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  1. Kibbari

    DD players get worse and worse.

    Pretty much this. Also has op played dd's at all? If you play it like a dd should be played, as in smoking the team and then spotting for them and contesting caps and what not. This way in some games your actions alone pretty much leads to victory but you are not rewarded in any way doing so. You can smoke up the fleet all you want and spot all the enemy ships and you pretty much end up with +-0 credits. Its not very fun in the long run. Then on the other hand you just do your own thing and torp the crapout of enemies and ignore smoking your allies and spotting and you end up with 200k damage and +300k credits.
  2. Kibbari

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionApparently if you end up crashing with an ally in the very end of a game when scoreboard, or whatever it is called, at the end loads up the crashing sound begins to loop. Or actually it loops in the next game, not in port. Ultra sound was enabled. 2. Reproduction stepsStep 1. Crash into an ally ship in the very end of a game. Step 2. Go to port Step 3. Go into a new game 3. ResultThe crashing sound from previous game is looping 4. Expected resultYou probably shouldn't hear any sounds from previous game.
  3. Kibbari

    BB's - Something needs to be done before more are released.

    Just a random idea. Instead of being able to start bb'ing around from tier 3 the tech tree could be something like this. You start with cruisers as usual but you would have to play to, lets say, tier 5/6 to unlock dd's. Then you would have to play with dd's to tier 5/6 to unlock bb's. And you can toss in the CV's somewhere in there too, I guess some people still play those things too... This way maybe the player gets a bit better experience of the whole game instead of derp-sniping at max distance thru tiers 3-10?
  4. Kibbari

    Good Job on that "Matchmaking" of yours

    This thursday
  5. Kibbari

    Good Job on that "Matchmaking" of yours

    Maybe this was a test run for future plans...
  6. Kibbari

    Suggestions thread

    Could it be possible to add the ability to sell vacant slots and captain slots for credits? I have 15 empty ship slots and 20+ captain. I'm pretty damn sure i wont be needing all of those.
  7. Kibbari

    WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    Sometimes games are like that and thats it. But I think thats to be expected kinda. Maybe WG should start using some hidden elo thing from players ranked season success in random battles just for balancing. Most players in this game are at the ranks 10-20 something. And I had a few games past days where there were about 3 rank1 players in the same team and the enemy teams highest ranked player was rank9...of course this shows in the outcome of the match.
  8. Kibbari

    Ranked Season 6 Hardest Rank Up's

    Started around rank 16 I think and from there it was pretty smooth sailing to around rank 10 with Blyska. Had some pretty nice defeat streaks there and decided to freexp the Fiji and it turned out to be the right choice. Easy road all the way to rank 3 I guess but the transition to rank 2 was something of a grind. Had to play probably around 15 games there. After that nothing really special. All in all took 118 games to reach rank 1.
  9. What exactly is WG doing against bots? Does the "report as bot" function ingame send a ticket to somewhere or does the bot simply lose one extremely valuable karma point? And tbh it's not that difficult to see if one is a bot or not. For example last night I played a couple of hours and atleast in two games there were bots. NC sitting in the same place it spawned and not doing a single thing the entire game. Except when the enemy was spotted his guns started to track a random enemy boat but the guns never fired. Just kept on tracking a random boat. Decided to look for his stats for the lulz and such and found out he played about 19hrs worth of wows the day before. Maybe he was doing a 24h stream or something? Then again his playstyle of the game wasnt that enjoyable to watch so dunno...
  10. Kibbari

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First game in the fletcher -> first solo warrior!
  11. Kibbari

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Just Yamato things happened...
  12. Kibbari

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    German dd's OP. Can confirm!
  13. Kibbari

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Just unlocked this. Am I the only one that has a tier6 takao?
  14. Kibbari

    Error map circles

    You can fix this by editing the file called "preferences" which is located in the main folder of the game. Just open it in notepad or something similar and locate the line "mgRangeEnabled" and change it's value to true. Or you can just delete the whole preferences file and let the game generate a new one. This however will reset all your settings. I have no idea why this got disabled in the first place. I haven't installed any mods ever or I didn't change any settings in the game or in that config file.