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  1. lol so you wanna put the rich on t9 with nerfed sec rang in favor of better aa? yeah that will do..... NOT the small difference in sigma and the T9 slot isnt enough to make it viable on t9 since while not beein terrible its not a verry good t8 to start with
  2. Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    Yeah lets make Tier 9 new Tier 10
  3. you only supported your argument with guns and dmg so i critizised exactly that because thats the part on the ship done badly ... now youre saying I reduced the discusion to the gus ...lol
  4. tehre are two answers: - The tecnical is when its exceedes long term winrate of about 58-60% - The defining one is probably put this way: "when it has an advantage in nearly everything over its availible compareable ships"
  5. sry i verry strongly disagree a ship that performs nearly the same for someone with good and someone with bad aim alike is certainly not the way to balance a ship..... its the way to balance good vs bad players which IMHO is not desireable (a bad player might disagree here )
  6. @ french boats T8 & T9 is WG serious?? a 20% dpm nerf for a mildly interesting consumeable?
  7. Smurfing, how many do it?

    why would anyone smurf in wows ? since theres no skilldependant MM smurfing is effectively wasting your time
  8. if i remember correctly the GC had cruiser dispersion ~127m? with meh sigma so that would be other way arround
  9. U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    pretty much that its okish i just wouldnt put it into a list of strong boats
  10. U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    no they dont all but the warchester and helena suck
  11. Stalingrad! which version you prefer?

    i dont really see any way of balancing a ship with AP only without the improved autobunce angles it could be countered by slight angling (even with those mproved angles it can be countered!) every player with half a braincell could just negate 90% of your dmg output You want monsterous DPM ACC and PEN to compensate for that? well for you i add the version anyway...
  12. Stalingrad! which version you prefer?

    Current discussion made me wonder which group of people is for which version and who should have a say in the character of the ship....
  13. nobody acted as if it had to be or deserved to be OP. why the hell you and some other assuming that everyone arguing of it having Ap only improved autobounce angle want and will only accept the most broken version of it (2nd round version 1 ) of that ship??? theres absolutley no ground to asume so. the first version tested together with 25mm+ citadel (either or both) nerf (a combination never tested) would probably a a well balanced ship that retains the unique factor. there is enough room to balance ! the 2nd round V1 is not the only posibility stop acting like it was and everyone who wants the Ap only is arguing for it
  14. that has to be seen the dunq is an od duck (one of the worst ships in terms of fotting a class in this game) and aditionally its terribly balanced so yeah you got a point but no argument when the ship has and fits a clas reasonably well the time period where its from IS in fact a strong guideline where to place it. mostly both things coincide cause ships got faster and bigger with time. so placing a supersized ceruiser in an BB slot at lower tiers/older designs would break that twofold... i do not get why people think of the SUper sized cruiser "BC's" as inherently unbalanced. also people ignore that BC=/= BC when they argue that amagi as a "BC" is a BB but kronstadt is a CA they totaly neglect the origin of the desings and the design goal. sry one of the most modern ships (i generally ignore the russians in that regard cause of reasons) that is as much an assumption as mine you cant possibly claim youre more right than i am also 4-5 BB a game so is within reasonable bounds 4 would be exactly 1/3rd if you ignore cvs thats exactly equal distribution. and 5 isnt far from it.
  15. GZ you just made my point. just cause you could doesnt mean you should. youre of the opinion BB numbers are to high? why not give people that like BBs an alternative that is a BB ish cruiser, might even get people to like full fletched cruisers... i dont think the most modern ships in this game should be put to T6-T7 just to make them a BB with the amout of fanboys they have ot would not exactly help to reduce BB numbers would it?