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  1. ArkIndoril

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. ArkIndoril

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    Just chiming in to add that I was intending to buy some of the premium containers today and am disappointed to see they have been removed from sale, was under the impression that they would be sold until 0.7.8 based on the comments that we would be able to spend the tokens in the arsenal until that point does not make much sense to me that they would preclude the paying option to acquire more tokens at the point people would feel most motivated to spend money to get some final goodies.
  3. ArkIndoril

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter, thanks for this aswell 1. Roma or if not available Tirpitz 2. Mutsu 3. doubloons 4. doubloons 7. doubloons 8. Tachibana
  4. ArkIndoril

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    This is the first ranked season ive taken truly seriously, season 5 I played just to get the flag at rank 15, season 6 I played until I got the free doubloons at 11, current season as people have pointed out has less of the whole premium thing, the lack of belfast meta which drove me off season 6 is not to be underestimated when people say how great this one is. I started out at I think was rank 17, playing mainly warspite, did a bit of arizona but I found I perfomed in the spite better, im not a particulary great player and im a truly awful DD captain, 17 to 10 was a breeze practically, after that I stopped and considred if it was realistic for me to continue, I did sticking with just the spite and was having a pretty good time, fair to say I became skilled with the spite, 64% win rate and 72k avg dmg peaked at I think 67% & 78k, then I hit rank 5 on thursday of last week, thats when it..changed. Ok people had said it changes at the next bracket but boy didnt think it was that different, pre 5 I could actually carry a game and I did on a number of occasions and generally came out pretty good, I estimate maybe 20/25% rate of saved star losses, post rank 5 my performance uhh..went down, ok it wasnt helped by that 10 game loss streak I had on friday, stats was sliced to 55% win rate and barely 60k avg dmg, I bounced between 6 - 5 for 4 days, I just couldnt carry anymore, after some loss streaks I really thought about it, the spites lack of range was a real problem at these ranks, moving ahead of the other BBs was suicide now, and the squishyness, was to much now, I do know how to angle and take the blows, that worked before it wasnt working now. I did breakdown and try the fuso for a bit but I couldnt get myself in that whole campy sniper HE firing mode, a WoWS lifetime of perma brawling had left me unable to go through with it, tried the arizona again still didnt have as much success with its shotgun method as the spites slice cannons, then randomly the thought came to me of the bayern, I hadnt considred it earlier prefering to stick with the warspite, but I thought its got better range and actuall armour in exchange for german dispersion, I started using it and intially had mixed feelings, I used both and started to advance again, I did adjust my gameplay, mainly by playing a lot more conservatively, it really is something the difference between pre & post 5, one you can push, im talking about contesting with support not suicide rushing and with sufficent skilled angling between volleys can actually carry the game, the other approaching the cap is death, the smoke camping thing people spoke of in high tiers is nakedly obvious, mid to high line gunnery duels replace mid to brawl range engagements vast majority of the time, I have had some success even in rank 5 with the warspite but I still feel at this stage its failing, those crazy pens it takes in gunnery duels, bayerns more..boring but its more reliable and I realised thats it, boring is more valuable at high ranked. Now im at rank 4 with 195 battles, 55% win rate and 59k avg dmg, and im considering if I can do it, to rank out, I really would like to but im also realistic we have 5 days left, if its worth me putting in the effort at this point, so im also asking what more experianced ranked players think here, I do have plans to go away on thursday and I doubt il do it in one day I can rearrange but is it worth it, can I rank out in the time left? or have I come as far as I can this season?, thanks for your input.
  5. ArkIndoril

