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  1. Ah, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm only talking about the picture of the ship ingame, I know (nearly) nothing of real USN ships (and honestly don't care much, 95% of them are ugly as hell). So I am only interested about ingame qualities of USN ships as opposed to their actual designs. I'm now not sure which ship is affected by the CD change. If the Monarch then great, if the Conqueror . And thing is, Monarch already has 120s (80s on premium) reload on the heal. It's the Conqueror that has 180s (120s on premium) on its superheal.
  2. Toivia

    ST, CVs, Georgia, Monarch, Conqueror

    @Sehales, I've just come to a misunderstanding with other posters, which of the mentioned changes for Monarch and Conqueror actually apply to which ship? It seems they both will be able to heal more of their casemate damage. Monarch gets a better heal (0,6% per second). But which of the ships gets the faster heal CD? Both? Because if Monarch doesn't get the accelerated heal as I initially though, that will be a nerf to it in the end. Monarch doesn't need nerfs. On the other hand, Conqueror doesn't need any buffs at all. Getting better healing of casemates is all it needs along with the larger citadel. Nothing more.
  3. But then they talk about Monarch's better heal... So wait, does Monarch even get the faster heal or is that Conqueror only? Dammit, now I am completely confused as to what they bloody meant. It should have been nerf+buff for Monarch while nerf only for Conqueror, this is madness. @LastButterfly, Is it so difficult to see that 1) the bow is identical to SoDaks; 2) the broadside armor indentation is identical to SoDak; 3) the curvature of the hull is identical to SoDak? Iowa has a completely different hull.
  4. Okay okay, the secondaries are even closer to the Iowa, doesn't change the fact that the hull is clearly that of the SoDak, only lenghtened in the middle. Definitely coes from SoDak and gets some supersctructure modifications (those secondaries of yours) based o the newer Iowa. Wait what? Did I miss something? Conqueror is not getting any heal buffs, is it? It's just the Monarch that gets a nice healing buff while it's citadel is slightly higher. Conqueror only gets a noticeably heightened citadel. No buffs.
  5. As I said before, Monarch citadel still seems submerged, might not even make a difference. And it gets a better, faster heal. I guess giving it the full british heal is also an option. Secondaries seem to fit exactly Massachussets, same as the shape of the superstructure and the hull itself. As you point out, it however gets an extra funnel. So apparently an elongated SoDak. Thus I see where they're coming from with the 33 knots, though that still feels too much.
  6. Toivia

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    Jedna výhra od Ranku 2, sedm proher v řadě. Ach jo. Tak debilní týmy jsem dlouho neviděl. V podstatě všechno ROFLSTOMP hotovo do 6 minut. EDIT: Půlka týmu pod vlnama za 4 minuty, proboha proč?
  7. Toivia

    ST, Space Warships Intergalactic Games

    Yeah, good question. That is, assuming it concerns the same "unique T10 upgrades".
  8. Toivia

    ST, CVs, Georgia, Monarch, Conqueror

    It's obvious, no? The CV changes are all absolutely correct and cannot possibly bring unexpected problems with their instant live implementation. CV class barely influences any other ship on their/enemy team.
  9. In the devblog thread, people call it the SoDak hull. Could be that. Either way it is not an Iowa hull which begs the question how it can possibly reach 33 knots.
  10. Toivia

    ST, CVs, Georgia, Monarch, Conqueror

    It's kinda nice they're testing the Monarch/Conqueror changes before applying them to those ships. Monarch's proposed citadel still appears just below the waterline, so maybe, just maybe, giving it a better, fast reloading heal (Vanguard-like) could be a net buff. Which would be nice. Georgia is getting weirder by the minute. Weird AA. Weird short hull (I'll take you up on your word and assume it is SoDak's one) that somehow reaches Iowa's 33 knots. And 6 guns, huge, and probably quite accurate, but still.
  11. Yep, it is not a looker. At all.
  12. I'm not that versed in USN ships, but doesn't Georgia look more like an NC than an Iowa (bow and superstructure wise)? Looks to me like another Richelieu -> Jean bart situation. This time not because of AA (and probably without reload booster) but because of almost Musashi guns. But it looks very meh so far. 6 guns is usually just not enough to get consistent(ly good) results. Hell even 8 guns with large spacing tend to behave weirdly (République etc.). Also of interest, Monarch citadel still appears to be just below the waterine. But it doesn't get the actual British heal, just the middle of the road improved heal (Vanguard might be the most similar given the shorter reload).
  13. Toivia

    Pochváľte sa vašimi úspechmi

    Já neměl dobrou bitvu už pár týdnů...
  14. Toivia

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    Já tomu nerozumím, dneska jsem se jednou jedinkrát v Ranked dostal na 60k DMG (158k v Jean Bartovi) a samozřejmě to byla prohra, poněvadž obě naše DD byly neschopné a nikdo tak nenaspotil poslední přeživší enemy Jutland. Naopak v Missouri zahraju 13k DMG -> výhra. 20k DMG -> výhra. 60k DMG, když se mi nepodaří vyhnout Ramu od téměř mrtvé bitevky -> výhra. V Musashi celou bitvu ostřeluju Missouri a Jean Barta a celkem 56k DMG, zase výhra. To jako automaticky vyhraju, když nic neuděám? To jsem taky mimochodem ve všech zmíněnách výhrách zařval, zpravidla brzy před 10. minutou hry. V Jean Bartovi jsem přežil s asi 15k. Já vážně netuším, jak v Ranked stabilně nahrát DMG, přežít aspoň ke konci bitvy nebo nekončit na úplném chvostu tabulky. Prostě to nejde. Vždycky se dřív nebo později ocitnu v neřešitelné situaci (ostřelován 3 bitevkami ze 3 směrů, torpédován třemi DD ze tří směrů, rushován ze dvou stran apod.). Měl by někdo radu, jak přežívat aniž bych kempil na kraji mapy?
  15. Toivia

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    Ukazuje se to v záložce pro Ranky v profilu ve hře. Teď by to mělo být ještě nějakých 7 dní.