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  1. RNjisus

    High tier dd gameplay

    Pls take a look at my replay. https://replayswows.com/replay/34789#stats Here's what happened. It's a domination battle in Hotspot. 1 of our dds went A and the other (me in a Lightning) went D. I arrived when the cap was already taken by our opponents and decided to stay in it to inhibit their point gains. In the end, I barely got 1k base xp. I know it's just a random battle and Idgaf about stats or achievements but I expected objective oriented gameplay to be rewarded. I felt like I created pressure to my opponents with my positioning and I sure as hell contested the cap. Nobody claims that the xp system is flawless but don't you think this is an opportunity to improve it for the entire player base? Let me know what you think about that battle. What should I have done differently or better? Should I have pushed north vs 2 radar cruisers? Should I have pathed east and just chase their bbs in their spawn? Should I have gone west and trolled in the middle pretending to scout? Should I never have gone D and just lemmingtrained to A for no apparent reason? I know this isn't a team game and the only reason we play random battles is to git gud and grind xp. Still...wtf? Anyway, tell me if you agree that spending time contesting caps before, during and after they're taken by the opponents is quality gameplay and should be rewarded.
  2. RNjisus

    Earn Your Greatness - Discussion Thread

    How long will we have to complete the Ovechkin collection? Indefinitely like Isoroku and USA cruisers?
  3. which free, easy to use program do you recommend to paint the design on our computer? GIMP? I'm not looking for anything fancy or crazy photoshop-masterpiece. I just want to make a decent camo.
  4. RNjisus

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    Here's a list with random improvements we (mostly I) want for patch 0.7.8. Just copy-paste them in your To-do-list. Drag and Drop consumable slots, so that this : looks like this : Garages in port, so we can store ships we use only occasionally. The image of 150 ships in the port at the same time is disorienting. Garages can look like "subfolders". Example : Surprise us with an event that allows us to change the picture and name of our commanders. For example, I have this guy : and I'd rather he looked like this guy : Allow us to skip container-receiving-and-opening animations and let us open multiple containers at once, please. PLEASE. (League of legends lets its players open 10 Hextech chests at once. Ask them how they did it or something.) Give us the option to use lowercase letters pls. This is too good : . Even in Wiki you use lowercase letters :) Give us the option to increase/reduce the tranparency of islands in the minimap, pls. Just like water transparency. Independently from each other of course. Give us the option to remove ship models from the tab : Do they even serve a purpose anymore? Did they ever? Do you think the addition of achievements like "research 100 ships" is a good idea? I wouldn't mind getting it, that's all I'm saying... (Yes, I have 3 solo warriors. Yes, I'm bragging) I noticed a rule of the latest misconduct system that seems absurd to me. It is about "Exiting the combat early". I was in a bb, got hit by several torps and I was flooding to death. I thought there was no point waiting 20 seconds for the ship to sink (even if I fired 1 last salvo, it wouldn't make much difference. Let's admit it, it would probably be a couple of overpens.) and I exited to port. Pink it is! I feel like the timer for "exiting the combat" should stop when the ship is sunk, regardless if the player is watching it or not. It is literally random battles. Nobody should care. We have ranked for tryharding. Is it possible to remove tier 8 from the tier 10 MM? I understand there are not enough players to support 1-tier-of-difference MM, but if someone offered me to never face a Yamato again in my North Carolina in exchange for 10vs10 random battles and 2 minutes of extra queue time, I would accept in a heartbeat. You could even make an in-game poll for matters like these to see what players want. Experienced players though, not noobs who don't understand yet how to use torps :P Holy rants! Anyway, thank you for the (most of the time) awesome game World of warships is. Plus, (all of the time) fun and engaging (all of the [edited]time. Every goddamn day). Sincerely, [edited]detonations
  5. RNjisus

    UI improvements

    Round 2 of PTS : still no option to remove the reticle.
  6. RNjisus

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    Regarding the Expert loader skill : would it be "broken-op-must have" if it applied on every turret independently? I was using the Helena (with a captain with EL) and HE shells loaded .I accidentally pressed left-click once, so 1 turret fired. Then I realized I should use AP on my next salvo and double-tapped 2. All of my turrets went on cooldown, as described by the skill. I think that's odd though. It seems more reasonable to me : 1) the turret that fired goes on a full cooldown 2) the rest of the turrets (that are already loaded) go on half the cooldown. I took the skill when the captain went lvl15, which means it costed 159k xp. I feel like it could be better.
  7. RNjisus

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    making the premium consumables default be credits (instead of dubluns) was such a good idea! It saves a lot of clicks. Could you also make the default consumable premium on PTS? We got moneys. Reduce them clicks even more ;)
  8. RNjisus

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    Is it possible to get rid off the whale-mating sounds when your ship is sunk? I just want to exit to port and hear nothing from the moment I press "Esc". Pls give us the option to mute them in AUDIO or something. Don't say "mute SFX noob", I want to hear the rest of the SFX-stuff during the battle.
  9. RNjisus

    GO NAVY! Event

    when will we be able to skip the container animations? Especially for the "try your luck" one. 1 left-click should be enough.
  10. RNjisus

    Updated operations

    Raptor is just an annoying inconvenience. I get that we have to complete the operation in a timely manner but coding an idiot to run and frontline recklessly is just LIDL script. Make the garbage can stick with its team and be saved when we want to save it. Either way, we don't give a [edited]about it :P
  11. RNjisus

    GO NAVY! Event

    yes, but it will be more difficult to gather the amount of tokens for the big rewards of loyalty ;)
  12. RNjisus

    GO NAVY! Event

    we pretty loose rit nao.
  13. RNjisus

    UI improvements

    1) How do we deactivate the new, little, white circle from the minimap? It constantly moves and it's annoying. 2) Pls give us the option to reduce th e transparency of islands. They are uncomfortable when using a proper sized minimap. ;)
  14. RNjisus

    Bug Reports

    I love the touch of red i n Ocean port.
  15. RNjisus

    Updated operations

    How will we gather 6 players for the operations?