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  1. acheronmk2

    High tier IJN destroyer gameplay, pure RNG

    lol the whole game is rng. you might as well go play raffle simulator, because the outcomes of each game are the same.
  2. acheronmk2

    Halloween Event?

    lol skrub
  3. acheronmk2

    Halloween Event?

    LOL literally making a comparison between one person and a company. Here, have a +1 for the fail.
  4. acheronmk2

    Halloween Event?

    Why are you telling us this now? Why are you telling us in 1 forum post, 4 days before Halloween? If you want your game to be successful and keep it's player base, you have to keep them interested, and have to make them want to keep opening up that game launcher, even if it's just to see what's going on. Look at WoT, they announce events many many days, sometimes weeks in advance. Other games do the same. You give off the feeling that you cant be bothered, and the community asking for events is nothing more than a hindrance.
  5. acheronmk2

    Ramming is broken and this proves it...

    u mad
  6. acheronmk2

    Ramming is broken and this proves it...

    lol even had to edit your flaming because you couldnt get it right first. nice fail.
  7. acheronmk2

    Ramming is broken and this proves it...

    It didn't suffer the equivalent of a nuclear explosion like ships in this derpgame though, did it.
  8. Cruisers at tier 8 and above are terrible. Every hit costs you like 20,000 hp. The only redeeming features of some ships like the mogami, are fire rate and quantity of guns. Stuff like the orleans and pensa is weak.
  9. acheronmk2

    Ramming is broken and this proves it...

    Look at the huge amounts of damage to Hipper when it got rammed oh wait there's nothing there.
  10. acheronmk2

    For crying out loud, why?

    I bet if I'd made this topic i'd be on -14 by now. LOLTHISFORUM.
  11. Make 15 torp hits. Kill 30 planes. Kill 3 enemies. Win 3 games. *yawn* it's the same crap recycled over & over again.
  12. acheronmk2

    Turret Bug

    25 hits, 3 citadels, 3 kills, nice hack.
  13. Good thing i've got an endless supply, and just like aim-mods, WG will do nothing about it.
  14. Yeah, i'd say thats another cheap WG trick to expend your flags for little/no gain to make you buy more. Nice corruption wg.