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  1. Carry_me_Daddy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This time with a Video :)
  2. April ist doch eigentlich schon vorbei, oder? Wie man jedes mal so stur am Feedback vorbeischauen kann...das ist ja schon fast eine Kunst! Zeigt einfach nur eindrucksvoll, dass man sich null mit dem eigenen Spiel beschäftigt und auskennt.
  3. Carry_me_Daddy

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    London + Ark Royal bundle when?
  4. Carry_me_Daddy

    Clan battles season 9

    So the next no battleship - smokecruiser nightmare. I give up. Have a good day guys.
  5. Carry_me_Daddy

    Clan battles season 9

    I mean we will probably join the boycott by default. There isnt much left to play with after the last season.
  6. Carry_me_Daddy

    New Slava is trash

    *Dev strike enemies out of state. Preferably ones trying to hide at border of map tovarisch. In Soviet Russia comrade, there is no difference between icebreaker and icepick, da?
  7. Carry_me_Daddy

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Venezia presents the same issue that Wargaming has always had, and uses to powercreep prior designs. She offers too much in one package. Belfast was OP because of allll the consumables, Stalin is OP because she has no real weaknesses compared to other tier 10 cruisers, Smolensk is OP because she has too much utility etc. etc. Venezia has basically no trade off for her power is what I am saying, she has good armour, agility, guns and the exhaust smoke while also being fast, there's no downside to her. Imo the line would have been perfectly fine if it had never gotten smoke and had gotten the regular hydro/DFAA pick instead. SAP was enough of a gimmick by itself.
  8. Would be a good idea. The current issue with tier 6 is two things: T-61 (But as OP premiums go this one isn't too bad honestly.) Graf Spee gets a heal, no other tier 6 cruiser does, and while she trades serious dps for it, that's almost double the effective HP of other tier 6 cruisers. Before the bow nerf she would have been the only viable cruiser at tier 6 for a ranked/CW meta.
  9. Don't stop there. Light Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers and Supercruisers should have been separated from day one, just as Battlecruisers and Battleships should have been. A LOT of the game's issues stem from Wargaming grouping everything under only four classes, according to them an Atlanta fills the same role as an Alaska. You know what makes Clan Sprint fun? The fact you had to bring one of each class. (And it being tier 8 where no Supercruisers are at. Sadly all tiers have balance issues, tier 6 would be the most balanced if cruisers were not so so weak vs. BB's there.)
  10. 21km range with legendary module versus 23.6km range. It's not that big of a difference. Shells are still plenty fast enough. Half Ap damage, double fire rate = same effective AP DPS, but you will get loss 'huge salvoes' however you will also get more opportunities to hit broadsides. Improved pen angles mean little versus players who know what they're doing, both ships will bounce vs. a competent player. HP difference is a fair point. However Moskva has less for a Venezia to hit and is marginally thinner, meaning AP bombs hit you less. Moskva can get fire duration time down to 16 seconds (and yes that is the build you should use) whereas Stalin is always 35+ while having more HP so she takes significantly more damage from HE overall. Moskva is far superior at engaging the odd Halland you'll come across, easily doing 10k+ per radar compared to Stalin's much slower dps. Moskva is more agile, if only by a tiny amount. Stalingrad was straight up better before the fire nerf imo, after that, they both earned a place with similar but slightly different roles. I personally prefer Moskva, she just works better for me, though I can get both ships to work just fine. Last season was particularly fun to knife fight Kremlins who were unaware I could citadel them in Moskva.
  11. Carriers render Zao unviable for countering as well, and nothing quite effs up a pushing Stalin than 12km Zao torps. 1v1 a Zao will win vs CV every time (Tested her along with everything else in training room vs CV.) The problem is you cannot deal with multiple Stalins AND AP bombs in any cruiser, you can only angle one. So even ships like Zao, that have stealth AA, get absolutely boned in CV meta with no meaningful way to disengage. Zao is also yet another cruiser that Venezia completely shafts because the majority of tier 10 cruisers have only 30mm plating absolutely everywhere, with even their armor belts being hidden behind thinner outer armor a lot of the time (HIV spaced armor in particular being like this.) The problem with Venezia, is there is nothing that really hard counters her. Radar ships that could deal with her, she outconceals (for Russians) or just straight up murders (for Americans) which leaves only the Smolensk, Salem and Zao as viable counter options, of these, only Zao is really viable because torps, and a Zao initial AP broadside will do 20-30k to a Venezia, a good Zao player will time the strike to the same second the Venezia activates smoke while turning out, thereby not being spotted after firing himself. Salem can't do this as any counter fire from the Venezia will do 10-20k back and she only has a 9 gun broadside anyway, and Smolensk does not possess any one shot power versus that armor at the 10-11km range this scenario takes place in. So the problem here is in a CV dominated meta (naturally) the main predator is Stalin with range mod, which in turn is preyed on by Venezias, but the Venezias themselves have very little counterplay when they can just smoke and run in the hands of a very good player. From either the CV or the Stalins or anyone else. The fact the meta has boiled down to three ships only a few weeks into CB's (and it got here after the first week really) is really quite saddening. We used to see so many different setups that worked well and now it's just those three. With the occasional Halland or Moskva sprinkled in. (And Moskva is only because either someone does not have a Stalin or because some clans value the dps and anti-fire ability of Moskva over Stalin, along with the legendary mod.)
  12. Most of the Scrubs have agreed that CV's need to be able to spot only for themselves (with ships only appearing on the minimap for other players) and that limited reserves need to return, those two changes alone would fix a lot of the issues. Proper fighter vs fighter gameplay also needs to comeback as well. Not sure what WG is doing but if it turns out to be that then good. As for the 'skillgap' argument Wargaming used back then as to why they essentially removed proper fighters. Put simply, eff off. Every class has skillgap, the game has skillgap, it's a multiplayer game, that is never going to go away, ever. Trying to make it do so only messes up balance.
  13. Clan Battles and Clan Battles alone. And at the rate those are being shafted, that will not last much longer either. (Waiting for Wargaming to announce CV's and Subs being in for next season.)
  14. Carry_me_Daddy

    This CB season's gotta be the worst one ever

    Third drop was at two aircraft remaining. You can believe what you want, but I know what I saw, as does the rest of my clan. Sorry.
  15. Carry_me_Daddy

    This CB season's gotta be the worst one ever

    Nothing potatoey about it, and sadly I've apparently played too many games since as that replay is no longer in my last 30, as I said this was on Saturday, and was basically the first game. Was literally in the initial 60 seconds of the game, flew straight at our spawn, ran around inside AA forever without being shot down. On that note, we've also seen planes taking 3-4 flak bursts at the same time and only losing 2-3 planes off a full squad. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, we're doing the same to others, and the majority of our losses are people who simply make mistakes (something that as FC I am constantly on their asses about because they really shouldn't make errors after all these seasons of playing) but I am saying that the current interaction between AA and Aircraft deserves a good look.