like to see additional decrease of torpedo detection range for majority of IJN dds but seems that WG is quite reluctant to do that. First step for Shima IMO should be a decreasing of detection range somewhere around 5.5km. It should have best detection among all T10, not like now when she can be outspotted/detected at the same time by dds that could gun s*** out of it at that range. I think that just this will give Shima a better survivability. And after that work with fine tuning of torps detection range or reload time. I don't think that return of IJN HE alpha is reasonable thing to expect, don't get me wrong I would like that, but I doubt WG will go that way. If WG wants to add DWT for Shima in this way than it should be as option, one of the two choices for torps in game not before it, because DWT that can only hit BBs and CVs is not very useful. Also TRB on Shima is sheer stupidity.
  6. DWT that can hit only BB & CV, TRB on Shima ... yup this is probably one of WG's worst ideas. With those torps you have 5 targets tops per game and for all others you have to use guns which are probably the worst among all T10 dds. It would be better if they gave Shima option to choose between those DWT and regular as DWT only works on practically one class as you can hit CV only by chance. TRB for ship with 15 torps is nonsense. Why simple not reduce reload time on torps. Much better option would be increase concealment to 5.5-5.6km for example.
  7. No dd is immune to be sunk in the smoke with torps. PA DD can strugle only if enemy dd out-gun it for example Akizuki will probably be one of their worst enemy. But against other dds you have a fair chance. Sure other dds have advantage in torps but you still can avoid them if you are careful. In gunfight Yueyang is basically same as Gearing and outcome only depends on their HP and captain skill. They still can wreck IJN dds tho.
  8. USN Cruiser line split

    WG usually goes with doubling premium camos, one for ships that is replaced and one for ship that take its place. But we can only guess what will happen with 2nd Anniversary Camo? My guess it will stay with new Balty at T8. Another camo that maybe could be specific is Cleveland Halloween Camo (Type 12 if I'm not wrong). It's questionable will these two camos follow same pattern as standard premium camos or there will be some specific cases just for them.
  9. You have to do 5 wins in any PA DD. Then the captain with whom you won last fifth battle will receive 129k XP.
  10. Yes, If they stay alone with BBs and cruisers they are strong but if they have to count on enemy dds than there could be a problem. They good in dd vs dd fight but they are really vulnerable when rushed in smoke, especially those lower and mid-tier ones which don't have as fast turret rotation as T8-10 have.
  11. USN Cruiser line split

    Well you'll get something, that is for sure either T6 Dallas of credit compensation for T6 Pensacola. I hope Dallas too as that will make easer to grind to Helena
  12. USN Cruiser line split

    As far as I understand all this: If you have Pensacola you should get new T6 Pensacola and new T7 CA New Orleans. If you have New Orleans you should get new T7 New Orleans and new T8 CA Baltimore If you have Baltimore you should get new T8 Baltimore and new T9 Buffalo If you have Cleveland you should get new T8 Cleveland and either new T6 Pensacola or T6 Dallas, I'm not sure about this but probably Pepsi. So if you grind Pepsi to NO, you should have unlocked new T8 Balty.
  13. Aigle class was quite large, fully loaded their displacement was larger than Fletcher. It heave some strengths but it's far from Khaba. Without speed Boost its speed is average and turret rotation is quite slow. Captain build should be similar to Leny captain. Yes arcs looks bad but still 15km range (with AFT) at T6 dd .... too much.
  14. Had @44smok in my team yesterday. Just like me he was grinding new T3 PA dd Phra Ruang or something like that. He did a great job and was on top of our team on the score board, with me ending the third.
  15. At T2 there was 100+ dds in queue but on T3 and T4 I had 30-40 but in couple of games I played with them I didn't wait longer then 10 to 20 sec. But on T2 is totally different story.