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  1. venderbomb

    List of potential super container ship-drops

    I wonder what the drop rate is to obtain a ship from a super container? I've played for 5 years and never seen a ship drop!☹
  2. venderbomb

    Ship Prices

    £98 for a ship, not a AAA game..........a pixilated ship. I've bought a ship or 5 in my time but £98!?!? I mean its your money and up to you what you do with it, but this all seems a bit ridiculous doesnt it? Am I missing something?
  3. venderbomb

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    Crazy Alpha strike, encountered it twice in quick succession - obviously a good player and knew his stuff, but we lost 5 ships in the first 6 mins (including 3 DDs) and guess who got them all?🤣 Quickest Kraken iv ever seen and the saltiest chat - these were not kill steals either, really high alpha strikes. Listen, might be just good luck on his part and bad luck/game play on ours, and I know 2 games is hardly enough to make a proper opinion - but what I've seen so far, its a monster in the right hands
  4. venderbomb

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    Anyone else encountered the Nakhimov in random yet? WG what are you doing?🤣 If its realised in its current form, I cant imagine you'd play any other CV!☹
  5. venderbomb

    Auction Possibilities

    I'm sure the Auction feature has wet the appetite of WG as an additional income stream, so I was thinking what are the possibilities? and what would you bid for the following: Just a few examples: 10,000 Steel - 100 million credits or 12,000 dubs starting bid Missouri or Musashi- 25,000 dubs starting bid Etc I liked the idea of using credits, as a lot of players have a huge amount just doing nothing but I've a sneaky feeling well see some crazy developments with this feature...
  6. venderbomb

    WOWS is it a game or a hobby?

    26,000 + battles.....thats more like a job than a hobby. How many hours per day? Not having a go mate, its just that I've played l1/4 of that and sometimes It feels like I've played this game too often!:(
  7. If anyone truly cared about karma, then giving a compliment to a cv or any ship for that matter would be relevant. BS system that holds zero relevance other than to vent frustration!:(
  8. venderbomb


    28,700 posts? If you take an average of 60s per post (some more sums less) You've been typing on the forums for 20 days equivalent!🤣
  9. The Renown - Grandfather served on her during ww2.
  10. Good effort pal!🙂 Love to see the Renown in game - late grandfather was on her during the war. T8 is extremely reachy though - T6 maybe
  11. venderbomb

    Captain Jingles?

    Aye aye captn's, Has there been any more info on the CC captain event? Was kinda looking forward to having the old dog at the helm!
  12. venderbomb


    I didn't want anything. My initial query was why WG reward inactivity but not regular play - hence the post title. Fail to see where envy comes into it?
  13. venderbomb


    Erm, No it's not, this thread has nothing to do with envy! The person who got these goodies is a good friend, and I'm glad he got them?
  14. venderbomb


    Once again for you....none of it is free
  15. venderbomb


    We're kinda going of track here, no one mentioned grinding missions or campaigns, no one mentioned flags or camos....all of which you earn, non of which is free! I was questioning why people who don't play they game get a substantial free gift to come back, and those that play the game often.........don't If they're prepared to reward inactivity.........why not a 'free'gift to those keep the game alive.....be a nice touch eh....bit of a thank you:(