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  1. Gojuadorai

    Auction results

    bid all dubs i had 26k (all obtained through playing) got it dont care i seem to have massively overspend since i dont play the game much any more but i finaly got the one that always got away...
  2. @MrConway bisher hattes du meinen respekt für die arbeit mit der comunity.... aber solche stetements sind so absurd und lachaft, das ich selbst in der position als angestellter für WG meine probleme hätte das so zu äusern. das einzige ziel dieses grinds ist es leute abzuzocken, indem sie dazu animiert werden es für möglich zu halten, um dann der sunk cost fallacny zu erliegen. und das an weihnachten....ohne jegliche scham und ohne jeglichen versuch dies zu kaschieren..... das nenne ich mal um nett zu bleiben mutig....
  3. dunno if its legit to call me a forum member any more ive pretty much given up on the place nah just was focused by the enemy team while most of oure team was occupied making sure their shlongs are still there.... (tbf im not a verry good DD player and dont like the line)
  4. Gojuadorai

    Alsace vs. Bourgogne: I choose Alsace

    everyone who preferes alsace over bourg is a giant noob. case closed.
  5. NO ! cause not only rentals more often than not have a skillevel that is not on pair they also have a secondary effect: the ranks are crowded with non rental that also do not have suficient skill to be say R10or better atm. they only got there cause they could win angainst the even worse rental players. in itself that wouldnt be too much of a problem but what makes ranked truely awfull is if the skill level is terribly inhomogenious. what ranked would need to make it less unbeareable would be a more homogenious/contiouus distribution of skill levels through ranks. but this season it just got the oposite.....
  6. Gojuadorai

    coal and steel

    your feelings are subjective and cant be wrong your opinion is also subjective but it can be false.... e.g. if youre of the opinion 2+2=lama youre wrong !
  7. Gojuadorai

    coal and steel

    this is even more objectively false than any of mr trumps lies.....
  8. my guess he wants to youse remote access in a session to play together
  9. Gojuadorai

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    Dont bs us... this is a general nerf.,..... no need just alow us do it manually... yes please make a decent aa system ....
  10. Gojuadorai

    Soviet Battleships, another WG fail !?

    stopped reading right there.....
  11. if they really reowrk the pen WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT then they should make it dependant on caliber X mass and not caliber alone....
  12. Gojuadorai

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    the back sas so cheap so they did not have to compensate people with too much steel for the seasons.... typical WG rip off move not surprised at all. its comon practice in video games to devalue past achivements to keep people playing...
  13. Gojuadorai

    HMS Audacious - carpet bombers

    as soon as someone can get me the values (width and length) its easy... dont have the time to look through all sites if they list them somewhere
  14. Gojuadorai

    HMS Audacious - carpet bombers

    i took more of an issue in the fact you ² it thereby A=B which it is not assuming B1 is roughly same a B2 they also cancel out so the calc would be 5.4/4.3 =1.256 => 25.6% larger area and not 50+% which is about the factor two! so the real value will ly inbetween but is also sgnificantly depending on difference in B....