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  1. Well imperialadmiral, that just goes to show how small minded your are. that just goes to show how incorrect the game is then "you can't have ships and not subs"
  2. well i'm only on here because the COD Ghost servers are down in recent months this game has got worse. how many people on here believe you cannot cheat or use hacks on this game. And that the game owners don't give a S*%$e about it or about the people who pay to play, this once good game.
  3. Feck new the rules, When are the subs coming into the game. How can you have a WAR Ships game without SUBS, Stop messing about with the game engine, put the game back to how it used to be a year ago and get the Submarines in. why show ships with depth charges if your not going to have subs in the game, That is just giving false hope to all the players who want subs.
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    Halloween free XP points

    Oh yes I forgot [edited]
  5. T3000UK

    Halloween free XP points

    ​So who have I insulted then [edited]
  6. T3000UK

    Halloween free XP points

    And the fact that it has been in Seagal's films as well
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    Halloween free XP points

    ​So in other words they are useless, [edited]
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    Halloween free XP points

    OK i'll try again Where does it show the free XP
  9. T3000UK

    Halloween free XP points

    Halloween free XP points Anybody know where or what these are going towards ?????
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    Well this was their answer to my ticket I sent them Thank you for contacting our Customer Support again regarding your issue. I am really sorry that you are disappointed.I would like to suggest you to delete the modifications, because they can do irreversible changes. Please see the link bellow: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/396 I would advise you to make a clean reinstall.If this doesn't solve the issue, send us a new one WG-check, this file will be very useful to investigate the case, here you can find out how: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/596 If you have any other questions, feel free to come back to us. Best wishes, Josephine Bloom Wargaming.net Customer Service Representativehttps://eu.wargaming.net/support/ EN: Your feedback matters! Fill in our survey once your issue is resolved. so doesn't matter how much you lose in credits because of these stupid bloody updates as long as you leave them good feedback. WHAT A CROCK OF SHEEEEHITE, What they haven't said is that the problem with the Nurnberg is the mods they have done to the upgraded hull C, the plane on the Nurnberg and six torp tubes have been replaced by a deck full of AA guns. as for the missing modules/upgrades of the other two ships well if I followed their advice I would be missing a lot more.
  11. T3000UK


    Logged into the game today at about 4:30pm and got yet another update, started the game and noticed some of my modules were missing, started a game up and then noticed that the plane on the Nurnberg had vanished and six torp tubes .(Somebody else has just purchased the Nurnberg and everything is there) Is this something that is going to happen every time they update this stupid game or what and how do I get them all back. yours Mr Bloody Angry