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  1. Reaper_JackGBR

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I have the big fuckoff yellows here. About 7-9cm long and with the temperament of a mother who just watched you drown her small children in front of her. Buggers have a nasty, nasty sting too, or so I'm told. Only time I've had to directly deal with one was one it somehow found it's way into Lilia's room. Pulled the airgun to get rid of it from a decently safe distance, nice mark on her wall now though.
  2. Which is hilarious as there are literally dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of ships not in game. But Wargaming have enslaved themselves to the ten tier system, so nations that stop short of that can't have ships in game. Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Netherlands etc. Sweden and the Dutch especially have at the very least designs for everything up to tier ten for DD's (in fact DD's are almost all real ships for both nations, making them among the few who can field actual historical tier ten DD's), tier 7 for cruisers and tier 6/7 for BB's in the case of the Dutch. Italy also can easily get to tier 8 with all lines with a premium CV or two in the Sparviero and Aquila. But hey, gotta have this new BS instead right?
  3. Have you considered that a lot of people simply don't know about the premium consumables? It's not exactly obvious you can switch them out in port, and a large number of people are, well, not the types who play a game in depth, and prefer to click battle and go without checking anything, assuming the game does it for them. This could have been fixed years ago with actual tutorials, something this game has needed for a very long time but that for some reason Wargaming has never seen the merit of.
  4. Also have you even considered what this will do to Clan Wars? Or do you guys even care as that mode is clearly dead to you as is any official competitive scene. Just imagine it, tier 8 BB's with 80k HP, fecking Prinz Eugens with heal and upwards of 50k HP on a tier 8 CA, DD's with 24-29kk...all on one team, while the other side has pleb ships.
  5. You know what this is? Premium. Ammo. But worse, EVEN WORSE. Because the only input here is time (and probably free xp if it's just regrinding. i.e. money. ) A paid for, in time or money, advantage for the elite who can afford one or both. I rest my case.
  6. Reaper_JackGBR

    Look, I just want a game about old warships ​​​​​​

    If there was a game, which played like the old Silent Hunters (2-4), was co-operative and you had access to all ships (say one player for subs, two for DD's, 3/4 for CA's and bigger) basically with each player representing major officers on board. With correct armour models, fuel, endurance, etc. Well, if that were the case I would have left for that game a very, very long time ago.
  7. Nah lads, let them do it. Then watch it all burn. It's about all any Wargaming title deserves at this point, rather like the last season of GoT, it should have been handed off to competent people years ago.
  8. Reaper_JackGBR

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Haven't had one SC since October/November. About 320 Containers worth.
  9. Reaper_JackGBR

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    So far of about 40 containers I've had a handful of SC's. 2 x 5 million credits 1 x 100 Dragon Flags 1 x 250 India X-Ray Signals 1 x Repair II (In addition to the one everyone got) Still waiting to open up and find a Blyska, Scharn, or in the future, Shinonome.