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  1. CB_Rex

    crosshairs for 2560x1440 resolution

    That is the settings menu. Try it in battle
  2. CB_Rex

    crosshairs for 2560x1440 resolution

    Yes but that are the static ones. They are bad for high resolution monitors. The dynamic one uses the whole width and it gives you 13 ticks to work with at max zoom. if you fire at a slow US BB then you aim for about 6 on the dynamic sight ( I aim for center/citadel and not bow of ship)
  3. CB_Rex

    crosshairs for 2560x1440 resolution

    It has been in the game since a few patches ago. Before that it was part of Aslains Edit: Settings/controls and then select crosshair and pick dynamic instead of static
  4. CB_Rex

    crosshairs for 2560x1440 resolution

    Dynamic sight might not be fancy but it is my preferred sight(1440p user myself)
  5. Session stats seems to work fine. Removing smoke borders fixed the problem of not loading into battle.
  6. CB_Rex

    best viewfinder to wows

    I think I understand what you mean. It is just not possible to make one reticle that covers all possibilities. Ships have different speeds and guns/shells have different ballistics. Luckily the speed and ballistics is not unique for every ship, so you can group some together. I have printed out tables of lead for various guns and distances, but it is still a work in progress and might have too much detail than needed. Unfortunately something changed with the width of the scalable sight and it might have been some other mod causing it, I don't know. As my interest in the game has sunk as fast as a cruiser caught in a Shimakaze torpwall I don't really feel like testing/calibrating the numbers.
  7. CB_Rex

    best viewfinder to wows

    A reticle the covers the whole width of your screen you mean?
  8. I got stuck in shell cam view when turning at the same time. After I removed the more visible cruise control mod, the problem seems to have been fixed. My scalable aimsight is also slightly wider, going to 4.0 instead of 3.6. Not sure what that is about.
  9. The difference in lead is quite small actually as the Nagato need an average of 5% reduction compared to the Fuso. Your own example of a 13 tick lead would just be about 12.4 ticks for the Nagato.
  10. The distance traveled will be the same, yes. But lead is about angle and the closer the target is the further it moves across your screen. An Udaloi might move about 500 meters in 5 seconds, but those 500 meters will take up less space (ticks/increments) on your aim sight if you are sailing a New Mexico than a Farragut.(assuming both fire at 5 second flight time)
  11. Does the mod take into account the ballistics of the gun used? e.g. a Farragut need more lead at 5 second flight time than a New Mexico.
  12. Either he had a really bad day and didn't need much to blow up or maybe he is a case of being a judgemental person. Such traits and under performing stats goes hand in hand it seems.