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  1. Reaper_JackGBR

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

    As someone who uninstalled and is sitting on the sidelines with buckets of popcorn since CV rework. Ohhhh boy is it amusing to watch this tragedy play out. Rejected title for this post: Buff and Nerf Wars; Episode 562, the Sledgehammer Strikes back.
  2. And with our time. Wargaming has not seen a penny from me for a long time now, though I never paid too much to begin with, 90% of my premiums were earned/gifts/won in competitions. As for time. I uninstalled. Removes the temptation to start the game up 'every now and then' and frankly now that I have time to pay attention to my other games it's been rather nice. A very, very vocal section of this forum repeatedly warned (and inevitably debated among ourselves) Wargaming about the direction of the game for the last several years, this includes me. In the past year I feel that most people ramped up our opinions on quite a few things; Wargaming ignored every last piece of feedback, I even got Conway on the horn and I know others did and he confirmed passing on our comments or bug reports to devs and we have been summarily ignored by the devs for those years. I'm at a point where I'm obviously still loitering on forums, I do want to play, but honestly? My heart just isn't in it anymore. I suspect I'll probably never reinstall, not even for another CB season, the game has run it's course, due to Wargaming's policies, that course ran itself through several years earlier than I had hoped it would. But as the French would say, c'est la vie...
  3. Reaper_JackGBR

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Great. Why did this take over a year? And if THIS took that long, I dread to think of how much 'data' WG needs to actually 'balance' their more recent changes...
  4. Reaper_JackGBR

    F key and how to temp fix until WG fix it

    Nah mate, the temp fix is to uninstall your game; check back in three months with a 90% chance of not reinstalling. And you're happy, stress free (from Wargaming stress) and off you can go playing games that are actually enjoyable. It's doing wonders for me.
  5. Reaper_JackGBR

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    My response to the first quote is the same as El2's, however... I did not have great trouble dealing with aircraft, at least at the lower tiers where I obviously started yesterday. In 4 hours of play, I was attacked by a total of 17 enemy players in aircraft. The results: Times died to air attack: 4 Times plane was left damaged as a result of his attack: 6 Times I shot down enemy plane without trading my boat for it: 9 Times aircraft got away unscathed: 2 That's a ratio pretty in favour of me. Bear in ind however I was playing the realistic mode so both targeting boats from aircraft and aircraft from boats relies much more heavily on player skill vs player skill than WoWS could ever hope to.
  6. Reaper_JackGBR

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    Nope. Not enjoying it at all. I actually went and tried Warthunder's Naval Stuff today. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Feels much more...well, just better. The boats and ships don't have stupid gimmicks that make them do dumb things like accelerate at the speed of sound, they look absolutely gorgeous, the models are vastly superior, they feel their size, have real life speed and handling; torpedoes are hard to spot and devastating if they hit, you can blow up enemy ship's torpedo tubes to kill them if they have the torps loaded....I could go on and on. Not having ships larger than CL's isn't even an issue (and as far as I know they do plan on going to at least CA's) as it's just so much damn fun, even the basic PT boats are hilarious to play, me and a Scrub mate were getting MVP's on the regular pretty much from the get go, because it had a *gasp* TUTORIAL which we used to learn the controls and gameplay before we started playing. But tutorials are useless, right Wargaming?
  7. Reaper_JackGBR

    Ranked boats

    Problem is DD's are crap in Ranked because there are no caps for ten minutes and game is usually over by then anyway. So you're almost guaranteed to not retain a star as unless you hit a ton of torps you just can't do the damage necessary to keep up with larger ships. Jutland is also a nasty piece of work due to her already great starting stealth compared to every other DD at tier 9. And let's not get started on the games where every ship has radar on the enemy team and you have none...
  8. Reaper_JackGBR

    To the person who approved the CV changes...

    At the Wargaming HQ after snorting all that spice...
  9. Reaper_JackGBR

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    93.2% currently in favour of keeping current mechanic at almost 1200 votes. Let's also not forget that this was not touted as a bug at all by Wargaming staff until the change was announced, and has been in game for quite a long time now. Wargaming would have to be insane to push through this change when the absolute overwhelming opinion is against it.
  10. Reaper_JackGBR

    Sorry but i have to say it

    I wasn't aware that was WG's end goal, if that's the case.... It's been fun, but I'm getting the eff out after that.
  11. Reaper_JackGBR

    Sorry but i have to say it

    Stalin HE should definitely not be underestimated. Taking 4-8k off a DD with that initial salvo is game deciding. (And most Stalins I know run Expert Loader so will have HE loaded.) Obviously I'm talking CB's here. Randoms is about to be a plague infested hellhole after 0.8.0. The extra bad concealment also will not mean much in CB's as all Stalins use islands for their CE anyway. Sure, those initial seconds are rough, but I don't feel a six second delay is enough when that's how much it's being extended by in addition to a range increase. (And 300m is pretty significant in CB's, on some maps that's the difference between leaving an uncovered gap for a DD to cap and not while the Stalin remains in a safe position. Land of Fire especially comes to mind here as well as Tears of the Desert.) And again, this depends on what direction the DD is going in, he's not turning away before the six seconds if he's going towards the radar ship even slightly, the other ships will still know his position and will have guns pre aimed and ready. Moskva and Donskoi will also get an extra salvo per radar out of this change (moreorless) which I do not agree with at all, those ships don't need another buff, especially Moskva who has been buffed recently already.
  12. Reaper_JackGBR

    Sorry but i have to say it

    What I find hilarious is that Stalingrad is just straight up getting buffed from these changes. Current best radar duration: 30 seconds. New best radar duration: 36 seconds. Range increase from 11.7km to 12km. Delay in spotting is 6 seconds. This means that her radar remains the exact same as it is now, except she now gets an additional 300m range and gets to spot the enemy for 6 seconds more (personally.) Moskva and Donskoi also get the buff.
  13. Reaper_JackGBR

    Surveillance Radar, Interface improvement, Flooding

    How long is the delay between the radar ship spotting and that being provided to everyone else? Going by these numbers, if the delay is only 20% (6 seconds) then this is a straight up buff combined with increasing the radar range on these ships as well. If it's more than 20% then it's more of just a tweak but I'm still of the opinion that this is a big buff for the Russian ships. (300m extra range + 6 seconds extra spotting guaranteed for at least the ship itself is quite nasty, and like I said, if the delay is only 20% then it's essentially the same radar as now, but with a bonus 6 seconds for the radar ship and the 300m extra range, that's a heavy buff.)
  14. Reaper_JackGBR

    stalingrad armour bug? ( back turrets)

    Fair enough in that case. But trust the USSR to reuse the names at the same time the classes were cancelled. Most other navies wait several decades to reuse names. (The USN being an exception to this as well as the many Ark Royals of the RN.)
  15. Reaper_JackGBR

    stalingrad armour bug? ( back turrets)

    You're sure? Wiki gives the three as all part of the Stalingrad class. Ship hull number builder Laid down (official) Launched Scheduled completion Stalingrad (Russian: Сталинград) 0–400 Marti Yard, Nikolayev 31 December 1951 16 March 1954 1954 Moskva (Russian: Москва) 0–406 Baltic Yard, Leningrad September 1952 n/a 1955 Kronshtadt (Russian: Кронштадт) 0–401 Molotovsk October 1952 n/a ?