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  1. venderbomb

    This is Brutal

    It's the poor Neptune I feel sorry for! T9 shouldn't meet superships imo
  2. venderbomb

    Anniversary Rewards - End Date?

    Perfect, thank you! :)
  3. Hey captains, I'm currently working away from home and was wondering when the anniversary rewards will come to an end. I've read conflicting articles - some say everything stops on the 14th Oct, where other says the additional rewards stop on the 14th but you'll still be able to knock the containers off until the 4th Nov ? Thoughts?
  4. I only really notice the flak issue with skip bombers, fine with everything else...
  5. venderbomb

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    A few things from me regarding toxicity in computer games: 1) Human beings crave control - in a game such as wows you have very little control of what the other 11 players are doing. Thus naturally leads to frustration and subsequent toxicity. I'm sure we're all guilty of that. 2) Lack of the perspective of others - The above, coupled with the inability to put yourself in your teammates shoes or see things from their perspective. This leads to frustration and subsequent toxicity. 3) Lack of accountability or lack of retribution - probably the biggest factor imo. Toxic in the street and you risk a smack in the mouth, hence we don't do it (mostly). Online thats just not there - open season for the trolls and toxic community
  6. venderbomb

    Flamu Screaming at Elbing players :) :)

    Hes a bit of enigma is our flame Some of his videos are measured and quite informative, there is no doubt he's good at wows - but other videos he's the opitome of the toxic community thats infested this once great game.
  7. Without showing us the negative karma at the end of the game this really just looks like attention seeking. Awesome play mate, you're the best player I've ever seen!!!! Feel better?😉
  8. I also believe there's a hidden mechanic where the last flight in a cv squadron takes less damage, 30% I believe? As the Russian CV's only have 1 flight, they automatically benefit from this mechanic every time
  9. venderbomb

    Is Wargaming trying to create a love-hate relationship?

    I think its got very little to do with community comforts, considering how few people actually use the forums, its more to do with vested interest - a hell of a lot of the playerbase has invested so much time, effort and money into this game its difficult to walk away.
  10. venderbomb

    Great video on the new economic rework.

    Let's be honest here, there was nothing wrong with the flags/camos system before. Its free to play and a business at the end of the day - we get it! but please dont try and say this change to economics is for the benefit of the playerbase and not an underhanded revenue stream, because we don't believe you!😉
  11. venderbomb

    P2W is in the game now (superships and CBs)

  12. venderbomb


    Its a good ship for its tier, I give you that (terrible vs CVs though) but 40k dubs or the cash equivalent for a T9 ship in a game of dozens of T9 ships is an act of lunacy!☹
  13. venderbomb


    I'm more curious as to how someone can have over 52,000 games played? Wow
  14. venderbomb


    I get the flag and coal bids with people having a pile of credits just sitting there, but 40k dubs, roughly £120 for a T9 ship!? What am I missing here? Thats 2 x AAA titles
  15. 80% of comments completely off topic (the irony) Standard!🤣