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  1. venderbomb

    Captain Jingles?

    Aye aye captn's, Has there been any more info on the CC captain event? Was kinda looking forward to having the old dog at the helm!
  2. venderbomb


    I didn't want anything. My initial query was why WG reward inactivity but not regular play - hence the post title. Fail to see where envy comes into it?
  3. venderbomb


    Erm, No it's not, this thread has nothing to do with envy! The person who got these goodies is a good friend, and I'm glad he got them?
  4. venderbomb


    Once again for you....none of it is free
  5. venderbomb


    We're kinda going of track here, no one mentioned grinding missions or campaigns, no one mentioned flags or camos....all of which you earn, non of which is free! I was questioning why people who don't play they game get a substantial free gift to come back, and those that play the game often.........don't If they're prepared to reward inactivity.........why not a 'free'gift to those keep the game alive.....be a nice touch eh....bit of a thank you:(
  6. venderbomb


    There not free though? You earn them! These gifts are free, log in.....bingo! I get it why they're doing it....i just think they seem excessive considering:(
  7. venderbomb


    I get it mate, but, the size of this free temptation to come back is quite significant don't you agree?
  8. venderbomb


    Dear WG, A friend of mine just got 7.5 mill credits, 100k free xp and 5 special prizes (god knows what they'll be)? I get the business model, gets people back playing who hadn't been playing in a while......but where's the loyalty in that? How about once in a while you remember the people who keep your game alive, the grinders, the people with a dozen + premium ships..... Bit of loving for the people that count!:(
  9. venderbomb

    French BB bonus missions

    Cheers pal, So it looks like completely random, and if you were lucky enough you could have all 4 missions running at the same time.
  10. venderbomb

    French BB bonus missions

    Hey guys, Quick question, and maybe it already says it and I'm being thick. Is it possible to have more than one bonus battleship mission at a time? Is it random or do you always get the T5 mission first? I.e. if I open 3 French containers, could I get the T7 and T8 missions and have them both running simultaneously?
  11. venderbomb

    Giulio Cesare - something wrong in 0.7.0

    The zero damage pens seem to be happening more often lately. Maybe just bad luck but yesterday in my Montana my first 2 salvoes into a GKF yielded 7 pens for zero damage - full HP ship. Maybe I did hit the guns or other part? I think it's more the penetration ribbon that gets me or the zero damage, maybe they need to treat these shots as overpens and least give some damage? A 1500lbs shell hitting a turret or armour space surely warrents something.
  12. venderbomb

    tired of abysmal players and MM

    SBMM would be awesome if even just for CV's! The influence a good CV player can have over a battle when confronted by a below average CV player....is massive and higher than any other class. Iv lost count of how many times iv watched the enemy CV go for a kutesov or equivelant, while our CV has taken out a DD and kept another one spotted, and went 'here we go'......the result is often,not always, but often inevitable
  13. venderbomb

    tired of abysmal players and MM

    It's confirmation bias fellas! For every good day, you'll have a bad day......the problem is you only remember the bad!
  14. venderbomb

    tired of abysmal players and MM

    Great idea!
  15. venderbomb

    T61 and sub point World of warships Blitz

    Isn't Roma finished? I watched a CC vid on the Roma and the WIP tag had been removed because the ship was now no longer in test and WG were happy with the product. Can't remember who it was though