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  1. Toivia

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Why does WGC not close itself after the game launches (like the old launcher) and why does it even not have an option to do so?
  2. Toivia

    Otázky a odpovědi

    To vypadá nepravděpodobně. V tom právě přišla změna oproti PR eventu, že druhý měsíc event stále běží místo toho abys jen koukal na zastavenou stavbu a uvažoval, jestli to teda dokončit za dublony nebo ne. Každopádně jak už bylo zmíněno, stále máš na Odina přes tři týdny.
  3. Toivia

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    That's one and the same.
  4. Toivia

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    Well they don't know what to do with Italian DDs. But frankly I doubt they know what to do with Italian BBs either. What's more puzzling though, I don't understand what was so problematic with the previous PE version, particularly after they switched AP for HE. Reload or SAP Alpha could have been tweaked at will depending on how (too) nasty SAP got against enemy DDs.
  5. Toivia

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    WTF?! That's what happens when you're allowed (by most of the playerbase) to force the stupid new launcher. If only people were not sheep and just refused that in droves. But no, many were just saying that it doesn't matter and that we could still mostly ignore the new launcher... Yeah right, allow them an inch and they'll take a foot.
  6. Toivia

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Okay... so I cannot even get any of the permacamos for T10 german ships unless I (somehow) get all 3 CVs from boxes AND own Graf Zeppelin. Umm... Well, thank god. I still have another million other directives (Odin shipyard), missions and events (isn't another Ranked starting soon as well?) to do anyway. And then there's this little occupation called real life, you could try it, gives you new perspective on stuff. But wow, seriously you outdid yourselves with this convoluted mess of double directives at the same time, free mission chains, dubloon bought mission chains, dubloon bought random bundles, RNG lootboxes and gods only know what other bullcrap.
  7. Toivia

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    Well, here are the nerfs I expected for Zao, Moskva and Yamato. Gotta say for me, Moskva's still appears to be the best choice in slot 6. For Zao and Yamato, the good news is that they're still usable. Not sure if I find them better than straight up range/reload respectively. So I guess balance? Maybe zao could use an hp buff though, given the powercreep and the hp nerfs it has received in the past years. Most of the other UU look rather bad and as downgrades.
  8. Toivia

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    It needs to be steel, and there needs to be diminished ways of gaining steel instead of adding it to daily missions. It'll still probably end badly...
  9. Toivia

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Jen kdyby to náhodou bylo myšleno vážně... USS Black je pojmenován po jistém důstojníkovi jménem Hugh David Black, jenž zahynul na torpédoborci potopeném německou ponorkou za WW2. Ještě si dovolím připomenout, že WG je natolik citlivé k sociálním a historickým otázkám, že ve hře nám pluje například Lenin. (Na druhou stranu Ludendorff zase evidentně neprošel, nuž, chápejte to, jak chcete.)
  10. Toivia

    Statistika obsahu kontejnerů

    Za půl roku? To mi nějak nesedí. Denně (pokud člověk splní všechny denní mise) lze získat 40 oceli, tedy cca 1200 oceli za měsíc. Na nejlevnější lod za ocel (Somers - 25k oceli) by tak bylo třeba denně hrát a šetřit skoro dva roky.
  11. Toivia

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Ok, to answer myself, at least that seems to have been the initial propossal for NC before gun size escalation. Still not happy with another BB that's supposedly a very fragile spawncamping sniper.
  12. Toivia

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    Technically a "yoloing gameplay" can be fun. But in practice, the best one could realistically hope for is a one for one trade, which is rather sad. It obviously would be fun for the yoloing person to be able to yolo several ships in a row, surviving the encounters and keep on going, but that would require some OP stats on the ship (and/or very cooperating enemies) and would be very unfun and toxic for those enemies. It's already so hard to get DD players to be close enough to the enemy to spot (and have good opportunities for torping) while also staying far enough to not get easily caught by the enemy and sunk (because frankly, it is among the harder things to do ingame). And now WG wants to add a new DD they specifically design to get thrown at the enemy at first opportunity hoping for a torp devstrike. Is it just me or has WG started very openly suporting bad gameplay with the latest premium ships? Champagne promotes passive play and sniping versus all you need from a BB, Paolo Emilio encourages suiciding into the enemy versus any spotting. And with Florida, Borodino and Slava in the pipeline, we'll only get more of that nonsense.
  13. Toivia

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Well, it's not a new CV line. It's not a new soviet "sekrit technology" line either. But man, didn't the US actually have a number of real BBs that could have (finally) been added?! You're keeping all the historical ships for premiums, aren't you? Umm, these look even worse that the (already questionnable, but somehow cute) real standard type BBs. I guess it's the comically large guns on the still small hulls. And I'm really not sure what changes will be needed to make these remotely playable. T6-T7 for slow BBs is one thing, but T10? I already hated Izumo and Yamato for the (lack of) flexibility. On another note, wth is that Florida thing? Is that based on anything remotely real? I guess you didn't read the thread...
  14. Toivia

    ST 0.9.7, Naval Base update

    Oh, some use for oil. Noice.
  15. Always seemed quite straightforward. Now whether the actual requirement is a good idea is another question. Personally I don't quite like even class limitations on missions, even less so specific nation requirements or particular ships at worst. Regardless though, the first 3 directives seemed to have enough missions to complete the directive just by mindless grind, not needing any particular battle results.