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    PanEuropa kommt

    Zum Thema CV Rework gibt es einen Post auf Reddit: What is the current state of CV rework? It's becoming a living meme of a topic, but they are approaching the time that they can show some gameplay and explain the principle. It was planned for unveiling at Gamescom, but they didn't make that deadline (they did not want to risk a Zeppeling-debacle again). But it's now ready for "external testing" by ST, staff, unicum-clans,... and then it's ready for general public testing. But more information about that, as well as some footage & explanation of concept will be coming soon, maybe next week. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/99wxpi/gamescomqa_with_our_wild_german_mrconway_and_our/
  2. CV games: Player A: Battles: 1591 WR 55.07 PR: 1628 Player B: Battles: 1440 WR 63.4 PR: 1838 Random Solo Total: Player A: Battles: 4123 WR 52.28 PR 1549 Player B: Battls: 13428 WR 53.31 PR 1227 Random Solo Player A(last 2 years): Battles: 2k WR 53.7 Player B(last year): Battles: 4k WR 54.8 Want me to continue. So our stats are pretty even and I would say that i am the better CV player. Your now high WR and PR are a result of you playing in divisons So please spare me the stat bashing. What i wanted to point out with my post was not to attack you but rather to show you that DMG and kills do not relate to winning. My comments about the Kaga game was that I normally focus on taking out DDs and spotting rather than dealing DMG. My winrates in the Taiho, Shokaku, Saipan, Enterprise etc prove that i know what i am doing. The Kaga game is special because I used the same game plan as I normally do and it probably cost me the win. So maybe you think you performed well but you can only judge it if you look at the replay and not say that my team was so bad and i was so good. That was my comment about maybe you are not so good as you thing.
  3. I agree with Butterdoll. That will sound extremely harsh but maybe you are not as good as you think. 7 kills and 140dmg sound awesome, but the thing that is bothering me is the second screenshot with the base XP. The Ranger got a base XP of over 1700. Even with the plane kills and the ship kill, the other CV probably did around 70-90k in DMG. And here is where the problem starts. Yes you scored far more kills as he did, but you only outperformed him with 50-70k in DMG. To use total DMG you only destroyed one more BB. 7 kills and 140 dmg also suggest, that you only did an average of 20k DMG on each targets. I can give you a good example where DMG and ship kills mean nothing if you do the wrong DMG: In my second game with the Kaga I destroyed 8 ships and did around 170k in DMG. The idiot noob that lost the game for the team was me. The other CV completely opened himself at the start and I took him out with my first Alpha Strike. So without an opposing CV I had full control over the air and it was a tier V-VII game so the other team had no decent AA. My team BBs were pretty bad and the other team played well. They focused them and took 4 out 5 BBs in the first 10 minutes. As I would do in every other game I focused the enemy DDs first. With each Alpha Strike I took out one DD. And that is the reason I lost the game for my team. I had air superiority and could have easily spotted them. They were no danger to our team but instead I targeted them and I ignored the real dagner, the BBs. We lost the game in points because one BB survived. Yes in DMG and kills I performed well but also I could have won the game if I decided to choose different targets. So before you start a thread like this, please take the time to analyze the game and take it as a good lesson to improve your skills instead calling the other players noobs and idiots. About stat bashing: I would not bash someone’s stats when I only have a WR of 52.4% without my clan mates.
  4. seichr

    Meldung zu gewonnenem Laptop

    Ich habe die selbe Meldung bekommen. Scheint ein Fehler im System zu sein.
  5. seichr

    Loot-Boxen Weihnachten 2017

    20x Riesiges Weihnachtsgeschenk Ergebnis: 60x Wyvern 90x Frost 90x Dragon 4000 Doubloons 30x Oroboros 60x Red Dragon 15x Type 59 60x Hydra Gallant 180 Tage Premium Perth Duca
  6. seichr

