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  1. mandrakethe

    this game just ridiculous   

    Holy mother I love these posts, the comments after are always a great read while taking a crap, or any other situation where I'm sitting with time to kill, a short train ride perhaps, or a doctor's waiting room. But mainly on the crapper.
  2. mandrakethe

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Everything I did today was stupid, I wouldn't know where to begin. I got the des moines last week and had such a great start in her with pure luck, averaging 90k damage, an 85% win rate after 15 battles or so, and a kraken unleashed in the 2nd battle, but now I'm sailing headlong into every situation thinking I'm undefeatable and getting crap on. I'm gonna take a little break and then pretend like I'm back in the buffalo..
  3. mandrakethe

    Future of WoWS

    This game will not entertain you forever, and so it shouldn't. And quite frankly you should be immensely happy you've managed to get god knows how many thousands of hours out of it before you've begun to see the end of it for you. I'm not there yet, I still love the game and don't see an end in sight, but that end will come, and I will greet it with a salute, and move the f**k on.
  4. mandrakethe

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Maybe a s tronger sit a dell cos wen I just look at one in my Destiny Moines I get big fat sit a dell's on its belly and make food noises like nom and munch.
  5. mandrakethe

    T9 MM = 90% T10 matches

    Having tiers distributed equally implies there are the same number of players playing each tier. There aren't, a lot of players get to tier ten and just stay there, so you get sucked into a lot of their matches. I personally don't find it a big deal, when life gives you lemons, uninstall the game.
  6. mandrakethe

    USS Alaska sighted

    This will make me angry if it is for steel, and the more of us that express that opinion we may change their mind. I've been after this ship for a while, and if its for steel then I will never ever get to play it. I didn't even know what steel was until I read this topic, and I'm still not totally sure. I don't want to be in a clan. Dear wargaming, I will spend ££££ converting free xp for this ship.
  7. mandrakethe

    in smoke visibility

    Aw just give up mate.
  8. mandrakethe

    Cruisers get deleted by battleships too easily

    Hello, I never post, but I love cruisers so much I had to defend them. You need to think of cruisers as the HARD difficulty setting for his game. Imagine you'd never played an FPS before but you pick one up and start playing it one hardcore difficulty, that's a bit like cruiser play in wows, although it doesn't explicitly say that. Play more games, learn the fundamental mechanics, play some of of every class. I'm approaching 2000 battles and I'm just getting properly into the swing of things. I started with cruisers and just persevered until I figured it out.. (A few so called OP cruisers helped mind..) Cruisers played well in my opinion is the most satisfying this game can be. Good luck.
  9. mandrakethe

    Alabama 100 battles review (long read)

    Yes, my enemy is usually a number, and it be 1310.
  10. mandrakethe

    British ship

    They're the violin of world of warships: an online game about battleships.
  11. mandrakethe

    Alabama 100 battles review (long read)

    Yeah, I should have said.. Don't let the torpedo damage reduction fool you into thinking you can care less about torpedoes. At the start I got killed a few times by torpedoes by thinking I could take them, partly experimental, partly potato. And yeah, I don't mind a brawl either, went for concealment/AA, so that means also a reasonable secondary range, but it hardly excels at it in the way the Germans do. But hey, brawling is just fun!
  12. Good ship. Doing alright in it. Looks pretty nice. Deadly at 11-15km. Don't get too close. Don't get too far. Torpedoes will still wreck you. 12.2km concealment with CE is a must have. Surprising people with a full broadside at that range is delightful. Tier VI & VII planes? Forget about them. Stay angled. Absolutely avoid Yamatos when uptiered. In my opinion the finest P2W ship in the game. Having fun.
  13. mandrakethe

    Smoke radio skill and decelleration

    Hello. When the RN cruisers came out someone quite nicely posted on here exactly what speed you could go into a hard turn, pop smoke, and not sail straight out of it once it was set. I wonder if anyone has worked this out with the 20% smoke radius skill attached? Just if anyone has a good idea, I've ruined a fair few battles getting that wrong that I just don't feel like experimenting. Yours sincerely, Mark
  14. mandrakethe

    Best Cruiser Line

    I'm just loving it that there are people who think the RN line is amazing, and people who think it is truly awful, and some in between. I think that's just what the game needed. WG have released a line of ships that fits a niche for people, and I hope the RN BBs will be the same.
  15. mandrakethe

    Belfast full rudder shift?

    I'm going to try both today and I'll let you know how it goes. I'm enjoying the Belfast though, I don't think it's overpowered. After landing 260 hits in a battle and only getting 55,000 damage including 11 fires no one can say that's overpowered in the conventional sense. It has it's tools I grant, and you could say that all the DDs I lit up for the rest of the team can be attributed to me. However, I don't feel like I'm riding a prize stallion. It's made of really thin paper after all.