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    Last week on the sunday or monday evening I was on skype with my best bud, who I succesfuly got well into WoWS, talking about the summer sale, I was saying how I would withhold on purchasing new ships after missing the belfast, how I would hold my cash for this final bundle which would either be all the ships on sale together or some other collection of ships and premium time. He had actually missed the news on it to begin with so I was filling him in on the details, explaining it was daily sales to begin with and we would not know what would come next, he didnt much like that but I brushed it off "the end bundle is the real deal" I said "focus on how good 50% off is" I continued. It was at that point I went on how this was the best sale we had ever had, how finally at long last things were looking up for us the EU server, how we had passed through the times of pain and would now get our due, yes I harped on about how generally awesome this was, the sales, the chance to earn smith ingame with doable criteria and even how the weeks mission was reasonable which signaled a new non incredibly horrible age for EU server. My bud at this point let out a whistling sound, this is WGEU he said, weve thought this before remember how in the end they gave us the xmas convoys he said, this is WGEU wait for the other shoe to drop, theyl pull something in the end that will completely dash these dreams of this new era he said, no no I said this is for real, they cant screw this up, not after everything, this has to be when we finally get something our way....you get the idea. So yeah pretty disappointed, to say the least, and preparing to eat some humble pie aswell, thanks WGEU never one to pass a opportunity to bend us over and remind us just what we are eh.
  6. ArkIndoril

    Summer sales

    To any WG employee that may read this, you want to make money right? you want our cold hard cash you want our rock solid legal tender in exchange for some pixels in a MOBA yes? great, now heres how to get it, you make all the daily sales available on the final weekend, this weekend right now, so all the people who held off on buying to see what was available the following days and for the so called grand bundle will now put down there money for these sales, you get our cash that you would have missed out on, its a win win for you. I know this isnt exactly a outline for a "actual" grand bundle and you can still do that, in conjunction with the strategy outlined above, you can do both and get even more money, genius I know, praise and acclamations are not required.
  7. ArkIndoril

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    I like many im sure, did not partake of buying new ships in the sales as I was waiting for the final bundle under the justifiable belief that it would be some kick-[edited]multiple ship/premium time deal, which it seems we were all expecting Now I feel considerable gut renching dissapointment, like the bottom of my stomach fell, at the sight of this so called final bundle, needles to say you have lost out on a large purchase from me, so good job WGEU you managed to turn what was building up to be the best sales/event weve had into ashes in my mouth, gosh I just feel this sudden urge to spend more and more money in the future on this game, literally being pushed into future purchases by all this goodwill, I have no control anymore...so, good job WGEU really GJ. oh and the tirpitz? seriously? the one premium ship that virtually every player in the game owns by now, the one ship that has been so heavily flogged in the past, with countless special events, offers, packages, and being put on discounted sale, thats the one ship you pick?.
  8. ArkIndoril

    Summer Sale Disappointment

    Personally I am dissapointed in no Alabama but I do have my fingers crossed for the final bundle and that includes a chunk of premium time, just hope it isnt some crazy 400 quid every premium thing The sales have been very good, price wise atleast, and I do somewhat regret now hesitating and missing the belfast but to be fully honest, talking to my friends that play WoWS many say how they are dissapointed with the selection on offer, with the general exception of the belfast the ships dont seem to have elicited much interest, comments have been made along the lines they offered the stuff they couldnt shift normally, to be fair I agree.
  9. ArkIndoril

    Summer sales

    Im still hoping for Leningrad and/or Alabama..
  10. ArkIndoril

    Summer Sales and Smith Shenanigans


    are the sales for premium or tech tree ships? or both?, it isnt that clear
  11. ArkIndoril

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    holy ****** ******* crap i just did it 5 stars, on the 29th attempt (no joke) this time when I outlined what we have to kill and how to proceed, they actually followed what I was saying, it was that simple.....well considering it didnt work the 28 other times, logic dictates its not simple at all.
  12. ArkIndoril

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    the final objective "do not let enemy reinforcements enter the haven" does anyone have more details on this one?, it sometimes is completed at random, atleast it seems that way
  13. ArkIndoril

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    20 battles, not one 5 star completion not gonna lie, its starting to affect my perception of the game and my fellow players, in a bad way I now cling to the desperate hope that posting here will reverse my luck and end this streak.
  14. ArkIndoril

    Disconnecting in Literally every single match.

    Ive started to notice connection problems aswell, lag spikes and today disconnections, not normal for me to DC like this, this evening was particulary brutal, in my last match just now before i logged off due to it, I was DCing nearly every 2 minutes, not exactly ideal play conditions.
  15. ArkIndoril

    Error when try to log

    I wanted to add that I am getting this error aswell