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  1. Gojuadorai

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    thats where youre wrong. fusos spread while not exactly "sniper" is verry consitent at range but to understand this you need to really have understood the whole mechanic which you dont. the fusos spread pattern at long range is way more consitent then the pattern of other bbs because of the -japanese dispersion -max horizontal -max vertical - angle of impact while thet last point the angle of impact has the biggest effect to get a favoreable angle of impact you need to be at longer ranges this in short is why the fuso is effective at range though having 1.5 sigma Here in pictures for you: source reddit threat by @Sub_Octavian:
  2. Gojuadorai

    People like Stats but which ones matter

    the ONLY stat that matter is: WR ! the problem with the stat is you need a shi***ton of games for it to be stable the best approximation for a longterm WR as fasr as i can tell is Kill/death ratio it gets stable at about 10th to 100th of the games needed for a stable WR {EDIT] if you want to improve your game some other stats might be of use but not as a measure of overall skill. also WTR and sorts are bad cause they are inherently flawed.
  3. Gojuadorai

    "April WhiteMouse" posted her early "Alaska" thoughts...

    my wife agrees
  4. Gojuadorai

    "April WhiteMouse" posted her early "Alaska" thoughts...

    i simplifyed the issue since the real issue is the Pen +Shell speed making it overpen (you pen both side and the shell does not detonate in the ship) a shorter fuse OR worse pen would both get rid of the problem and yes im a good shoot so im sure that its the issue
  5. Gojuadorai

    "April WhiteMouse" posted her early "Alaska" thoughts...

    in my book thats a plus for the alaska cause its not fun shooting at a desmo @10km and overpenning the citadel in a kron its insane pen is a double edged sword which forces you to play at certain ranges or realy hit ships at a verry specific angle
  6. Gojuadorai

    Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

  7. Gojuadorai

    Why the CV re-work is a wont-work.

    well i agree its a bit better and it will revive CVs for a while and then CV will be either dead or broken (too good to not play) i think ultimately most of the problems will resurface because the underlying problem that gameplay is to different for people like you i specifically stated that.... if you dont even bother to read the whole post why answer it
  8. Gojuadorai

    Why the CV re-work is a wont-work.

    yes right you do not need to controll the planes to make it exciting game play there are so many options to do this if youre creative also another problem is introducing skill into avoiding aa is just recreating the problem of high vs low skilled cvs by other means.... as i said its not radical enough. [edit] also i wonder why anyone thinks stuffing a less popular game that was entirely overhauled into another game will make it better WOWP is basically proof that even a better version of the new CV gameplay is not that exciting
  9. Gojuadorai

    Why the CV re-work is a wont-work.

    Why it (IMHO) wont work ? the super short answer is: cause its not radical enough the somewhat longer answer is: Cause WG is repeating the same mistake again as they did with the original CV system! They have a Game in the Game! and here it doesnt matter if that sub-game is RTS or if that sub-game is Action focused the problem that will persist is that gameplay and learned skills do not carry over from the original to the sub-game and vice versa! gameplay will be to detached from one another so at this point youre probably asking what then?? since criticism without a proposal what to do better should not be taken seriously ill give a verry brief sketch what (IMHO) could work. ONE thing that could work is cv's shooting squads like super slow but homing shells (e.g. the squad will hit and drop if the target staysdetected till it arrives or is in spotting distance) the focus would be that the armament is special but piloting and target selection and (partly)spoting would be shared with other classes. TLDR: game within a game is terrible changing from RTS to Acation does solve the core problem.
  10. Gojuadorai

    best buy for 750k free XP ?

    well in my case cause i dont care ... but probably a more rerasonable argument could be that you dont want to get the t10 cause you either cant or you like the france more and you would just go with the cheaper to get t9 for the occasional dose of diversity fun (i personally neither like the alsace concept nor do i think the t10 version is a good idea)
  11. Gojuadorai

    best buy for 750k free XP ?

    sry thats imho just plain wrong they are way different while the moskva is a positional ship the kronstadt needs to be played in open water, also your target selection is a bit different and the guns are appart from having high shell speed verry different. so if you play them alike youre doing something wrong and thats probably the reason why you see the kron as an inferrior moskva
  12. Gojuadorai

    best buy for 750k free XP ?

    yeah i didnt mention it cause i think the chance of them releasing a T10 for FXP is slimm and it would cost more than 750K i would certainly welcome it since im sitting on a pile of 2M FXP i dont know what to spend on i got all the FXP ships but one (refusing to buy musashi out of principle) and since im not the only one they might do it. no but the posibility atleast one of them will be FXP is high. in contrast to coal FXP is a way for WG to monetize Ship xp, nearly no one is crazy and rich enough to buy coal via containers in the needed quatities. so releasing both ships as coal would have close to zero monetization value to WG and its a profit oriented company .......
  13. Gojuadorai

    best buy for 750k free XP ?

    if you got only 750fxp right now i would wait til we know about jean bart and alaska before you decide or you could be seriously sorry in 1-2 months
  14. Gojuadorai

    Ranked Season 10

    could WG not just make it a different tier each season till rank 5 and T10 for 5 to 1 every season? imho that would be a great compromise
  15. Gojuadorai

    CB Season Three; some points.

    wow youre a condecending jerk i dont mind playing top tier clans we beat teams from TTT; WGP2W, BGNAV; KINGS; OP list goes on..... WHAT THE F I DO MIND is beating them and getting only effing 21pts for it while loosing 19-20 if we loose