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  1. LOL to make all players happy it says on the website.... Do we look happy !!!
  2. really dude people hate it not need to test it jpn dd got nerfed to hell might as well sell them all.not even going to test this crap, why test someting if the devs dont even lissen... to be honest im starting to hate this game more and more, its just becoming a big disappointment and a big cash cow.
  3. darkt1981

    Carrier controles?

    Dear Members/Staff, i have a question, if been noticing a few weird things when im playing my carrier i never had these issues before x-mass so not sure if it has something to do with the xmass patches or not. - when i select my fighter squads, (all 3 at the same time by draging a box around them), it also selects or my torpers or my bomber wich are on the other side of the map, and redirect them.) anybody else had this issue ? - when i select 1 fighter and tell it to guard a other fighter group/player) there is no way to remove the "gaurd stance" they will follow the selected group everywhere and even when you select them and give them another order they just ignore it and keep following the other group. is this a know bug ? also how come if 2 carrier both same tier and same upgrade levels. send there fighters to attack each other like 2 x 5 US vs 3 x 4 JPN , jpn gets shredden like there paper planes it just makes no sense ? thats 10 vs 12 ? and us loses like 4 planes and jpn loses like 12? even within a rng system that makes no sense? Just so weird how c.v work in this game, i can really understand now why people dont wanna play carriers anymore and why EU has such less carrier players. But that aside, are the 2 above named glitch know? (ignoring the rng system for now) greetz darkt
  4. darkt1981

    Grand Fleet of Fog

    Small question for a gamemod/community manager. when you guys make missions like this do you guys take in account, the lack of soem ships in EU? because since the release of this event called "Grand Fleet of Fog" i only sunk 2 USSR ships. so how do we as EU get that collectible if nobody playes those ships ?
  5. darkt1981

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    i second this motion i will not spend another coin on this game till its fixed, and we also get 15 km torps again on t8 and t9. Jpn was a torp nation not a nerf nation.
  6. darkt1981

    New Japanese Destroyers

    No 20 km torps? and what does the shini have chop livers ? here primairy torps are 20km ranged and the ships tier 9 and 8 has 15 km torps and those are gone now. i reset my captain so he could use torps yesterday. only to now find out we got screwed so hard in our [edited]. that i dont even want a torp boat anymore. wtf is wrong with you wow's staff screweing over people like this. might as well remove all jpn dd's seeing there crap now. I personaly will not spend a single euro anymore on this game just for the way you treated us. Bring back the 15 km torps, and stop fing your players.
  7. darkt1981

    New Japanese Destroyers

    so the 15 km torp launcher left the game now .... seeing where going from 10 to 20 km
  8. darkt1981


    so even people saying in chat that they just wanna ram people is oke with you guys, whats the skill in that? ramming people in a bb / ca is just another way to show you the biggest noob in the game, otherwish you would go down guns blazing.
  9. darkt1981


    2 bb fight it out one is getting bored and just steamrolls in to the other.
  10. Dumb suicide rammers

  11. darkt1981


    let me geuss no skill
  12. darkt1981


    Please remove ship collision from the game for enemy teams, there are a lot of people just ram killing people because they have no skill to do a real fight, and its annoying for the people that do enjoy the game and yes there doeing this on purpose. greetz darkt