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  1. Vlhká zpovědnice

    Já po těch čtyřech tragédiích už zůstal v Coopu a radoval se, že legendární upgrady jsou grindit i tam. Zase mne to ale pak neušetřilo vytorpení vlastní South Caroliny v Campbelltownu... No, když se daří, tak se daří.
  2. Vlhká zpovědnice

    Bože, to je taková frustrace: vždycky, když doexpím loď a zbývá mi posledních pár expů na následující, tak na mne sedne tak neuvěřitelná smůla. S Richim, se kterým se mi jinak hrálo dobře a celkem se mi i zamlouvá: 3 prohry v řadě, naprosto zoufalé týmy. Se Saint-Louis, se kterou se mi jinak hrálo úžasně a sbíral jsem Witherery, 100k DMG bitvy jak na běžícím pásu, 4 absolutní propadáky v řadě. Dvakrát jsem se ani nedostal přes 40k DMG. Dvakrát jsme prohráli na nulu bodů... Prostě, pokaždé, kdy by mi na expy stačila jedna jediná výhra, tak nic. Dneska i jeden tým, který se sám 3 minuty po startu vyvraždil (jedna pěkná polská divize se dvěma DD a křižníkem proti dvěma bitevkám a dvěma křižníkům, co evidentně nemají rády Poláky). Vždycky si nakonec místo pěkného rozloučení musím absolutné rozes*at staty s danou lodí...
  3. Frustated, as I start the game

    Oh come on, Hundigo. This is getting repetitive and goes nowhere. If by some miracle you are serious, go find medical help. Otherwise, mods, close this trainwreck of a trolling fiesta. (Come think of it, I'd really love to see Skybuck's reaction to this thread... )
  4. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Yeah, people still didn't realise every ranked season starts from scratch, except you get bonus stars depending on your previous season accomplishments. (I started this season at rank 15, making it utterly impossible for me to even play my T8 in Ranked this time round.) Somehow this system sems incomprehensible to some. Then again people are having trouble understanding Arms Race mode as well, so...
  5. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    From the pic on https://wowsft.com/shipStatComparison, it should have roughly similar forward and rear firing angles now. Both vastly better then previously (still not as good as Kronshtadt, though). I actually didn't believe they could buff it so much without clipping the superstructure.
  6. I'd pretty much agree with that assessment, except one thing: The reason I specifically first brought up Hindenburg as a nemesis to french 380mm gun equipped BBs is the fact it can comfortaby engage at range (in addition to the DPM and fire starting ability). Des Moines or Worcester can't so reliably. French BBs are fairly mobile. Zao, Henri IV or Moskva also can, but they either lack the DPM or the sturdiness against those 380mm compared to Hindy. So yeah, when I see a Hindy in my Alsace, I scream and run (last battle thankfully there was a Shima that cooperated with me, outflanked him and forced him to show broadside with his torp volleys). It should be higher by about 400-500 meters I believe. But yes, that speed is ridiculous and I believe the first thing that needs to go. Speed boost needs to be the usual 8% only, not the 15%. It will still ourun the german cruisers, but not ridiculously so. And other cruisers could catch it and farm it. I guess that concealment is another potential area for nerfs...
  7. I was talking about Richelieu, Jean Bart, Alsace and Bourgogne. You know, mainly Jean Bart and Bourgogne, the ships being tested now. République is a different animal that doesn't care about 27mm (and 30mm) cruiser armor. I said that I do lash out, unlike him. EDIT: Oh damn, I didn't expect that kind of agitation. Well yeah, needs a nerf. (Also, that really isn't how I get playing the game, I only get whiney, crybaby-ish etc.)
  8. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    I'm curious why CCs seem to not use Alaska AP on DDs. There's little as satisfying (if you're not playing a DD, anyway) as wrecking DDs with Kronshtadt AP. All 305mm guns share that great characteristic of always overmatching all DD armor (except Khaba), but given they're smaller shells then high tier BBs, they stick in DDs pretty much every time the DDs are angled. And you shoot almost twice as fast as BBs. I would expect that if you can hit with Alaska shells (which should definitely not be that much of a struggle within say 12kms), the AP shells should be even more devastating given the smaller dispersion over Kronshtadt and smaller pen.
  9. Otázky a odpovědi

    Jo, v téhle změně hydra mne taky Lo Yang pěkně nas*al. Viděl jsem plošnou změnu za takouvou tu šanci, jak trošku nenápadně provést nerf a ono nic, ještě je z toho (zanedbatelný, ale přece) buff... S tou Z-39 je problém, že má vlastně všechny hodně atributů T8 lodě. Jako Belfast má výhodu 5. upgrade slotu. A i teď má hydro jako T8 Z-23. Čili v tomhle z toho logicky vyplynulo, že i nově se vyrovná T8 a chudák Maass je v pytli. Aspoň že jde o německé DD a ne úplně jiné náhodné, co jako slepej k houslím přijde k nejlepšímu hydru na tieru...
  10. Well, that's why Flamu considers the Bourgogne probably a tad on the OP side. Usually anything that is OP is very fun to play. And even playing a RN BB and setting 3 fires after enemy repairs a fire is very fun. Obviously none of that is fun for the enemies. That's why at least the sensible CCs consider Worcester OP, same with Harugumo, etc. Now Bourgogne still can be countered, it is basically paper compared to all other T10 BBs. And an angled Hindenburg - or Des Moines, etc. - laughs in its face (you have no idea how "fun" it is to be on the receiving end of a Hindenburg HE spam in a french BB). I suppose an obvious nerf that presents itself is toning the speed down (or you know, nerfing reload booster, like that is ever gonna happen ). Then it can't even easily avoid being spammed to death, so -> glass cannon. Before I watch the above linked video, I gotta say I caught one battle on his stream with Bourgogne and despite his constant crying (Flambass reminds me a lot of myself with how agitaded he gets whenever something doesn't quite work, only I start lashing out if bad luck continues, he handles that better in the end) about dispersion, it also did pretty well. That'd be nice (not the expensive part). I could be tempted by a better Alsace for coal, unlike with the Salem that I simply do not care about along with all US CA/CLs.
  11. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Well, that's why you can still pick it and use it. (Though I really disagree you should get Manual Secondaries on any cruiser. With particular exception of the "really heavy cruisers" like Graf Spee, Stalingrad, Kronshtadt. There I could see some uses.)
  12. Yeah, was watching Flamu's stream and Bourgogne definitely is very strong (seems like a candidate for another Steel ship, at this point). On the other hand, he sure didn't have much luck with Jean Bart.
  13. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    I was getting the bonus separately. Say after I open the Coal container, I get 400 Coal and then I get 28 Coal just after that (7% bonus). It might be difficult to notice, but was showing up in the notification list.
  14. "We would like to add more variety, reduce the economic load for most players and make free options more viable." That sounds quite like the better non-free options will no longer be accessible by a regular player. I'm not lowering my pitchforks yet.
  15. And different versions of a fighter plane? And heal? And speed boost? And damage control? Nono, time to panic full time.