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  1. AussieGiant

    The ways EU community has been treated differently

    I have a funny feeling the underlying reason for the ongoing differences in the regions is because there is a different business model running behind each region. Maybe I'm wrong, however it would be good to know if WG have separated the different regions not just by how it is operationally run but also in how they are incentivised to generate revenue and manage costs. The question is very difficult for the community to get an answer on.
  2. AussieGiant

    Should I go for the Montana?

    I have her and she's great. Play her like a battle cruiser with a concelment build and scare people to death . With speed flags she'll do about 33 knots and can only be spotted at about 13km. With that extra turret it's good night to dds, cruisers and you will also surprise some tier 10 bbs. Remember to stop firing and disengaged to ensure you deal with a slight deficiency in armour.
  3. AussieGiant

    BB saturation is finally gone...hope you're happy

    I'm not sure it's gone but I'm noticing a reduction of BB numbers more often than before. Of course this is not backed up by actual data, just my impression.
  4. AussieGiant

    Why is the Scharnhorst considered good?

    The Scharn is a battle cruiser in the most accurate sense of this game. Quick, durable and has a solution for all situations. The reason why I love it...MONEY! It is literally the highest earning ship I have by a long way. At tier 7 you have favourable match ups, although less than before.
  5. AussieGiant

    Why can planes spot ships but not be spotted by the ships?

    I mean the game is based on reality...if that is not the baseline for moving forward then Titanfall 2 or something is for the person in question. As another poster mentioned. The ability to see a multi thousand tonne craft on the sea is easier than trying to see a multi-metre plane at 25'000 feet in the air. There are realistic mechanics in play here. They might not be exactly accurate but they are taken from a real life fact. Why can't I have nuclear torpedo's?
  6. AussieGiant

    Please remove detonation from the game once and for all

    Hi there Affeks, Thanks for the post and points. It certainly feels arbitrary and when it happens to you. It's an immediate showstopper . I like your points about making it more of an event so that the implementation is more meaningful. If they did something along the lines of a real detonation graphically then I think it would be far better received by everyone. I nice big mushroom cloud, huge audio explosion, something that everyone looks at for a few seconds and says..."holy shiet, someone detonated." I think then, even the person being detonated would be somewhat perversely proud of being the victim. As for the mechanic, then we both don't know how it works, but I assume that a detonation only happens when your citadel is hit. Therefore there is some skill in making sure that doesn't happen. If WGing gave some information on how it works then that might also make this a more palatable experience.
  7. AussieGiant

    Lets disable limit for BB participating in battle

    I honestly think they should cap all classes of ships. A range would be perfect for each class. You immediately balance the game. At least by a large degree. You can make cruisers relevant again by making them the most prevalent class in any match. This removes the natural min/maxing that goes on in games that are actually based on historical context. If you are a BB driver then you have to wait more than other classes. Big deal. It's not like any player just has BB's. If you don't like the current wait, then pick a cruiser.
  8. AussieGiant

    Please remove detonation from the game once and for all

    No I didn't say it was a bad game mechanic. I'm fine with it. It's based on something that really occurs and adds an element of chance to the game. Just like every shot we all fire has an element of chance due to RNG. I'm not intending on insulting the people that have made solid points with keeping it in. What I find though, is that people that want it removed are not able to deal with adversity which inherently can be something out of our control. The game does reward player, skill, prediction and game knowledge, that's why detonations are so rare. There are hit boxes and every main battery shot is calculated. So eventually you should be able to hit the magazine of a ship. Your analogy of getting a red card for passing the ball is not sound. If it was a red card for making a tackle then we would be at least on the same page. My post was short and clearly based out of a certain amount of frustration that this topic still comes up. So sorry for that.
  9. AussieGiant

    Please remove detonation from the game once and for all

    Leave it in. Luck is a part of the game. Skill is also. But this is not meant to be some power gaming for kids and people that just want guarantees to everything. Deal with it, exit to port and start another match. Show some maturity in how you deal with bad luck, instead of throwing all your toys out of the pram and demand it be removed.
  10. AussieGiant


    I rate the Montana better than the Iowa. As mentioned the extra turret is a big difference. I spec for concealment, so I can get to approx 13km before firing and being detected. That is lethal. Make sure you take high speed turns to reduce the time you're broadside, don't get into a static type of game. The HE is v good and will make static bow on players pay. I've only played a few games in it and I average very high damage and warships today ratings.
  11. AussieGiant

    Rebalancing?...any ideas

    Cap the number of ships per match. 1-2 Carriers 1-2 BBs 4-6 Cruisers 4-6 DDs
  12. AussieGiant

    Can we get a hardcap on BBs already?

    Plus if you do that...match making is relatively well managed when all ships types are capped. If not then you just discriminate against one ship class and not all of them. I think they should at least try it on a test server and see what happens.
  13. AussieGiant

    Can we get a hardcap on BBs already?

    I've seen this in other game and it's relevant here. The main reason Cruisers become irrelevant is that min/maxing is how most "games" develop naturally. The issue is, in real life cruisers are relevant because of economics. This is of course not relevant for a "game" but hugely important for why there are so many "medium" classed weapon systems in real lief and why they were developed in the first place. This is true for all sorts of platforms. Tanks, planes, ships etc etc. No game developer will make the economy so extreme as to essentially create that dynamic in game (meaning BBs are so expensive that this limits their existence), therefore what we all get is the ongoing questions about why we have cruisers and whats the point. Bottom line. Another game I played tried various economic and other ways to create balance, but in the end had to simply hard cap the numbers of certain classes playing in each match. This solves soooo many issues it's unbelievable. So yes...I think it's time for hard caps of all classes, or at least ranges. 1 to 2 Carriers, 1 to 2 BB's, 6 to 8 cruisers and 4 to 6 dds.
  14. AussieGiant

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Thanks for the feedback Admiral. I will see what happens when I get to tier 6. Although the citadel layouts are still scary and anything with 152mm or more can over match your angling and detonate in the middle of your ship.
  15. AussieGiant

    Guide: British Cruisers

    I'm struggling heavily with these ships. You are unable to reliably execute any actions. To be honest I got to the Emerald and I don't think I will go further. The fragility is so extreme that it is simply random chance on shell dispersion whether you can live beyond a few actions. e.g. Cap A, defend cap B. Attack fleet near F6 etc etc. I notice the number of British cruisers being played have dropped off dramatically. There are hardly any being used within 3 weeks of release. That's telling. For a few days there I switch to BB's and had such a laugh. I was one shoting GB Cruisers all over the place. I get the feeling WG may have to adjust some aspects of this ship line if they want to see it played at a reasonable level in the future.