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  1. ArcheonSRF

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate:)
  2. I seem to get more reports when playing CV than anything else...because I cant be everywhere at once and dont have unlimited fighters with no cool down. It is like playing a healer in an MMO, always your fault and everyone always knows better :)
  3. ArcheonSRF

    Why so serious?

    Play against bots or a single player game, and no one will have a problem with you having fun.
  4. ArcheonSRF

    myoko mission is BS

  5. ArcheonSRF

    Smoke screen for cruisers

    Just no.
  6. ArcheonSRF

    new new and just new

    I am buying a house, then going to get a cat. i think that answers your question?
  7. ArcheonSRF

    where do you report full on hacks?

    I often see planes randomly appear for a split second in the map then vanish again. occams razor suggests this is wows being it's normal glitchy self, rather than some amazing hack.
  8. ArcheonSRF

    cant kill fuso's in a Mexico

    OP name seems appropriate. On a serious note if you are getting hit that hard, you aren't angling properly.
  9. ArcheonSRF

    Young children playing

    The OP has made me loose even more faith in humanity.
  10. ArcheonSRF

    That feel when 100% losses

    There is also a LOT of people seal clubbing at the moment due to project R event (playing tiers 2-5). This will certainly not be helping.
  11. The joy I get out of detonating people is limitless, therefore it is well worth the rage.
  12. ArcheonSRF

    Ranked Frustrations

    I hated Tashkent the first time around, but did keep it for ranked...just can't quite bring myself to play it again yet!
  13. I am certainly very interested and meet all the requirements. Just finished grinding to T10 on the russian DD line and now working on IJN BBs (T8 currently) Happy to answer any other questions. Arch
  14. ArcheonSRF

    Ranked Frustrations

    I might try switching to tashkent and see how things go...
  15. ArcheonSRF

    Ranked Frustrations

    110k dmg, 2 devastating strikes, high caliber, still a nice resounding loss. Can't carry hard enough