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  1. Siekam

    Dutch tech tree

    Very nicely done, I'd love to see it implemented in the game. +1 & Props
  2. Siekam

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Chat changes

    Latest patch fixed it, thanks!!
  3. Siekam

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Chat changes

    I'm unable to activate voice chat in Divisions, since april 2, anyone else having this problem?
  4. Siekam

    Graf Spee christmas convoy camouflage

    Hey, I'm just gonna hijack this topic for a bit and put my question here; In the 2nd mission, after the final task... Do you get a 10pt. commander, or does your commander get 10 pt.(in which case I'm gonna put another commander on her first)?
  5. Siekam

    Gneisenau and Nagato

    Dayum, that's a great story, nice and short.. Did u get it published? :p
  6. Siekam

    Is AA to strong on HT?

    Yeh... Cuz one set of numbers from one week of one tier (the tier which in CV's are pratically reserved for the top 1%) makes up enough data for a proper statistical analysis... ... I think it's time to wake up and step down from your ivory tower...
  7. Siekam

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    I see what you mean, but I'd call it a settlement. Since it's wasn't quite voluntary.. I'll leave it at that.. (#grammarnazi )
  8. Siekam

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    Yeh... Cuz it was OUR (Dutch) royalty that mucked things up so bad they had to start that thing called the American Revolution..... Also, we didn't trade New Amsterdam for Suriname. New Amsterdam was taken from us by the British during the 2nd Anglo-D war... Then they (the British) ceded Suriname to us as a sort of "consolation prize". I'm not sure why they did that though...
  9. Siekam

    Santa gifts really not worth the purchase guys

    Spent €13,- Wasn't gonna buy anything but a friend send me a medium box, so I sent one back, and decided to buy 2 big boxes for myself (Because "Hey... It's Christmas..") Got a total of 80 x250 commander XP camo's, which I'm using to boost my Gneissanau commander tot max skill points (full 2ndary built here I come ). I'm happy, but I'd strongly advise against buying a shitload of boxes in hopes of getting that one ship u want. The more u spent, the bigger the dissapointment will probably be..
  10. Siekam

    Am I the [edited] here?

    I agree, I kill everything I can. I've had situations where I withheld fire from a near dead CL or DD, because I thought; "Teammate's doing fine, let him finish it..." Only to have him miss his final shots, let the enemy ship disappear, reappear a few minutes later behind an island or wathever, and have me drifting into some torpedo ambush... Never again. I never delayed my salvo just to get the kill (Certain mission-situations excluded (like Nachi), TBH). But if I see a near dead enemy nearing concealment range, I will do whatever I can to finish him off so he won't come back to annoy me. Apparently some people consider this "stealing", I consider it "Trying to win the game". I usually can't trust my teammates to do anything so I'll just kill 'em myself. :p I've had games where I did a crapload of damage but got no kills, won the game and finished first in xp. I really much prefer that to getting ALL the kills, but losing the game in the end because people were afraid to kill off near dead enemies. My point being. If people stopped worrying about individual kills/xpgain and just focussed on winning (by also choosing Cap > Kill) gameplay would be greatly improved. Also, winning is the greatest xp multiplier u can get in a game...
  11. Funny how OP-er is desperately trying to win an argument he's lost the minute he posted the OP... Yeh, they're the same models.... The ARP however, has no training capability, no moneyfarming capability and no camo-bonusses... Making it a fun ship to play every now and then, but totally worthless in the long haul... Also, the lack of some unintelligable Japanese puppet screaming in your ears can (IMO) be considered a premium advantage...
  12. Siekam

    Ocean why.....

    It's a hard map. I play mostly cruisers and you got to rely heavily on manoeuvring to dodge incoming fire, and on your teammates to keep you safe/deflect fire. However, historically it is the most accurate map in the game. Most naval battles in WOII took place in open water, like this map. Therefore I think it's a good addition to the mapset. I'm not for 100% historical accuracy, but it's nice to be able to play at least one map that gives an accurate feeling. Do I like it?.... Mwah, I don't explicitly hate it... Does the game need it? Yes! 13 times a day is a bit too much for my taste though... :p
  13. But.... why? Don't get me wrong, I love the Roon... But I'm definitly IN love with the Hindenburg.... That extra turret, the extra pair of torptubes, they make the difference. I once sailed in between two enemy BB's, both around 1/2 left, around 5 or 6 km away from me. I was getting pounded by their secondaries but I got all my torps off and sank them both. Then I was able to repair back to half my HP. Never had that kind of amazing opportunities in any other ship (maybe Fiji)... My point being, trading Hindenburg for Roon feels to me like trading your motorcycle for a bicycle. Unless it's because of the high maintance costs of T10...
  14. Siekam

    Shchors & Hipper VS. Yorck & Chapayev

    Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to go with the Yorck/Chapayev. I found the shchors=floating citadel argument a valid one, and a friend of mine just bought the Yorck so now it's Yorcksquad all the way (which works quite well). Probably still gonna buy the Hipper again by the time he's ready to move up.
  15. Eyy, With the recent IJN DD overhaul (& overall nerf) I've found that I no longer like them... (Hang on, this is not turning into another whine post.)Their torps are just too slow for me to make them work, done a few games in the new Fubuki and just didn't enjoy it. The IJN DD's were my main DD line because I liked the torp-ninja principle which I can now only achieve in the Kamikaze R (which thank god didn't get nerfed). So I'm thinking about starting the USN or SN DD lines again. Once had a Farragut but sold it because I needed cash, and I do have a Gnevny somewere in my port. With the new KM DD's on the horizon I can't seem to figure out how excactly these three lines are gonna differ from one another (i.e. which nation fills which niche)... In my eyes they're all just gunboats, any ideas? FYI, KM DD stats got leaked, linked below: Gegroet, ~Siekam