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  1. well im not a huge DD fan but i must say the whole PAN asian line but T5 and T8 are incredibly fun and good als its quite diverse while the style is somewhat the same most ships have quite their own character. imho it was the most fun line of all the DD lines and the bets part is the T10 is even good for competetive formats
  2. Montana or Kurfurst

    if youre verry good at aiming and positioning and have a competetive mindset the montana is the bst T10 bb for you if you dont care about wining as much and like to be a pushing bully the GK could be the ship you have more fun in
  3. Mystery bag - What did you get?

    schrödingers bag i like it so i can finally obtain the gremy if i dont open my next sc i have it .... finally... sort of
  4. well i suspect what the line really needed was RN acceleration. i have a disliking for highly situational ships (not every battle can be fun if certain criterea arent met)
  5. Massachusetts Balancing: - grab a big square object - get a small round hole - hit it with a verry heavy hammer as long as needed
  6. witness the birth of a shitstorm lol
  7. #stalingrad changes - first version seems overlyspecialized and even more wiered than the current one - second version retains 35mm gets HE at the price of awesomeTM pen angles. honestly although the ap seemed awesome i rather have versatile ship than something that is so specialized its often useless. with those two options i might have even chosen the current one? Disclaimer: i dont have the ships nor have i tested them only speaking from experiance interpreting the data given.

    LOL this again....
  9. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    i cant say much about the distribution cause after ~80+ sc's ive yet to get a ship
  10. the more i see of the USN CL the more i think USN CL's need RN accelration behavior.
  11. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    your argument fails cause theres a deadline you would be right if there was no deadline. most people also have certain commitments as work or fulltime education which may shorten that deadline. so ranked can be verry stressfull for players even if they are good.
  12. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    oh you see them on EU too
  13. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    i was only reffering to paying ranked for dubloons ...but dubloons cant buy you everything
  14. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    .... the best thing about ranked is when youre done and dont have to play it any more *before someone complains this is non constructive consider this: ranked is by construction verry stressfull and this seasons changes magnified this to an extend where the fun that could be had in previous season is overshadowed by the flaws to such an extend that it is not fun at all. ranked needs to change (back?). the base xp system needs to be balanced map setups need to be less "splitting" therfore encourage active teamplay more maybe even giving stars not only for wins but also for tasks (maybe even ship class specific) -> getting 5 caps gain a star die 10 times loose a star or something along the lines on top of the current system
  15. well if i wanted the 2500 dubloons id rather suck c*** in a trainstation toilet to get the money buying those than to play ranked for it......