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  1. i just hope they are inteligent and dont wann F us by bringnig it during ranked season
  2. all i read is: "tell me which ship has the most accurate guns so i can exploit them and kill all the other noobs"
  3. my 3 issues with the camo: - its a huge lead indicator "how to aim at dunq. citadel better" - one side is wrong (blue doed not extend behind the barrier for waves - look at the backside) - it has a huge french flag on it
  4. THIS people always complained there not much teampy now people smoke up their team and the mechanic gets removed? i know smoked up games aren verry "fun" if theres to much smoke but i like to see a solution where its nut just unviable to help your team with smoke
  5. yes i see that but they can adjust - stuff like make 155m guns and below not affact smoke - and or making the timers less harsh - making you not affect your own smoke the good thing i see about the change is that it would break the chain smoke your whole team in competetive thats all that is needed, those proposed changes would sadly do more but the basic idea is somewhat good
  6. well i like the idea of smoke screens working that way but that will - competely screw RN cruisers - sounds a litle bit harsh all over the board (penalty timers too big) [edit] also i can now see ships sitting behind their smoke to not get the timer.
  7. if you had followed the discusion you would have noticed that my point was that it is possible to balance ships like the kirov by making it tanky or squishier to balance for the guns but that more often than not this path is a bad choice because it gives people trouble in the line. as seen with the kirov which is imho a strong ship but people complain about it a lot. thus i concluded WG noticed this and tried to maintain as much charactersitics down the line one of which is calibre. (as seen in the line of german BBs) i agree with that decision aslong as WG implements the real ships as premiums (like the scharn) because this is a good way of achieving a coherent line that people can enjoy they figured out the concept of the line without adjusting to odd duck ships. so i can understand lots of critisim about WG they make lots of mistakes but sticking to coherent line design imho is one of the few things where they show sense and reason in terms of game design.
  8. how does caliber beeing not the only variable contradicting that a sooth progression is not possible if you change any of them dramatically? the argument about the kirov was the other way around the Kirov is an example why its bad to have an bad calibre progression. so there were two arguments going on that went into diffrent directions now you try and hold something against my "kgv 14" is bad" that was supposed to show why the choices on the kirov had to be that way (if you wanted to fit that ship on that tier)...
  9. furu has a completely diffrent gun profile than rusian guns now you want to break not only caliber but the other gun charakteristics of the line? and you really think that would make for a better experiance??? no its not as above you cant simply just see the caliber alone you need to take into account the other gun characteristics of a line that make them somewhat coherent. if you brake all this just to squeeze in something... we would end up with terrible lines . so for the sake of not breaking all the other gun characteristics of the rusian line the kirov got really squishy (and somewhat lazy arcs, but keept the HE/AP fundametals and range profile)
  10. and what you think why is it squishy? might it be because else the guns would make it insanely op?
  11. i usually win the next ranked game after a prayer ceremony to Chthulu if i still loose ill sacrifice a goat after 3 losses in a row i sacrifice a cow i managed to advance to rank 2 now so it has clearly worked give it a try!
  12. guess what ship people complain about cause they cant handle the change? do you think its a coincidence they tried to avoid that in the german BB tree? imho i didnt think i ever would find a reason to defend Wg but here it is. gneisenau scharn handling is way more than a money grab. it allowed them to put in one ship as historical while keeping the other one in line with the rest of the line its a win win, unless you dont have any money to spend on a game you like. what german debacle???
  13. well thats to be discussed the problem is that wg wants smooth tree progression (and imho rightfully so) i dont mind a papership in the tree to smooth it out aslong as we get the real ships sooner or later. the KGV or the Vanguard are ODD Ducks, and they would be way better off as a Prem like the scharnhorst. (for that matter the gneisenau scharn issue was done realy well by WG imho, apart from the scharn beeing borderline OP)
  14. well i'd say its prob best on a leander where you maybe want those faster turrets and jack of all imho i cant find a ship where i want all 3 skills since AR is too good to skip so choose the skills you like best and go with the ship that uses 2 out of 3
  15. leander maybe but is a completely diffrent role. de gasse and molotov are atrong but they are more of a one trick pony outside of their comfort zone they are really bad the cleveand is imho stronger because it can handle more sotuations than those too and still shines in its niche