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  1. _VOXX_


    Don`t know if this is a bug but... "Your Tirpitz is unavailable right now, so have a house instead, on the house(drum roll tsssss) "
  2. _VOXX_

    Server off line ?

    OK I have premium I am missing on a chance to blow up, and get blown up by my fellow captains sooo (also I am a lawyer) so lets sue WG ;) EDIT No no it was 10 min by my watch that means WG owe us Murmansk each plus some gold (for me Tripiz)
  3. _VOXX_

    Server off line ?

    Is the server down or what(can`t get in to the game) ?
  4. I`ll have what the OP is having. And ... keep `em coming
  5. quoted post removedSerb mafia ... woooow rly ?! You have a lot of issues, who hurt you so much ...
  6. _VOXX_

    Will BBs ever get justice?

    After his 5 posts, OP right now
  7. _VOXX_

    best game ever

  8. FUSO is a GODDESS u rly have to try and to have a bad game
  9. _VOXX_

    New Orleans captain skills

    Hi guys would like advice on skills for the captain of NO. Should I go AA? (with the lack of CV`s feel`s like a waste) or focus on dmg reduction like repair skills or more offensive like Demolition expert ? tnx
  10. _VOXX_

    More realism please

    Here you go OP. Have fun with all the realism and excitement
  11. _VOXX_

    Best defeat ever

    I know it a Draw, but picture this. Me and the New Mexico left only. He at full health me at 1/3. He was confidant in victory, being with superior firepower and full HP. And I was like. "It will be a cold day in hell before I let you win!" Using Kogo`s high speed I simply rammed him! took both ships out, and it was I draw. Rly loved that game
  12. _VOXX_

    Economy Mechanics FIX!

    Well kid, don`t let the door hit you on your way out! O and go edit your self