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  1. Hi Kwaio, Sun Tzu Warriors is looking for new members. We don't have any requirements about ship tiers, and we have quite a few members who are at about the same tier as you are. The other members are also happy to help you grind through those tiers, all the while having fun playing in divisions. Real life comes first, so we completely understand if you cannot be online every day. Just come online, have fun, blow stuff up. If this sounds like the clan for you, message me or come onto our teamspeak: address nafleet.typefrag.com:4120 password welcome2016 Regards, Corvus
  2. Corvus13th

    looking to join english speaking clan

    Hi Bloodhound, Sun Tzu Warriors is still looking for new members. We think the same way as you about communication in divisions, and we certainly do banter... Come look us up on Teamspeak, or send me a PM! Teamspeak: address nafleet.typefrag.com:4120 password welcome2016 Regards, Corvus
  3. Corvus13th

    [STW] Sun-Tzu-Warriors

    Sun Tzu Warriors still has open places in the clan! PM me or join us on Teamspeak if you are interested! address nafleet.typefrag.com:4120 password welcome2016
  4. Corvus13th

    [STW] Sun-Tzu-Warriors

    We hold Clan activities several times per week. Fun is most important, so no mandatory ships or minimum ratings. We just want you to have fun and come blow up ships with us.