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  1. Loha4

    IJN planes V US planes

    The strafing ability is how you deal with usn planes if your choosing to go toe to toe with them in a low allied AA battle. If your ending up getting strafed by the usn guy maybe try playing the usn CV's they are less multitasking intensive so much easier to notice if something is about to strafe you and you get more time to focus on doing a strafe. Click attacking against stronger fighters is a waste of time, click attacking vs equal fighters is a total coinflip the strafe is needed.
  2. "Taking this straight from http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration_(WoWS)#Armor-Piercing Let's illustrate the fuzing concept with the Iowa's AP Mark 8 16 inch projectile. Its Mark 21 Base Detonating Fuze (BDF) had a delay of 0.033 seconds. Fuze activation requires a resistance equal to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of armor at 0 degrees obliquity or 0.375 inches (1 cm) at 65 degrees obliquity. The muzzle velocity for a new gun and a full charge is 762 meters per second. Therefore, if the shell were to immediately hit an armor plate 1.5 inches thick after exiting the barrel, it would explode 762*0.033 = 25 meters after passing through that armor plate. Most AP shells in game have a fuzing time of 0.033 seconds, but there are shells with as much as 0.1 second fuzing time. As of patch 0.3.1, the armor thickness necessary for AP shell fuzing was as follows (caliber - armor): 410mm - 68mm, 356mm - 59mm, 203mm - 34mm, 155mm - 26mm." 76mm was still enough to fuse any shell back in 0.3.1 and while bouncing off the citadel counting as a citadel hit has been fixed and some ships now bounce more shots I haven't seen anything changed lately that suggests more shots will be overpenning rather than bouncing.
  3. Loha4

    BB/C High Tier Aiming Solutions

    Maps are large, having long range fire gives slow BB's something to do while they close in but if BB's don't close in neither sides cruisers can really do anything other than get hammered attempting to close in the moment they get spotted since they have no functional backup and being closer and being cruisers will get them killed in 1 or 2 volleys while no matter how many aim improvements a BB gets telling it where to shoot its still not going to be able to take a single enemy battleship down over 18km without multiple volleys blessed by rnjesus due to dispersion at that range. Dispersion that can't be reduced without making battleships as they stand brokenly strong. It's nice for some cheeky damage but as a long term game plan if your battleship isn't helping keep other ships alive and isn't making the enemy team sink it will soon find itself all alone or capped out. I do agree the ships behind objects waterline should just be added however, it saves the time of pressing magical shell cam to check where the thing actually is which wastes 30 seconds for most battleships but the other two combined do just seem like an aim tracker and a turning compensator... which sounds like an aimbot just an unreliable one.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can't over-penetrate the citadel, can't remember where I read that originally but if you penetrate citadel armour any ap shell will be triggered to go off because citadel armour is ridiculously thick. You aren't going to send a shell through say the 127mm citadel armour of a Cleveland then out the other side without an AP shell deciding the armour was thick enough for the shells fuse to activate. If you seem to be overpenning a citadel at close range it's probably below the waterline and very difficult to hit with a straight trajectory.
  5. Loha4

    New challanges promotes killsteal

    I have absolutely no issue with the promoting of DD "kill steals" the number of times I've seen those things leave somebodys sight with 10% hp or lower then kill somebody else with torps later in the battle is crazy and the times they manage that torp reload seconds before they finally blow up and kill the poor cruiser fighting them is just as high. Making sure they are dead and gone should be everyone in the areas top priority. Now the kraken achievement, that's permanently going to be encouraging all kill steals with a much better reward.
  6. Loha4

    SMS Emden | Event?

    Keep? That event page says "The ARPEGGIO content, including the special ships and Commanders, will only be available while this mode is active! " I'm not sure that means we get to keep them?
  7. Loha4

    Secret Santa Event (ASIA server)

    For a 0 minutes approx waiting time this 15 minutes sure is long. I got notified that I'll get the flag after the event on this site but nothing has shown up in game yet.
  8. Loha4

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    What's a unicum? I'm apparently a unicum in ranked cruisers despite losing all 3 ranked matches I entered as a cruiser. It would also appear I'm a super unicum in PvE destroyers so that's not even the highest rank. High level overview Mostly plays cruisers, especially low-tier and is excellent in them Extremely often uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Omaha
  9. Loha4

    XP from AAA?

    Seems pretty good to me, considering a cruisers intense effort of being anywhere near planes and sometimes pressing clicking a consumable that does nothing other than shoot planes therefore having no real tradeoff it's a nice xp bonus, its not hard to get a nice hit of dead planes with a Cleveland if you pay some attention to the bombing runs and fighter engagements going on but the bonus is presumably mainly for your allied carrier to get xp not the cruisers especially if they are air dom. The real problem is the likelyhood of getting into a game with carriers in a Cleveland tier battle is damn low because nobody wants to deal with the button.
  10. Loha4

    Mission - Sky In Flames

    I believe it only counts carrier planes, seaplanes etc don't seem to be counted or at least they never were for the clear skies achievement so it's probably the same.
  11. Loha4


    Ahh damn well thanks guess advanced firing training it is, at least it works on the other battleships if I want to move the commander back again. I wouldn't dare use AP on this thing though it's rare enough to get the hit nevermind the demoralizing bounces it kept landing on the t3 battleships the one time I tried and it's just not accurate enough to citadel.
  12. Loha4

    Destroyer visability bug

    Well 2km is the basic non vision detection range everybody has so for two people in smoke that isn't unusual. What bugs me is if the game is running periodic vision checks they might not happening simultaneously and are far too far apart, I've had many situations coming round an island as a DD vs another DD knowing full well hes also coming round and seeing my detected icon light up and him stay invisible at sub 2km for long enough to make me panic that he's already launching torps. It leaves me wondering whether they actually can see me or if the commander detection skill activates before the actual vision check happens.
  13. Loha4


    Oh does anybody know if the demolition commander perk effects secondaries or not? I have to pick between advanced fire training (probably the smart pick for ever using this commander on something with AA, but CV's do seem to be on the decline anyway) and demolition which would make this thing a fire spitting demon if it works on the secondaries, 60% and 30% fire chance buff to the 80mm and 152mm cannons respectively would be very respectable if that works but I really dont want to waste doubloons respeccing a commander if it turns out secondaries aren't effected.
  14. Loha4

    Furutaka's my favourite...

    Aoba, I have no idea where it's citadel is other than the usual somewhere in the middle guess so the hit was dumb luck aided by sweet accurate guns, was about 7km away iir.
  15. Loha4


    The population in tier 2/3 is way higher than tier 1 generally so there's a high chance you will end up in one of those unless tier 2 reaches out to grab you for their final slot, if you want to avoid a tier 3 battle in a mikasa hope the battle doesn't load immediately when you click random battle and if you if you see more than say 2 battleships in the queue leave and come back later (if there are say 3 battleships and 30 combined cruisers/destroyers you might still get a tier 2). Not that you really need too it is a workable ship kinda as long as you don't go toe to toe with the enemies battleships without support. Facing straight towards a tier 3 battleship does seem to get you exploded I couldn't tell what ammo they were using but I've had it happen to me on the very first shot that hit me and I've seen it happen to somebody in a youtube video in a very similar situation, I guess its magazine armour just can't stop those shells very well. Against kawachi's though it seems to be okay I sailed right between two of them at incredibly close range and eventually killed them both in coop, looked like that sinking of the Endeavour scene out of pirates of the Caribbean 2 except the other way round.