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  1. Antony1953

    Why do ships keep vanishing?

    The title says it all. Ever since I started playing 16 months ago there has always been the problem of ships that disappear while you are fighting them. It has nothing to do with smoke or fog or poor weather or being out of range. It seems to be much worse over past few months and the reason I ask now is that recently we have lost a number of battles solely because the final ship that needs to be sunk has just vanished off our screens. Today all we had to do was sink the carrier to win. Three of us were shooting at it and it was down to the last bit of health and then it just faded out of view and none of us could destroy it in time, it vanished for all 3 of us. I was so close I fired torps at it but the game cheated us as usual and we lost the fight. By the way I only play in co-op. I've checked forums but can't find a reason for this. It is now happening many times in a day of battles and can happen with any type of ship. I play around 30-50 battles a day as I'm retired. Can any one tell me if this is normal these days. It isn't just me as others in the team at the time have the same problem. It's becoming so bad that I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and un-installing
  2. Antony1953

    Having problems when trying to join a battle.

    What ever my problem was, a clean reinstall did the trick, it even got rid of the lag I've been getting these past few months ( touch wood ). Thanks to everyone who tried to help, it was appreciated.
  3. Antony1953

    Having problems when trying to join a battle.

    I've just discovered that it happens when I switch from the players list to the mini map while I wait to join the battle. I always check to see who is playing and then check out the map, it hasn't been a problem until recently, just the past few weeks. So thanks for the input chaps but I'll raise a ticket with WoWS and see what they say.
  4. I'm not sure if its just me or perhaps others are having this problem. When I first select a ship I get the usual pretty picture on screen of the game location and then 40 seconds or so later I get the list of players and a map of that particular game. Then another 40 seconds or so goes by and then one of two things happen. Either I get sent back to the log in screen and have to sign in again, wait another 50 seconds or so looking at the same pretty picture before joining the game by which time the battle has started and my ship is nearly destroyed and me without firing a single shot yet. Or the other strange thing is after selecting the ship I can wait well over a minute staring at the pretty picture and the map of the area, at the same time I can see the team ships moving on the map and my ship just sitting there waiting for me to join in. Again when I finally get to play, my ship has been damaged by the enemy because the battle has been on for some time. This problem started around 2-3 weeks ago, before then the whole process of selecting a ship through to joining battle was very smooth and speedy. It doesn't happen with every battle but about half the time I would say. By the way I only play in co-op, nothing else, I prefer it that way. Has anyone else had problems like this? If not I'll have to raise a complaint with WoWS and see what they can do. Any helpful suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. I need help here guys with changing my ISP quickly. I'm with Virgin and was ok with their service until the past few months and I'm still happy with their telephone and cable t/v service for what I pay, but the internet has just gone belly up recently. Its taken me 20 minutes just to sign into this forum and get as far as this post, I keep getting kicked out and presented with the log-in screen. Earlier I tried to play WoWS and after a few attempts got as far as the first battle but kept getting lags over 1000 and had to leave, I had no idea the number could get that high. Its been like this for some weeks now.Virgin say they can do no more to help as the equipment and lines have been tested and all work fine. It all began late last year when they started the 100mb upgrades, many Virgin customers complained and it got better for a month or so but now its ridiculous and un-useable for gaming. So I need suggestions from other users as to the best ISP in their opinion gives good value and most importantly gives a reliable and fast internet without the stupidly high ping rates, I'd even pay more to get the service but I need to change providers soon before the stress gives me a heart attack. Help or ideas would be most welcome.
  6. Antony1953

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    I'm getting ping rates of 400+ but as I'm a Virgin customer I assumed it was them again. This weekend has been really bad.
  7. Are you getting bad lag when playing WoWS? We had problems a few months back when Virgin started their 100mb upgrades but it got better for a while. Now its back, for me at least, and I wondered if other Virgin customers were also getting lag. I've had it all this weekend, ping shooting up from 35 to 400 and back again every few seconds. Customer support say they can't do anything because they see no faults in their system although I did demand they send an engineer Thursday to replace the router ( just in case ). Anyone with the same problem?
  8. Antony1953

    Why is everbody so scared going forward?

    I love getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty, but experience has shown me that doing so is also a quick ticket to hell. So I pick and choose my targets to make sure no supporting ship is in range or is too busy with its own battles and then charge in shoot and charge out again. It works most of the time and I've taken down many a battleship that way, but I only play cruisers so its probably a lot different for BB's.
  9. Antony1953

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    I didn't realise this problem had already been raised, my topic is on gameplay section, check it out. Been onto VM website and lots of us are having issues now and its thought that our new 100mbs upgrade is causing issues. Virgin tech support is going to email me within 48 hrs, so they say.
  10. I rang 150 and got a manager from " far off lands" to ask Virgin tech support to email me, he said it would be within 48 hrs, at least I think that's what he said. Nice man. Anyway if you go onto Virgin Media Community then Broadband then Gaming you'll see a lot of people having lots of problems with ping rates and speed and not just with WoWS.
  11. Antony1953

    Destroyer visability bug

    I think pointless sarcasm is a requirement in the job description for moderators and testers at WoWS.
  12. Just been onto VM website and many people have complained about speed drops and outages, no official response from them yet but the gossip has it that our new upgrade to 100 mbs that is being carried out all over the place may have something to do with it. Strange that for me it only effects WoWS and no one else at the moment. Virgin say they will email me within 48 hrs.
  13. The past day or so I've had terrible lag with ping from 35 to 200-300 range and the game is unplayable. Vigin insist that the signal is ok and speedtest shows 54mps with ping at time of tests between 30 and 50, no other apps are running on pc to slow it down. I've just tried two other internet games that I play now and then and they have pings in the 40-60 range. Is anyone else having problems as it seems to be only this game with bad lag. It even took me ages to sign into this forum which is also a new problem. Is there such a thing as a ping monitor that checks only ping as speedtest just tests ping briefly and I want to see if Virgin are telling me the truth. I don't really understand all this tech stuff so any help or advice would be most welcome.
  14. Antony1953

    Destroyer visability bug

    I'll look into it again but on the subject of recording, any idea when it will be available as a simple function within a menu?
  15. Antony1953

    Destroyer visability bug

    I've had ships disappear right in front of me, the other day a cruiser passed between me and another cruiser I was fighting with and as I moved to shell him as well ( he had low health ) he just vanished. Didn't see smoke or fog, I zoomed in and then out and he didn't reappear so I carried on the fight. Its happened with battleships just vanishing as well even when close and within gun range. But you'll get told here that there isn't a problem, that its your eyes sight or something else. They wont admit that its been this problem for a lot of us. When they finally give us a simple way to record our battles, they will have all the proof they want. I refuse to mess with game files so I'll wait until the option is on the menu. Then we'll show 'em.