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  1. fun6utzi

    WG Teamspeak down day 2.

    Sehales, thank you. Sorry saw post now only. Much appreciate Teamspeak being up again. Great there is a TS server to invite players to without being classed as recruiting for clan or community. Ouzo11, if you prefer Discord {Facebook with voice} great, many prefer Teamspeak. A privilege to be able to choose.
  2. fun6utzi

    WG Teamspeak down day 2.

    Thank you, I see the post only after posting here. Very good to hear.
  3. fun6utzi

    WG Teamspeak down day 2.

    Ticket ID created with WG earlier today: D 115527352
  4. fun6utzi

    WG Teamspeak down day 2.

    Dear All. When will WG`s teamspeak server be up again. Old ip Down day 2. Thank you.
  5. Understood from teamspeak and in game many players had this problem.
  6. fun6utzi

    Bug Reports

  7. fun6utzi

    Bug Reports

    Confirm all 4 issues reported by OldJoe above. Doubt they read this feedback. I reported he "H" bug when typing in previous patch and it is still present in the live game.
  8. fun6utzi

    Bug Reports

    When typing in in game chat, the letter "H" will force the "show ship status menu" tool tip thing to popup every time you use the letter "H".
  9. fun6utzi

    Bug Reports

    The double click nonsense in CV play must be removed please. The 10s of clicks per second will cause Repetitive strain injury (RSI). Had to stop playing League of Legends due to RSI as you have to click 10s of times per second. Leave the CV play with this new double click and you have one less unicum CV player due to medical reasons.
  10. fun6utzi

    Bug reports

    CTRL + X, breaks the game. If used, cannot control the screen, "movement of screen free look", aim or shoot once you used CTRL + X. Only fix I found, terminate process and restart the game.