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  1. Gojuadorai

    Submarine gameplay and mechanics - what would you like to see?

    NO SUBS IN THIS GAME !* *we can talk as soon as they have delivered a decent way of pitting CVs into the game....
  2. jup 4 gefechte eu prime und 12 gefechte auf ru server das sind 16 und mehr als 5 aufm andern server.... freunde im clan haben das gleiche problem
  3. habe nichts bekommen trotz mehr als 10 gefechten die die kriterien erfüllten
  4. Gojuadorai

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    i garee it mostly failed what it was set to do curious thing is i was saying that all alnong but only yet you can find a decent ammount of people agreeing to that
  5. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Not possible you would need to know the result in advance. EVEN IF you would be able to assume coorectly when the player distribution is like you assume youd still have to prove that it is this way else youre operation on an axiom. so you mean you should play hundreds of games in your stable axiomatic test environment you cant proove? your basically assuming you can create that siutuation... which you cant and you want to use random patterns as as proof they are not random....lel i dont think this is working like you think it is your basically mixing macroscopic values and infinitesimals uhm no not even if what you suggest is true im getting the notion you cobeled together a crazy theory that isnt even falsifyable (as well as unproveable) and therefore completely useless
  6. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    i call BS on that, theres no purpose to that why would WG go through the troubble clogging up MM with this when there are already so much constraints on the MM.... untill someone delivers cold hard facts i refuse to belive this , so far i havnt seen anything which would be an indicator of anything but random MM with constraints imposed by shipclass and tier
  7. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    so youre trying to disprive something universally true with an argument that doesnt hold up to the premise? you dude have 27 battles which is verry low count in the ship youre trying to use as an argument to have a even remotely stable number you need to have about a 100+ games get couple 100 games in it and your wr will closely reflect your skill sidenote: thats why people invented PR as an estimator for the long term stable winrate but sadly they build it arrund damage (50-75%) weight which is a horrible estimator for wr....
  8. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    No you wouldnt since you would be assigned to the winning or loosing side predetermined according to your assinged winrate (if you exclude randomness)
  9. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    thats not true if everyone had a fixed asigned winrate and teams would be composed so this rate is held stable not everyone would have a 50% and still couldnt influence it
  10. Gojuadorai

    How does Skill effects WR?

    How can you disagre with mathematical facts ? as the number of games aproches infinity the likelyhood of beeing the result of "luck" converges to 0 now go vote trump
  11. Gojuadorai

    Pre-setups for ships

    useless proposal for people who are to lazy to think about stuff in advance and cant play unless they run the optimal build lol.....
  12. Gojuadorai

    [Poll] AA sector reinforcement, are you using it efficiently?

    well i mostly use it but my problem is theres not much to efficiently use..... its even less to do and less to decide right than the old system i would have wished for something more complex and dynamic
  13. Gojuadorai

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    Grinds are way too easy since they introduced that many XP camos and flags. and what makes it worse..... WG is giving a high tier entry point into lines now grinds are just over way to quick
  14. Gojuadorai

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    yes and no. i assume the new system can be balanced in a resonable timeframe IF the right path is taken. but even IF this happens the more pressing question is, was something positive achieved? and on that front im not as optimistic
  15. Gojuadorai

    Jean Bart or Salem?