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  1. I dont know if thats true at all. We were not in Hurricane though, but we played quite some hurricane clans in high typhoon. In he last "one of a kind" T10 season: We saw anything from 1-3 destroyers being played. Most common was ragnar smalland, but we have seens quite some smoke DDs. In Terms of BB we have also seen montanas and we have seen some flex picks even in the top tier with i think 2 hurricane clans running schlieffen. We have seens some incomparable+napoli flanking comps. We have seen a lot of desmoines after the petro ban. We have seen a lot of gouden leuww (we ran it our selves, we saw PAID running it, and OHBOY if i remember correctly) We have also seen single DD lineups. Meanwhile the last 2 seasons where this rule was not implemented: The tier6 season => double Ryujo, quadruple huanghe and a DD The recent T10/11 season: Kremlin (even ohio being pretty much out since 2 condes were allowed), 2 conde, 2 napoli, 2 smalland. In what universe is that more diverse. Even the conde liminitation changed so much. Because beforehand, you know for a fact: Conde+Conde on a side works. Napoli+Conde on a side works. Napoli+Napoli on a side works. So you pick 2 of each and have a generic build. After the limitation people had to start switching things up, because like napoli+annapolis isnt even remotely as strong as conde+napoli. So we saw more smoke DDscombining with anapolis. We started seeing more zorkys aswell. As soon as you are not allowed to just spinbox up the most powerful ship in the class, you see diversity. I think thats a good thing. And lets also keep in mind that we are a very small competitive community compared to other games. And its a dying one. We need to think about the accessability for newer players who didnt already whale 3 crhistmas events :D The "one of a kind" rule also increases accessability. There is a lot of clans with motivated new players. And you basically tell them: If you dont have smalland (legacy ship), conde (costs like 65 million credits and loses u credits per game) or napoli (coal ship) you will have to play with handicap. Thats very frustrating for new players. But if there is 7 different T10 ships in the lineup, chances that people have at least 1-2 of them are much higher.
  2. I would not worry about the dockyard event. The last dockyards were pretty good in terms of their conditions: - you could farm the missions in coop - the missions were so easy that anyone who plays regularly would just farm them out by playing the game - everything that can be optained during the grind is disclosed - the prices are disclosed ahead of time - you can finish with dubs at every time, also you can get a discount if you buy the non-free stages at the start. - the ships characteristics are disclosed before the event. - all missions of all stages are disclosed at the start. So at the start of the event you can very accurately tell if you will be able to finish the missions. So you got an absolute accurate assessment of how much dubs you pay and what items you get in return. And usually the value you get is higher than stuff you can regularly buy for dubloons. Like with all the stuff WG is doing, the dockyard is the last thing i´d see a reason to worry about. Ofcause, they might make a hilariously impossible dockyard again, like puerto rico, but that seems highly unlikely. Anchorage, Hizen, ZF6, zeven provincien all have been easy to grind and very transparent. i wouldnt be worried that they somehow make it super impossible again after making it very accessable the last 4 times.
  3. I do not think that is correct. When you open the crate, a random method will determin the category you hit. That can be a Tx+rare ship, T8-9 ship, T5-7 ship or any other reward. It does not matter at all if you have 0 of the ships on one of the list or if you have 90% of them. As long as you have open ships on one of the 3 lists the droprates remain the same. So say you have everything of the T5-7 list except Florida and California. Now you open a mega gift. You still have a 14% chance to get a T5-7 ship. If you hit that ship, at THAT POINT its guaranteed that you get a ship of the selected list, that you dont already own. So florida or californa (determined randomly). So unless you literally have every single one of the ships one of the lists, the droprates stay exactly the same. Unlike in previous years, owning 90% of the "crap ships" will not increase your chance to get a rare ship. You have to own literally every single one of them. As soon as a list is completed (you own all the ships of the list) the associated droprate is going to be distributed to the other 2 ship lists. So as soon as you own all 61 crap ships your chance to get a rare or T8-9 one will increase. Even if you have 60 of the 61 your chance ot get a good ship has not yet increased at all. Edit: To put that into perspective, that is why the lists got bloated. Last year had a total of 86 ships. Ofcause chances are, there are a lot of players who already own the majority of the list. Especially the "crap ones". So with the new mechanic, WG needs to make sure, there is a bunch of new ships coming on the lists to keep the number of players who own the majority of ships already small, so they dont get to many rare ships if they get one at all. So this years lists went from 86 ships to a total of 134. Thats 155% the ammount. So even players like me who dropped quite some money in the game, would still have to pay a boatload of cash to actually start getting the good stuff. Obvioisly, with thousands of players and a 1% & 0,5% chance ot get a rare ship, and no shortlist to prevent people from getting the good stuff, that would be still a huge load of rare ships going out to the players. So they removed some of the very hot stuff like a cesar, kamikaze, NIcolai, Gremyashchi, Black, and in turn put in some stuff that is already super common. Like a flint that you can get for coal, a graf spee that was actually a free ship. So that even the players who get lucky hitting the rare category, will have over 50% chance to not get an actual rare ship, but the likes of flint, salem etc wich you can just get for coal in the armory. I do understand that from a business point of view, but obviously thats still a bummer.
  4. Did a bit of calculations. The crates are absolutely garbage for veterans if you are looking for ships. 32 TX+rare: I own 16 of them, 9 of the 16 i dont have would be a good hit for me 41 T8-9: I own 23 of them, 4 of the 18 i dont have would be a good hit for me 61 T5-7: i own 47 of them, 2 of the 14 i dont have would be a good hit for me That means a "mega gift" has a - 0.56% chance to get me a rare ship i want, - 0,67% chance to get me a T8-9 ship i want, - 2% chance to get me a T5-7 ship i want So even if you own well over half the ships available, chances are you get junk. If they are in the same price area as the Black Friday crates thats gonna be around a 160€ for 1 TX/rare ship i´m looking for. And that might very well be a Tier7. Plus side: They disclose the droprates Downside: They bloated the lists and changed the mechanic, so your chance to get a good ship only increases if you have every single one of the 61 T5-7 ships.... Plus putting actual coal ships on the rare list seems kinda odd. How are they rare if you can just go to the armory and get them? Also kamakize/fujin, Cesar and black gone. But Grad spee, that literally everyone has is somehow rare. Just to reduce the chance to get an actual rare ship, even if you hit the rare-category on the roll. Dont get it.
  5. Just to understand that right: Did the mechanics change? At least what crowd-research found, in the previous years the chance to get a "rare" ship did increase, the more of the - lets call em crapships - you had. Putting aside the shortlist thing. Because the mechanic seemed to be: You roll on the ship list -> if you already own that ship -> you reroll. All ships are in play. So if i already owned 90% of the T5-7 ships, i have a higher chance to hit a rare one or T8-9 one. But now, if i read that correctly, as long as i dont own EVERY SINGLE ONE of the crapships T5-7 my odds of scoring a rare ship do not increase whatsoever. And the lists coincidently been made larger? So regardless whether i have 5 of the 61 T5-7 ship or 59 of the 61 T5-7 ships, my odds of hitting a T5-7 are still the same UNTIL i own every single one of them? And its only at that point, that my chance to get a good ship increses as the "T5-7 droprate" gets distributed to the other groups? Thats kind of a bummer. Makes the crates super unattractive for veterans now, but more attractive for newcomers who are willing to spend money. Very disappointing as i was looking forward to this event as i own a lot of the "crap ships" at this point.... To make that clear: I still find it a VERY good developement that the mechanic and droprates are disclosed this time. So dont wanna be all negative. But i stil find it disappointing tailoring this event for newplayers with big wallets and go away from long term players. From a business standpoint understandable though unfortunately
  6. Results are out. I did not win with 37,7 million coal bid. Can we find the lowest bid that won?
  7. Ahoi Captains, we - [R0GUE] Rogue One - are an international Clan, playing on the EU Servers. We communicate via Discord and speak english. We are looking for active players interested in playing Clanbattles and Clan Brawls. Benefits: +3% research points -15 repair costs -15% credits for ships +5 XP for all ships +25% free XP for all ships +10% Captain XP +10% Coal +10% Steel Requirements: - Most of our CB players are in the 52%-54% winrate area. 50%+ winrate is required - At least 1000 Games required - At least two Tier10 ships required - Speaking english - Being generally able to participate in clanbattles twice a week when they are on Attitude: We are obviously no pro-gamer clan, but we enjoy taking the clan battles a little more seriously than normal games. If thats also your attitude, you might be at the right place here. If you are interested or have any questions, send me a PM or contact me ingame. Username ReimAufK0tze. Hope to see you soon!
  8. ReimAufK0tze