    Idea for an Operation / How-to-Play for CV

    My idea for this campaign/tutorial is the Zuikaku mission chain: After the player unlocks and buys the Hosho/Langley he gets the CV Shoho A. A CV that can only be used in Coop. With the Shoho A, the player can start a campaign with 2 stages with multiple missions. The final reward is the tier VIII Premium CV Zuikaku: Stage 1(Shoho) Stage 1a: - Win 5 Games Stage 1b: - Sink 5 Ships - Cause 5 Floodings - Cause 5 Fires - Hit 20 Torpedos Reward: Shoho (can be used in Random Games) After the player unlocks/buys the Independence/Ryujo the player receives the Zuikaku A(Shokaku A Hull) that is also Coop only. The Zuikaku A bombers can only use manual Drops and the fighters only do damage with Strafes(should be possible to implement) Stage 2: Stage 2a - Win 15 Games - Destroy 50 Ships - Cause 50 Floodings - Cause 50 Fires - Hit 100 Torps Stage 2b: - Destroy 500 planes Final Reward: Zuikaku B(Shokaku B Hull)
  7. Copy and Paste aus dem English Speaking Forum: MrConway:I know that there are quite a few complaints coming in about the difference in requirements for this mission, but really I think that our solution was the correct way to go here.First of all, please consider that this mission is running for 2! entire months and only requires 50 victories. Even with a very bad winrate that is essentially only 2 games per day.Since the Takao is essentially an Atago, a very capable and fun tier VIII ship I think it is fair enough of us to make sure that the players getting the ship will know how to handle it. If you can earn a tier VIII ship just by playing tier VI ships then there is a danger of many Takaos popping up at tier VIII with captains who don't know how to handle them or the different meta. That wouldn't be fun for the players themselves, or the people on their team. I can't actually tell you the exact reason why we have different requirements, this is my personal take on the situation.I'll make sure to get you guys an official answer on this tomorrow, its a public holiday in France so most people are out of the office. Ich bin schon auf die offizielle Antwort gespannt, wenn es überhaupt eine Antwort geben wird.
  8. Ich bin nicht sehr glücklich über den Takao Auftrag. Er ist zwar nicht sehr schwer, aber Tier IX ist schon eine heftige Hürde, die es auf den anderen Servern nicht gab aber: 20 USSR Shipkills für Nachi ab Tier VIII .... 20 USSR Shipkills für Nachi ab Tier VIII ..... 20 USSR Shipkills für Nachi ab Tier VIII Wer ist auf diese glorreiche Idee gekommen. Das werden sehr sehr wenige Spieler bei der momentanen Anzahl an USSR Schiffen schaffen.
  9. seichr

    Wo ist die "Belfast"?

    5 Upgrade Slots Damage Control, Hydro, Radar, Smoke Erste Eindruck: eine bessere Atago
  10. Copy and Paste aus dem Asia Forum: RU: 1 October - 1 November: The Pursuit of Misty fleet Combat mission "Chasing Takao. Part 1" In the battles Earn 30,000 pure experience. Reward: 20 sets of camouflage "Type 6" Available ships: ships VI-X levels. Available modes: random, rank and cooperative battles. Combat mission "Chasing Takao. Part 2" In the battle 30 times hit the enemy's stronghold. Reward: 20 sets of equipment "Emergency Team II» Available ships: ships VI-X levels. Available modes: random, rank and cooperative battles. Combat mission "Chasing Takao. Part 3 » In the battle Destroy 10 cruisers, battleships and destroyers. Reward: modernization "main armament. Mode. 1 "," guidance system. Mode. 1 "and" damage control system. Mode. 1" Available ships: ships VI-X levels. Available modes: random, rank and cooperative battles. The award for the performance of all three combat missions - cruiser VIII level ARP Takao, slot and commanding skills with 12 points. Die Asia Missionen sind noch nicht Online. Bei denen läuft die Nachi Mission bis zum 7. Oktober