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  1. ApesTogetherStronK

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Good luck everyone!
  2. ApesTogetherStronK

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Convoy

    Two things at the moment: Reverse the nerf to the HP of the convoy ships, they die way to fast now, especially against secondary ships. Hide the path of the convoy for the attackers and maybe make it possible to have two or three routes per map.
  3. ApesTogetherStronK

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Is that a serious question? The style if fine, i would actually say its quite nice. Its the fact that this campaign is once again useless for anybody who does not want to play casino royale. Stop asking those questions, seriously
  4. ApesTogetherStronK

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    I think i could have done a better job, while doing my morning crap. Thank god i have the right nickname for this fiesta.
  5. ApesTogetherStronK

    Yuro might have killed the CC program, with love

    Hire this man. Hes perfect.
  6. ApesTogetherStronK

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    Youre 100 percent right. I wont spend a single cent anymore. But in the end of day thats a decision everybody has to make for himself.
  7. ApesTogetherStronK

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    right thing to do!
  8. ApesTogetherStronK

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    What are you talking about? Wargaming has no NO comMunicatIon gAp
  9. ApesTogetherStronK

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    April first is already way past. Stop it. Get some help. (T6 CV sale when?)
  10. ApesTogetherStronK

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This time with a Video :)
  11. April ist doch eigentlich schon vorbei, oder? Wie man jedes mal so stur am Feedback vorbeischauen kann...das ist ja schon fast eine Kunst! Zeigt einfach nur eindrucksvoll, dass man sich null mit dem eigenen Spiel beschäftigt und auskennt.
  12. ApesTogetherStronK

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    London + Ark Royal bundle when?
  13. ApesTogetherStronK

    Clan battles season 9

    So the next no battleship - smokecruiser nightmare. I give up. Have a good day guys.
  14. ApesTogetherStronK

    Clan battles season 9

    I mean we will probably join the boycott by default. There isnt much left to play with after the last season.