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I would happily take a refund. but i am not offered a refund. i am ofdered a refund under the condition to lose anything i did in this game since i bought the item until the actually perform the action. they could EASILY come up with a better solution. a) you lose everything you still have and the rest falls under the blanket b) they let you reroll the ships as advertised without shortlist c) they could offer a partial refund for everything you did not use yet d) they could take away whats left an recalculate your earnings in xp. they could do so much. But what they do is sayin: „if you want a refund, be prepared to lose days of grinding as a price for our scam. Or just suck it up“
  9. ReimAufK0tze

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Problem is: the only specific containers that were not as advertised were the ones with the ships. Now they discourage everyone to get refunds, because if you want the fraudulant containers refunded, you will also need to refund the others in the batch. So you pay by losing all progress you made. Fkin hell, that is EA-levels of scam on hypercrack. Holy damn
  10. ReimAufK0tze

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Are they f-kin shittin me? because THEY failed to describe the product properly and THEY take days to respond to my support ticket I should lose all progress i made? what in the actual [edited]is wrong with them. it could be so easy: everyone who pulled shortlist ships gets them replaced with the honest containers that you would give if you roll a short list ship they have. THIS way i get what i paid for. Neither side loses anything. No money and no time.
  11. ReimAufK0tze

    PSA: Santa Containers

    What happens if i refund a buy of 20 but i have already used consumables lile camo, signals or coal? in the time since i got the crates i played a ton of games and bought a coal ship. how would the refund work? Would i lose my coal ship i bought? would i lose tech tree ships i researched with xp i gained through xp-bonus flags? Or bought with credit bonus flags?