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  1. F353

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    The "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event With Update 0.8.2, the final part of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event begins. Its rules are similar to those of the previous parts, except for the difference that this time there is only one Stage consisting of four Directives, each comprising 10 missions. The event’s Directives will be unlocked on a weekly basis, and must be completed in a sequential order. Various in-game items, permanent space camouflage patterns for researchable U.S. and French Tier VI–IX heavy cruisers, and Naval Aviation containers are the rewards for completing its missions and Directives. Great! More camos I don't want for ships I don't have It would be nice if you could give us the opportunity to get rid of camos and flags in the Inventory
  2. F353

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Know the feeling
  3. F353

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    According to article on Developers blog there will be an event in 0.8.3 where you can win T4-T8. And the line goes live in 0.8.4 https://medium.com/@devblogwows/competition-victory-df5479bd04cf?fbclid=IwAR119AwNkagRjxI-BFBeSoFTU4xNYmnNtdLu4n01NOPZ3rlM9or9buLratQ
  4. F353

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Any chance of a discount on Free XP conversion ?
  5. F353


    I would like to be able to get rid of premium camos for ships that I no longer have in port. At the moment I have 37 camos of this type in the inventory and it would be nice to get rid of them.
  6. F353

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    How is the rating calculated ? The leading clan ended with 82 stars collected and a rating of 251 and in 11th place you have a clan with a 123 stars collected and a rating of 247. My own clan ended with a win and 87 stars collected and a rating of 155. What am I missing ?
  7. The post reads: "Less than an hour ago, we wrapped up the World of Warships presentation featuring Konstantin Vessery Pavlov and Sergey WG_Wolfwood Tarasov at WG Fest 2018. To start off, our colleagues reminisced about the years most memorable moments:" So I think they are referring to the 3 branches we got in 2018 French BBs US Cruiser split UK DDs
  8. Oh now it makes sense So it is an extra extra
  9. Commonwealth Week Discounts and bonuses: +50% XP bonus for the first win of the day Isn't that what we get every day ?
  10. F353

    July Calendar

    I wonder if this will spark another set of rumors about an US cruiser split
  11. F353

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    I have had her in port for at least a year and a half and I am still having a blast each time I take her into battle
  12. F353

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    As a proud owner and long time fan of this marvelous ship please allow me to join.
  13. F353

    Server Issues - 03/05

    There seems to be some "hickups" today as well
  14. F353

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I just tried out some new builds on the Shipcomrade Captain Skill Calculator and noticed that the amount of XP you have to grind on the commander to earn the skill points has increased quite a lot. As far as I can calculate you will need 80 k XP more to get the 10th skill point in the new system than in the old. It starts leveling out past the 13th skill point but it first breaks even after the 16th skill point and then the amount is reduced dramatically. In his post Kandly said that the speed of progression was slightly reduced in the early stages but the increase in XP needed for the 13th skill point is 34,67 % (from 331900 to 447000) which for me at least is quite a lot. I know of course that the figures are based on the testserver and therefore subject to change It also depend on how the change is implemented. If it is an even trade meaning that we keep the skill points and the XP earned towards the next skill point nobody will notice the difference but if it is based on the amount of XP earned by the commanders at the time of the change it is another story. As for me I have 49 commanders at the moment and only one of them will benefit. Example: My RN CL commander has 9 Skill points (65900 XP) + 22470 XP towards the next skill point totaling 88370 XP earned. That will change to 8 Skill points (88000 XP) + 370 XP towards the next skill point. Please note that Kandly's post says that we will be compensated but doesn't state how so I guess we will have to wait and see.
  15. F353

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    It might be just me getting tired but that actually does make sense