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  1. this is the fact why i do not like the idea of DW that hit cruisers. torp hits are so damn punishing for cruisers already
  2. https://sea-group.org/?p=3638&lang=en lists 27mm wich afaik is correct cause thtas what the moddel curently has the 25mm seem to be a 3rd party typo
  3. afaik the 25 was just a typo the armor viewer displayed 27 unless that changed again....
  4. this or a christmas present for players who "play this game too much"
  5. while the cesare is undoubtly strong and can even do well in games with high number of T7 some people here are overstating her capabilities
  6. is it the same mod as reload? if so i guess ist only a "buff for noobs" therefore largely irellevant (strange i missed that one i always read all patchnotes for pts and live) PS sry 4 offtopic
  7. which one are you refering too? is it something upcoming or youre refering to the buff it recived with the general line balancing?
  8. dude seems like youre unable to read.... that is 100% set the hipper wont ever get radar (if wg stys true to their word) and that wasnt what i proposed...
  9. dont feed the troll.....
  10. give it radar and a reload buff and be done withn it. (reaload buff also for the hipper and mybe soemthign else to compensate for not getting radar depending on which slot the radar goes)
  11. can somebody explain how the spread coefficients work?
  12. budyonny likes to have a word with you
  13. still looking for people interested in Clan battles.
  14. yes and no the old smoke wasnt for BB's but im pretty sure with the smoke changes it might happen we see a premium BB with smoke. (since it cant use it to smoke fire)
  15. all i said was that there are quite a few italian 19 pts cpts arround not that everyone has one