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  1. are the stats any diffrent from the alabama?
  2. yeah no radar for germans but the pan-asian WW2 high tech armies get it...
  3. since they appeared i only do TYL containers and including 11sc's from the event i probably opened about 50-60+ SC's and did not get one F*** ship..... so YEAH you were lucky....
  4. well so since the nikolai isnt better than every silver BB anymore they can start selling it again
  5. it is literally the bright future..... you know....all the bruning ships......
  6. ABLE = 46% WR 689 WTR... 9.5k games *sry i dont usualy do this but that one just screamed for it .....
  7. so the shells have the same weight and air drag? (-> balistics) like i said theres thes data i cant look up....
  8. do they have the same vertical dispersion though? i dont like the warspite (appart from its guns) and i hated the QE esp since i feelt like the guns are not as accurate i compared the data and the horizontal and sigma should make it more accurate but i couldnt shake the ffeling that there is a difference, only thing left would be a difference in vertical dispersion....and i dont know where to find data on it
  9. so what? i had a 14 game loose streak and i had a 16 games win streak (atleast those are the longest i can remember ) if you play enough such things happen!
  10. while its a bit offtopic but Notser has (IMHO) hit the issue spot on in this video: its not about RN BB's but it also applies to the situation. i really think this change would worsen the situation on top of the RN BB line it also should be noted that this nerf to BB AP will implicitly buf RN BB's relative to other nations BBs (because they always hacve the right amo loaded when a wild DD apears) dunno if thats really needed @ WG
  11. youre most likely wrong about this one... why? cause you atribute something to the ships that is most likely an trait of the player. MOST (not all) of the players that are already that high in the RN BB line (KGV or higher) are pretty experianced players that know how to work with your team. (imho i can see no trait in RN BB's that would make me teamplay more than in other BB's)
  12. ill try and answer them as good as possible 1.) AP is able to di significant dmg to cruisers while that is trrue the devastating strike potential thats is often cited can be mitigated alot by cruisers, most cruisers are able to either doge or bounce bb shells of their belt (or both) while you might eat a citadel quite often that is rarely an huge issue and is just something that happens. so for further argumentation lets assume the normal shoots you take as a (skilled) cruiser when taken under fire by an enemy BB during a game are: 4 bounces 4 overpens 2 regular pens 1 citadel this will leave you low HP but alive and during course of the game youll probaly had time to do your job. so to answer the questuion how said game would have gone for you if every of those 11 hits was BBHE with high chance of fire enginfailure ruder failure and >2000 dmg per hit do you think you would have survived that and even if you could have doen your job while burning and out of ruder? 2.) well that strongly depends on the type of player i wouldnt say one line is easier that the other (and i disagree that it is that easy to perform in german BB's but that might be because we define the term somewhat diffrent) what i would say RN BB's have a higher probability and potential to infuence the game on average. 3.) Tier 4 RN BB HE is better than Tier 10 USN BB HE, some peope were using He with good effect on the monatana in some situations. the thing is the situation is not only about the T10 "megazao" it runs way deeper
  13. FTFY Icon Name Tier Type Nation Battles WR ▼ Dmg XP K / D Sh☠ Pl☠ Srv MBH TH WTR King George V 7 BB UK 39 69.23% 79,627 1,278 3.7 1.5 0.8 59% 26% 0% 1,287 youre playing a diffrent game well imho german BB's arent that bad, when they came out they were the only line with strong protected citadels and that was ok. lowering of usn cits, and mass introduction of underwater citadels imho is not....
  14. i just needed to quote this because ist really well said. the only thing i'd like to add is that the mechanic that allows "potatoes" to do good dmg allows good players to abuse the hell out of it.... its already starting ive seen a good number of non RN bbs starting to shoot HE only at everything at mid to low tier.... (well good for cruisers , bad for the game...)
  15. while youre at it buff the flint too