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  1. Steve8066

    WG bring back direct download of updates

    i have a 60MB line and currently update has been running for 10 mins short of 2 hours.
  2. Steve8066

    General Feedback

    Game is losing me vey quickly. Lag now seems to have gone but what is obvious is the amount of aimbots currently been used has vastly increased since i last played and tbh, game is no longer enjoyable.
  3. Steve8066

    Known Issues

    lag as per the indicator constantly flashing on and off making gameplay jerky and practically unplayable although im still trying in the hope it goes away.
  4. Steve8066

    General Feedback

    First time ive played for around 3 weeks so not sure if these issues are with this update or a previous one..... - massive fps drops at certain times. I generally get a steady 60, this is dropping to 10-15 at times making ships jump all over the place. - struggling to hit anything with guns. Aim below the waterline on the near side of an opponent, shots land on the far side. This isnt my aim, its not camo on the opponent, its not the direction the opponent is going, its simply shots not going where they are aimed. - weird one this....im in a dd, no planes up, ive not fired, ive not released smoke, ive not fired torps, no enemy dds alive on team to see me, and yet 2 opponents at 12k away from me are shooting at different angles straight at me. They arnt guessing, they are seeing me. How?
  5. Steve8066

    General Feedback

    finally got in after a 4 hour update on a decent machine, anyone with a lesser spec machine has my sympathy trying to d/l this. Only issues i have so far are lag/stuttering, and ships seem to be very very unresponsive when trying to change course.
  6. Steve8066

    unpacking takes forever

    started the launcher 3 hours ago, still in the process of updating, most of the time been spent on repacking data due to new saved mode or whatever it said. EDIT: stuff it, its now doing a game client check and doing 1% every 1 1/2 minutes or so, cant be arsed anymore, cancelled it and will chuck this game into the good idea but not for me pile as its now at a ridiculous timescale.
  7. Steve8066

    Update on Project R in Europe

    all my weekly have reset, they just arent updating when i do any battles now. ah they are just lagging a bit, all okay now
  8. Steve8066

    Project R progress wiped?

    not for me it isnt. now it is, thanks.
  9. Steve8066

    Project R progress wiped?

    hopefully we get the premium time added on when they sort this because until its fixed, its pointless playing.
  10. Steve8066

    Project R progress wiped?

    has anyone done another mission since it reset to see if it kicks it back into gear?
  11. Steve8066

    Project R progress wiped?

    I cant even log in to Project R now, says my email/password are wrong, which they arent.
  12. Steve8066

    Anyone else with bad lag? AGAIN

    just tried a few battles and im getting it going from 60/70 down to under 10 then back up to 40 etc etc its like a yo-yo. Very unplayable.
  13. Steve8066

    Sea feels like driving through oily muck

    i had the no bubble torp issue b4 the update.
  14. Steve8066

    Ship Carousel

    absolutely hate the way that after every battle the carousel goes back to whatever ship you have at the beginning of the carousel. Why cant it do like it did before the patch and stay focussed on the last ship used in battle? What with that, lag, ship titles now in capitals, quieter sounds for certain things, lower rewards, this really has been a poor update.
  15. Steve8066

    Anyone else with bad lag? AGAIN

    ive never had lag until after todays patch, its ridiculous atm.