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  1. AmashPrevails

    0.7.2 FPS Drop fix

    For me this Fix is doing good. I have tried it last night and today and havent got a single drop of FPS
  2. AmashPrevails

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    18 so far, but they are farming fast the 19th one
  3. AmashPrevails

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    Frinedly push!
  4. Hajmo navalite ljudi, još malo pa nestalo
  5. AmashPrevails

    Advice on how to spend 375k free XP

    Based on logical conclusions I wont be spending any of my hard earned FXp =)
  6. AmashPrevails

    Advice on how to spend 375k free XP

    Source? Official source? I have around 800k FXp waiting for Musashi if they release her as FXp ship.
  7. AmashPrevails

    Advice on how to spend 375k free XP

    Wait for news regarding Musashi. Rumors say it might be FreeXP ship
  8. AmashPrevails

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Ok my bad I was looking my stats and they were updated, but I used wows-numbers to prove dmg and XP stats of CQ
  9. AmashPrevails

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Ahm, how about you opening your eyes... P.S. FYI warships.today began updating few days ago
  10. Ćevapi s puno luka i kajmakom! BUMP
  11. AmashPrevails

    Akagi's Tea Party

    Friendly push!(even though i don't like cats =P)
  12. AmashPrevails

    A word on enforcing rules

    Ah OK glad to hear that =) Everyone has the right to read what I write
  13. AmashPrevails

    A word on enforcing rules

    So when I type "F.ck you" to someone he doesn't see that? Hmmmm that is bad I am sad now =(
  14. AmashPrevails

    Ranked Battles Are Coming! [ Seventh Season ]

    125K XP for retrining full 19pt captain, 190K XP for respecing, I know it is a "lot" but you dont have to pay money, just use resources that you earn in game.
  15. AmashPrevails

    World of Warships Q&A questions

    Tovarish Sub, any plans to show some love to THE only one TX cruiser that has actually been made and that is Des Moines? DM is very strong ship but hardest one to play. Getting good game in it is struggle while in other cruisers is piece of cake. The main problem with this cruiser is that it just CAN'T tank. Moskva, Hind, Zao(I am yet to play Henri) have somewhat trollish armor and they bounce shells with ease. In DM that is not the case, she has large citadel that sits pretty high above water and a large aft that absorbs every shell. While in other cruisers you can kite away in DM that is impossible because of large aft that takes a lot of dmg. I know that ship has been buffed in past but it hasn't improved her survivability and in high tier BB overpopulated meta she can't survive a lot and as far as I can see server stats she has lowest damage output, but she dont need faster reload but more survivability(better maneuverability or lowered citadel or better armored aft etc.) which in turn will bring more damage output. For me it is shame/sad thing to see that only one TX cruiser that ever existed and was made falls miles behind paper ships and is being easily kicked around =( Thank you